Fall Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

hello gorgeous welcome back to my
Channel today I’m creating a very soft glam look for fall I went with a little
bit more of a nudey pink lip but you could totally go with a darker lip so
you can switch that out if you want I don’t show you guys how to get this look
it’s all with drugstore products so it’s a very cost effective slash
budget-friendly gonna look so if you wanna see how I got this keep watching
to start off I am priming my face using the master prime this is from Maybelline
just tapping it in then I’m going to use this L’Oreal trublend foundation this is
in c4 and I was testing it on my neck first to see how it looks because when
you’re using foundation you always want to match it to your neck not to your
face because you might face blended up your neck and I feel like this shade
actually worked really well for me for my under eyes using my typical pixie
brightening peach concealer just applying that to my dark circles and
then on top of that I’m gonna buy some concealer for concealer using the
instant age rewind I’ve been using this on and off for years it’s just a great
drugstore concealer if you haven’t tried it it’s definitely one you should try for powder I’m using this translucent
powder this is from Pixy it’s my first time using it and it was actually really
pleasantly surprised with how well it it applied under my eyes and kept from
creasing then for powder all over my face I’m using covergirl this is a
really really good powder I would say it’s a close dupe to my favorite which
is the cosmetics so check that out and then for bronzer bloom back to pixie and
using this bronzer it’s also really good I like it because there’s not a lot of
shimmer in it it’s pretty darn matte which is kind of hard to come by in
drugstore bronzer world land you know we try to say for blush I’m using L’Oreal’s
improbable blush my first time using it I’m just using a combination of those
two shades which is like that very light peach and the more of a coral and it
really is a pretty shade as you can see just puts the apples of my cheeks and
then using L’Oreal yet again the highlighter in this palette is a quad
and I went with more of these I guess maybe to shade and it really really
looks pretty four eyes I’m using the covergirl this
is the punched peach palette or peach punch palette pop eat peach at the peach
palette and I’m just applying this all over my lid the nude shade
packing it on with a flat shader brush and then going in with this kind of bum
it’s definitely a tan but it’s got a tinge of red to it which you know I love
anything that looks a little bit orange and just blending that right into my
crease I’m using the Loreal Havana nights this
is such a pretty shade it’s it’s kind of like a little bit of a coppery but it’s
got this really beautiful foil effect in unfortunately it’s not super pigmented
but once you layer it it does really pack a punch so it is a really beautiful
shade then I went back to the covergirl palette and then just using that under
my left lower lash line using the Revlon volumizing mascara I loved this mascara
I should have called this a first impressions video because I’m using so
many products for the first time put this mascara the wand is so fat it’s
like so chunky it really gets in your lashes good then for brows I’m using the
Maybelline tattoo studio brow tint pen I’ve been looking so forward to trying
this because my mother-in-law told me about it and it really did a great job
for lips using this Maybelline lipliner it’s a really pretty pinky peach nude
and I’m gonna list all of the product names and colors and everything on my
blog just so that you know then I’ve layered two different lipsticks here and
they oh my gosh it came out with the prettiest shade first I went in with
Rimmel and then I layered it with L’Oreal and I think that this lip color
is just like the bomb.com so here is the finished look like I said I went with a
nudie or Pinker lips but you could totally darken the lip up for fall you
know like a vamp you’re like lit like a baby or lik what is this this is not
that kind of video inch so all you have to do is add a little bit of a darker
lip and a cat eye to make it nighttime friendly but I wanted to do an everyday
softer look that you can wear all fall along and it’s just pretty its soft its
natural and it’s still letting your natural skin shine through so I hope you
enjoyed this look all of the products I used will be linked on my blog angelo
lantern calm so just go check it out over there and thank you guys for
watching leave a comment what video you think i should do next and give this
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you want to be the first to know when a new video is uploaded thank you guys so
much hoorah

24 thoughts on “Fall Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

  1. I’ve been following you for a while and never really commented before but MY GOD you are literally so gorgeous!! I’m so glad you’re different than the rest of the YouTubers. xx

  2. I would love to see like a wearable glitter tutorial with some good glitter shadow recommendations. Every time I try glitter eyeshadow it falls on my cheeks throughout the day. You look beautiful by the way!!

  3. Hi! I love your videos with warm tones, but it would be so much fun to see a video with some cold (green, blue) tones eyeshadows!! 🤩❤️ wish all the best!

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