Eye Makeup Tutorial: Uneven Eyelids with Robert Jones

so today we’re going to talk about
when two eyes lids are not exactly the same when you
look at Gina you can see that she has a little more space on this lid and this lid is a little more hooded and our goal
is to make it look more even the trick is always to adjust both
sides so I don’t wanna make this one look
just like this one and I can’t make this one look just like this
one but I can meet them between so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make this lid
look a little smaller than is right now and I’m gonna make this look a little bigger than it
is right now so that it will meet them between It’s easy to do that first thing we’re gonna do
is we’re going to start a highlight so that we get more power with it
I am gonna put a cream on first and I’m gonna use a very detailed brush my number
fourteen and I am gonna layer it right
(look down for me) right along the lash line now normally you’d go all the way up to the fold crease first crease on her eye but we can’t on
this eye because that has this one has the bigger
lid then on this eye we are actually gonna go a
little bit above the first crease because we want to make this look
larger (above the crease) yeah a little bit above that first
fold so your actually make bringing the highlight bring up a little higher on one eye than the other and then on this eye will
bring them in down a little lower and when we are finished, we will make it look the
same size of course you can’t recreate the magic unless you wear makeup everyday I know, so I have to take time let me be the first to tell you, you
deserve every bit of time you spend on yourself you had eight kids for god’s sake
and now they are almost raised and outta the house and the ones that aren’t are
trying to get outta the house ok now I am going to go back over with a matte beige I’m gonna stick to matte just because it’ll be a much more natural shaping because Gina really doesn’t really doesn’t wear makeup
everyday at all other than eyeliner so I wanna keep her a little more on the
national side so that she won’t feel like she needs to find a street corner when we are done okay and I’m not gonna highlight her brow bone
because her brows do not really have a lot of space there
and if I have to highlight that we’d close the eye in rather than opening it up
now before I go any further because this is gonna help me immensely I’m going to go and curl the
lashes and do a layer of mascara take a deep breath (I’m scared of curling) I know, take a deep breath.. OK now look down virtually painless (you’re doing it) oh you’re scared of doing it for yourself I’m a afraid of… when I
was a teenager and tried it I pinched my eye and it hurt really bad
That’s why I’m scared as I said your not.. your being very good about me when I am doing it Your not as scared as you think.. I’m trusting you, I’m not sure if I can trust myself I’ve never pitched anybody (knock on wood) I think that there is one in my heel the detailed curler because yours are super super straight
yeah and did you say that there something that you can
do like have a perm on your eye lashes.. umm you can and does that hold for a long time you know Alison, whats the largest spam on a eyelash perm I would say, mine stayed pretty curly for about a month and then they get a little less curly and I could just do it again
They are awesome. you should have yours permed and dyed That would be cool. yeah she said make some fuller
too The dye its great to do it right after it’s permed because the seldom a little more open to take shapes they keep us a little more open to accepted more eye look down.. water proof mascara yes to keep the curl Mikey, someone’s a good
study I’m trying to learn I’m trying to be better how can I put good
makeup on if I don’t learn.. correct (look down) I would think after editing all the videos
Mikey should could be able to do your makeup umm I don’t know if I would trust him as much well I wouldn’t let him curl till your like the 500th face.. The what!! 500th face.. don’t let him curl.. Oh let him do like do 500 other faces fist.. yeah! before he curls yours.
I don’t know if Jammie would trust him to curl her eye lashes either. well he can go up to random strangers and ask to curl their eye lashes to get the practice Hey can I try curling your eye lashes don’t mind if it pinches a little
I’d give you a quarter for a cup of coffee that helps immensely right there your gonna
do magic your husband better be ready to take you out tonight.. I’ll tell him look up getting off the mascara that you spilt no actually this is where you blinked
too hard..Oh I’m sorry it’s okay it’s not a big deal at all
It’s because I’m not used to the mascara thing you know. exactly that’s why it does not shock. hahaha sorry ok look down you curling them still
yours have never been curled so they’re stubborn. Sorry. Oh no, it’s no problem I will when so that’s warm but it’s not so warm it’s
gonna burn your eye. No and plus it’s got a guard so the heating on cannot touch your skin working? yep okay so now we’re going to start your fire
Mid tone now I’m gonna need to bring my mid tone down a littlelower on this side and come up a little higher on this side so that I give the illusion of
lifting an evening out one lid to the other I’m excited to see this. I’ve always having one eye looking weird It doesn’t look weird well its closed more it looks like I
had a stroke or something you no I didn’t like I said I got it from my
grand ma her eye, one eye was more closed than the other one that’s always that I can remember. Of course she was old but mine has always been that way her’s probably was too. So I’m excited to see this magic Bart, are you eating again? he snacked all day long grazing.. That’s what Jammie said, if you graze then you’ll be skinnier cause you are constantly burning calories works for me but maybe I’m crazy on the wrong food maybe you should try carrots and celery is that so I like celery, I don’t like carrots.. No? You haven’t had fresh carrots from the garden carrots then ! They are the best I like raw carrots better than cooked for sure your blending now? higher on my right eye lid? It’s just an interesting feeling. Is it looking even? It’s getting there.. Alright I’m just gonna do a little bit of a matte brown so if I curl my eyelashes like frequently
than they’l stay curled better. They won’t stay curled but they will curl easier but yeah. Cause they are soo stubborn right now ! yeah! but it’s not taht unusual. There are girls that have stubborn eye lashes oh when I tilt my head well what happens is when I tilt
my head this way it means I have to refocus and so I see
more things cause you see details you wouldn’t look if you just look normal you just look like an artist you are an artist but
that’s what it makes you look like to me ok open and look down Now I am pushing color into the lash line above or is it like right on the lash line? It’s right at
the base where your lashes grow outta your lid
so right in between the hairs where they grow outta your lid. Makes it look thicker sorry it a little witty It’s like I saw you cross It’s just a little flat brush I’m just tryna figure out how you get that in between your lashes I’ll try not to do that cross sorry..It’s just funny cause its cause its weird. No it’s not weird, its just It was just funny reinforced this a little higher Am I starting to look normal? your getting there I’m just tryna even out
what I’m trying to do is I’m bringing up the highlight a little higher
on one side giving a little more power then when you so that’s on the closed eye
I mean the more yes. hooded. yes more hooded I’m just getting a little closer
to this end and pretty damn close As close as we are going to get
without becoming God redoing it. It’s gonna be a while Ok I’m gonna do another layer of mascara now that we have fabulous curled lashes
I’ll try not to blink too tight. Oh I better use waterproof stubborn eye lashes. Well no because you are going to blink and so afterwards your probably still blink hard so I’m gonna use waterproof rather than regular so that it
won’t smear because if you’re not used to wearing
mascara you actually blink harder than you wore regularly whether that’s bad or good. It’s just a fact you know what I mean>? I think I got that eye more open than that eye now (laughs) the other way huh? yeah it’ll still be easier to close it back down but i’d rather overdo it and get it really open
Yeah I really did I’m gonna let it settle in now before I let your face adjust it to make sure its.. because sometimes it holds your your eye okay so now we’re going to do
some defining on the lash line I don’t mind getting old. I just don’t wanna look like an old lady really old lady. Okay well we can fix all that I don’t wanna do bot-ox well I don’t No you don’t have to do bot-ox to fix it we can put makeup on every day we can
color hair our hair but those little grey hairs aren’t that bad? But it makes you look older a little bit but I am not a grandma. I just saying.. ok now now wait you get you need to make your choice you
say you don’t wanna look old but then you.. well I don’t wanna look like a
20-year-old cuz I okay trust me coloring your hair is not gonna make you look 20.
Your saying I’m old..well i’m saying is that all these little things add up together
that when you do them all together they makes it make you look not old well I’m just saying I don’t wanna look like an old lady. well you don’t look like an old lady, but you need to start working it now okay at doing things that are going to
prevent that from happening so that you stay looking this age so as you age ou don’t age okay like 40 was not a bad age
I like 30 the best 30 was my favorite you were still having babies at 30 yeah you were still having babies at 30
40 was probably better 8 kids you know no I had my last kid when I was 37 Oh Lord, so you still had a 3 year old at 40 you might wanna only get out at 45 40 worse, you’ve first been me that’s why its the best leave it to Mikey to make it
about Mikey absolutely you do that like people hold their mouths weird when they are getting mascara even when they are not
uh you know what many times I hold my mouth weird when I am doing mascara on someone else cuz you gotta get it on there just right and I wanna say that you are doing an amazing job by not blinking and not getting it everywhere
no you can blink lightly it just you’re probably used to naturally blinking a little harder so you just lightly blinking is no problem because your its thoughtful in your head
okay I shadow on the bottom to line your eyes
well it’s just an option we’ll make it look not so old
what color do you use when you line? Oh I don’t even wanna tell you. Go ahead and tell me.. teal? black.. oh okay well that’s better than teal black or brown.. brown.. sometimes I do
Brown But you don’t wear mascara but you take the
time line its fast to line, mascara takes a lot more time ok I’ll work on it
I’ll work on getting more beautiful tin and curl then you can do just one barley little layer of yeah .. well I think that will push her over the edge That might push her over the edge I still think that you can push her over the edge ok now we’re gonna bronze to give it a little glow to your skin
I don’t wanna look like a ghost. Well you have nice skin, you won’t look like
a Ghost even without it but bronzer is a great way to pick yourself up I mean your feeling a little bit of bloge with a little matte bronzer that’s cause your getting up and going to work.. I know If I could go play I don’t think you’ve
probably ever played ever since you got married and had kids you’ve always been taking care of kids
There is proof on youtube that I play sometimes.. huh Mikey? just a little proof did Mikey put some on youtube? yes and he didn’t even tell me when he was recording I was.. did you see it? it was stupid it was so dumb it
made me look so dumb would you have acted differently if you’d
known he was recording? I wouldn’t have talked I wouldn’t have done it
I would have said okay I’m done and he knew that and that’s why he didn’t tell me.
I think that in reality you would have still talked you would have fought in talking and you would have tried not to talk but you would have talked about the fact that you weren’t gonna talk
Yeah probably are you making my nose skinny?
No I’m just giving your face some shape you don’t have a fat face.. Okay
look I’m just tryna make you look good what I didn’t look good before? you didn’t look your best you didn’t look bad but you didn’t look your
best there is a prettier you underneath there and I just happened to find her
cause when I go home and my husband is gonna say wow!! Yeah I am just concerned can you still have children? NO ! okay good cuz I was I would hate to
contribute to a new one. I have grand children, I am done having children
I’m done with that face of my life.well you’ll never know
I know some people keep doing it after they have grandchildren but some people can or can’t. I don’t know if it’s
well when I had my last one i said that’s the last one and I made it so it couldn’t have anymore. Good idea right?
Yeah very good idea I think 8 was enough ! yeah 8 is enough.
I think you’ve put your work in I did my multiplying and replenishing
yup and I have beautiful children, I just wanted you to know well I didn’t question that. (You know Jammie, she’s beautiful)
yeah I know, who questioned that? she is so why would you want to quit
having children if you have such beautiful children. No i didn’t say you should quit, I just think forward and in plenty eight is good though. well as long as you’re
happy that’s all that matters I am. I’d be happier if I hadn’t go to work everyday . You might not have to work everyday if you’d stopped it before. you’d had more money just saying. okay now I’m just gonna
conceal along your lip line so that I can get a nicer edge to your lips
now I’m feeling like that old lady I do this to lotsa girls ok she wasn’t really 102 she looked good if she was a 102 well that’s why you say that and that’s why when someone asked my age I say oh 76 ( I’m 30 because then I would say OMG you are 30 and you look) like that yeah I would say I’m 60 and then and then I go Oh you look good awesome exactly! Ok I’m just adding 10 or 11, 10 and a half years? Alright now I’m gonna take a very very very natural lip pencil color
I do line my lips sometimes natural natural color
Ok but what do you pu on top of it? do you wear lipstick?
I wear lipstick sometimes when you’re really trying to dress you up?
not every single day did you color my lips with it too? i filled it in
not all the way but almost all the way because it will help everything last longer and you wont be left with just a line well that’s good.
If your lipstick wears off and I’m going to do is a shade I want in there now. I would normally just like a gloss but I am going to do a bit of color lipstick so we will get a longer wear what color lipstick do you normally wear
when you wear lipstick? umm like pretty natural. just making sure I wouldn’t dark will that make me look older? It would
then I don’t do dark and I don’t do bright pink either. good I am doing recognized soft peachy color on you right now. That’s kinda what I like I read your mind. Amazing! you’re actually doing a better job on some of the things you’re doing
I’m gonna do a gloss on top of it so they look sopole and full and youthful let me double check everything sign is symmtrical almost almost a lot closer for sure you know whoever is exactly perfectly symmetrical anyway. nobody yeah nobody Maybe I do wanna put a few see if they would be too long. Your gonna try it? I’ve never had those I have a feeling you’ve never had a lot
of things when it comes to makeup well you don’t wear very much. Your right ! just on the little bit on the corners of my eyes? well that was my plan your changing your mind? I don’t know yet a miracle on my eyes? you’re worth a miracle keep looking down keep looking down so your eye lashes were tangled so was even the stickiness ok lets you do have nice brown though. Once they are shaped and nicely filed in which is good for. tell me who doesn’t like to do makeup. someone of our advanced age since we are so close in age yes so close !
We’re only two years apart a year you said your 48 I’m 49 I’ll be 48, I’m 47!
Oh so 2 years ! okay okay so what we did is we went up a little bit higher on this with
our highlight shade down a little more with our mid tone shade so when she looks
directly at you it does look more even yes close your eyes for me if you close
this eyes more highlighted but what she wants
is for when she looks right at someone or on herself she sees her eyes a little more even
Okay we are going to fix her hair and we’ll be right back

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