Eyeliner Tutorial For Asian Girl – Cách vẽ Eyeliner cực đỉnh cho người châu Á 👁

Shouldn’t create such sharp bold liners like this because it will make your eyes… ohm… Hello everyone, I’m back with a new video In today video, I’m going to share with you about a topic which is both familiar and unfamiliar It is how to apply eyeliner effectively and beautifully What do you expect when applying eyeliner? Isn’t it to open up and add more depth to your eyes? However, in reality the final outcome doesn’t always meet our expectation it can even make our eyes look smaller and messier than before. Have you ever asked yourself what you did wrong? Chose a wrong type of product? Incorrectly manipulated? Or your eyes did not suit that eyeliner style Today, I’m going to answer all of your questions Let’s get started! Now, I’m going to put on eyeliner on my right eye Normally, you tend to set a too high standard for yourself It means you have to create perfectly bold black lines however, all of the requirements which need absolute accuracy make it more difficult in drawing eyeliner Sometimes, we can achieve the perfection but the eyeliner may not be suitable for our eye shapes Usually, when it comes to eyeliner, people prefer it to be extremely black In fact, the color of eyeliner is directly proportional to that of the eyeshadows Sometimes, light-colored eyeshadows and an intensely black eyeliners will make our eyes much smaller As you can see, I’m creating the eyeliner style that you guys easily see on Instagram, and a lot of you apply this way of applying eyeliner However, this type of eyeliner doesn’t really suit you well, especially for Asian eyes. Now, I’m going to curl up my eyelashes and put on some mascara That’s it I’ve just done the eyeliner on this side You can see that I have created an extremely defined bold black eyeliner and when I close my eyes it looks quite good, doesn’t it? But when I open my eyes, you can clearly see that the liner is quite thick for my eyelid In general, the eyelids of Asian people are quite small. If we try to draw sharp bold eyeliner like Western style, it may be not suitable for us Moreover, when I open my eyes, the liner makes my eye look like monolid one It even makes this side look smaller than the other one Also, this style of eyeliner is too intense for the makeup look I’m wearing I think this type of eyeliner is totally suitable for those luckily having double eyelids and defined eye creases That’s the reason why Western people are so into these kinds of eyeliner like the cat eyes one However, for Asian people like us, if we try to apply the same method which is not for our eyes we will create a not really pleasant outcome So, on this side, I’m going to share with you the way of applying eyeliner which is the most suitable one for Asian people in general and Vietnamese in particular First, I’m going to choose a brown or dark grey eyeshadow, this is up to your liking Now, I will apply this brown shade close to my lash line I’m blending it out to achieve a soften look This way of drawing eyeliner is way easier for you than using gel liner to create a defined eye line This will be really simple and add more depth to the eye If you pay attention, you will notice that Asian countries such as Korea or Japan primarily sell gel eyeliner products The reason is that they have shallow eyes, hooded eyes or bulging ones, which suit this eyeliner style very well When it comes to Western countries, these kinds of products are rarely found Instead of using gel liner, I’m going to apply this dark brown eyeshadow to my lash line If you want to make it more outstanding or use different colors we can replace it with the dark brown, dark purple or cobalt blue ones Afterwards, I will curl up my lashes Can you guys see that drawing eyeliner with powder shadow like this helps my eyelashes appear more clearly even when I haven’t put any mascara on? In comparison with the other side , as the liner is too black, eyelashes are not really seeable even after being applied some mascara on. With this L’Oréal eyeliner pencil, I’m going to fill in the space between my lashes so that my eyeliner will be more defined and deeper I’m doing this step after mascara application as it is much easier to add eyeliner to my waterline In fact, the 2 styles of applying eyeliner are both popular but what really matters is that which one will suit your eyes best In some cases when I want to create a dramatic classic or Western look, I will apply this style Of course, I will make it slightly thinner And because I have balanced double eyelid folds, I can draw eyeliner this way I highly suggest that people having monolid eyes, hooded eyes, bulging eyes or puffy eyes should not apply this eyeliner type otherwise it will highlight your flaws For instance, if you create sharp bold eyeliner when your eyes are already a bit lop-sided it will make it easier for people to recognize your flaw The method of drawing eyeliner applied on this side is for those types of eyes That’s the reason why Korean girls usually apply this blurring beauty trend This should be also applied for Vietnamese As you can see, except for the eyeliner, I applied eyeshadows and curled up lashes in exactly the same way on both sides However, on this side, my eyelids are more visible as well as my eyelashes I think this side is way more attractive, more glistening and even bigger I only applied very thin light eyeliner as compared to the other side, where I created extremely sharp black eyeliner However, my eye on this side looks even smaller and hooded To be more specific, for monolid eyes, hooded eyes, puffy or bulging eyes you should apply the second style of eyeliner application so as to both create more depth and open up your eyes Besides, for people having slightly asymmetrical eyes which are hard to be fixed with eyelid tape you should create blurred eyeliner like this so as to rebalance your eyes and create optical illusions Remember that each of us has a different face shape and we all have distinctive facial features Therefore, you should find out the best makeup looks for your own face I hope this video somewhat helps you in choosing the proper style of eyeliner application See you soon in my next videos Goodbye! 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