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[MUSIC PLAYING] Guys, I’ve been on set with
Cover Girl for two days and I have fallen in
love with this product. This is the Cover Girl Bombshell
Volume mascara in very black. And I’m going to show you
how to put it on and then how to take it off with some mineral oil. Let’s go do it. We’re going to start with the
first side, which provides volume. All right, step one, approach this as
you would with any volumizing mascara. Use the wand at your roots and
draw it evenly through your lashes. Pretty great. Are you guys fans yet? Let’s move on to steps two. The second side of the Bombshell
Volume mascara is for intensity. It’s an amazing second dark top coat. Oh yeah, look at that. Don’t forget to wiggle
the wand as you apply your mascara for nice
clean even distribution. Man, this stuff is amazing. I feel like my eyes are
totally popping out right now. I’m sad to see it go, but I
think it’s time to take it off. I’m just using regular mineral
oil and some cotton balls. Saturating one of the cotton balls. I’m going to put it onto my eye
and let it sit for a few moments. This stuff stays on. This mascara has amazing lasting power,
which means it;s going to be a little bit of work to take it
off but we can handle it. It’s a great time to
practice your whistling. Oh, there we go. May be coming off in one clean swipe. All right. It’s all gone. But it doesn’t mean it
can’t go back on, ladies. Let’s head over here. Oh easy was that? It’s on, it’s off. It has me feeling easy, breezy, and,
dare I say it, a little bit beautiful. Now I want to tell you guys
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75 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Tips: How to Apply & Remove Mascara | COVERGIRL

  1. I love this model's voice. I think she looks and sounds like Lindsey Lohan too. CoverGirl has the best products. I especially love your mascara. I've used it for years and will NEVER use any other brand mascara!

  2. just bought this a couple days ago and i LOVE it!!! i have temperamental lashes and it just makes them look amazing! 

  3. I like the girl in the video. She's a good one to do videos. Not too serious 🙂 fun, casual, and she represents real women.

  4. I too am having a HARD time removing this product! It's good that it stays on, but… should NOT have to be this hard to remove. The lashes are a very delicate area and us girls want to keep them all! I guarantee  you there models are NOT wearing this one!! 

  5. Remove mascara like she did?  Who are they kidding?  It takes about 5 minutes to remove just the stuff below her brows, and then they go last.  After that wash your face a good 3 times thoroughly.  Then you can jump in the shower, LOL.

  6. I love this mascara! , but its very hard to come off. i lost some of my lashes because of it LOL , it does an amazing job though !

  7. I just bought this the other day, and I am already seriously considering returning it. When she says its hard to take off, she's 100% right! This is extremely hard to remove, and I honestly don't feel like it gives as much volume as other Covergirl mascaras.

  8. this mascara started making my eyelashes fall out… 😒 also it smells reaaaaally bad. you guys make good mascaras, but this one should be recalled. apparently I'm not the only one.

  9. But, it's not like anyone is going to care if your wearing mascara or not. It's kinda a waste unless you are having a performance or something

  10. thiz product is horseshit cant get it off and making my eyelashes basically fall out its been three days of gently trying to remove it and nope notta waste of money

  11. mineral oil is a derived from petroleum and you can purchase this oil in any DUANE READE,WALGREENS, RITE AID OR CVS.

  12. i always use eye make up remover lotion for my mascara. I just put it on my lashes and do something for a few moments and then it takes off the really stubborn mascara. xD

  13. hi i'm isla's friend maleia! i am 17 years old. i realy love makeup, mascara, and your awesome videos! LOL!

  14. Other people have probably said this but Lindsey Lohan who? Anyone else see the comparison or is it just me? 😂

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