hey guys and welcome back to my channel
so today’s makeup look is extra fresh and hydrated I mean we are glowing in so
many ways with this makeup look I don’t know about you guys but in winter time
my skin it gets so dry since I’ve been sick my skin’s been really dry so I
really want to create a makeup look that is going to hydrate and rejuvenate dry
skin and I’m really excited to share a new skincare favorite with you guys I’m
gonna be partnering with GLAMGLOW on this video to share with you guys one of
their newest launches the waterburst hydrated glow moisturizer oh my gosh
okay so just so you know when I partner up with a brand and especially when it’s
on a specific product I’m not gonna tell you guys about it if I don’t genuinely
love it if I haven’t used it long enough to generate a full opinion for you guys
I just I won’t do that so I’ve actually had the opportunity to try this product
out for the past two and a half weeks they let me kind of play around with the
product and then I was able to come back and be like oh my gosh
yes let’s work together let’s do a video it’s perfect for underneath makeup it’s
perfect for winter it’s perfect for my skin and my skin has been loving this
you can use this as your normal moisturizer or you can use it underneath
makeup it works both ways I personally love to use it underneath makeup but I
have used it at night if I need a little boost of hydration I’ll just go ahead
and throw into my regular skincare routine and it’s worked really really
well a lot of water or gel moisturizers are kind of geared more toward normal
and oily skin this one however is geared more toward normal to dry skin which i
think is really great because you get the benefits of a gel type of watery
moisturizer without it feeling too dry or without meaning to add something else
on top of it to add more hydration it’s kind of marketed as like Korean
innovation meets Hollywood glam so they used really awesome Korean ingredients
which I’ll get into later I’m gonna be showing you how to create this really
really fresh makeup look which I think you can wear all year round but for me
personally in the winter dry months this is kind of a makeup look that I go to
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said if you guys want to see how I got this super hydrated super dewy super
fresh super glowy makeup look then just keep watching so I’ve done my brows
off-camera this time I wanted to do more of a bold bigger fluffier bright
oh I don’t know I just feel like that would go really well with a fresh skin
type look today I tried out something new I’m so excited this is the hourglass
arch brow sculpting pencil so I used that and then I carved it out with the
Maybelline here it is my favorite I love this to carve out brows the maybelline
superstay better skin concealer and then I ran some brow gel through hourglass
launched a new brow gel this is their brow volumizing fiber gel in the shade
soft Runet my pencil is also in the shade soft brunette I am so excited to
move into skin when it comes to a fresh hydrated look obviously the best way to
achieve that is to start off with skincare products before going into your
makeup so this really has been an amazing makeup prepper is that a word I
don’t know it’s a really great moisturizer whether I’m putting makeup
on or not I’m gonna be going in with the glam glow water burst hydrated glow moss
riser it’s a gorgeous gel moisturizer it’s
kind of about this pretty light blue fresh color it smells so good I’m trying
to figure out what it smells like my husband thinks it smells like a
starburst I don’t know like an orange creamsicle I can’t it’s so good I saved
the box that it comes in I always save boxes from new products I just love
doing that so this moisturizer provides 72 hours of moisture that’s three days
you guys three days of hydration this also features a triple hyaluronic acid
complex hyaluronic acid is one of my favorite skincare ingredients for some
reason my skin really loves hyaluronic acid I noticed that it really plumps it
it hydrates it I love love that ingredients so let’s go ahead and prep
the skin with this I’m just gonna take a little bit and I’m really gonna just
start to work this into the skin it’s so crazy you can literally feel it turn
into a really watery consistency and it almost feels like you just like splash
your face with water it’s really really refreshing I love to apply it everywhere
I like down my neck on my chest sometimes just anywhere that needs a
little extra hydration and you can see that my skin kind of looks dewy and wet
this will sink into the skin and it will leave a more tacky finish which is so
ideal for priming your skin for makeup so it’s kind of like the best of both
worlds you get something really hydrating and also something that preps
your skin for makeup super well I also read that the water that they use for
this product is sourced off of the South Sea of Korea this stuff seriously saved
me during my cold and sick and it’s gonna continue to save me this
winter I’m putting the extras on my hands because I just love it that much I
also made sure to apply lip balm to the lip so everything is really nice and
prepped now for our foundation today I’m gonna be using something that is really
great for everyday something that gives really great coverage but also super
hydrating I’m gonna be going into my 8 cosmetics your skin but better CC plus
cream I have to mix two of the shades currently I mix the shades fair and
light so I’m just gonna go ahead and do that on the back of my hand and I’m just
evenly distributing this on the entire face and then I’m gonna go ahead and
take a beauty sponge this one’s from morphe and we’re just going to blend
this out all over the skin I love to also blend it down the neck to make sure
everything is nice and seamlessly one color I love the CC cream because as you
guys know I struggle from hyperpigmentation and blemishes acne
scarring things like that and so it’s really nice when I’m able to find a base
product like a foundation product that is able to give that coverage while
still being lightweight and still looking like skin so that’s the goal
here I feel like a lot of times if you do have problems skin sometimes it feels
like it’s impossible to get a hydrated fresh glowy look of your skin just isn’t
looking its best and that can be really frustrating but with products like this
you can really still achieve that without drawing too much attention to
your blemishes and you can still make your skin appear to be really hydrated
really healthy and really clear I’m just taking what’s left on the sponge and I
am putting this on the eyelid so next we’re gonna go ahead and go in with
concealer I’m gonna use a shade that’s closer to my skin tone to cover up any
blemishes that are still showing through when it comes to a super fresh look you
don’t want to put too many layers of a complete base on I find though it looks
much nicer if you spot conceal after you kind of even out the entire skin tone so
I’m gonna do that with the heart-shaped tape concealer I’m going to use the
shade light neutral first just over blemishes and the reason why I’m
choosing Tarte shaped tape for this look is that it’s not only full coverage but
you don’t necessarily have to set it it kind of sets itself and with this look
I’m not wanting to use too much powder and same thing with the under eyes I’m
going to use lights and I’m just gonna use a small amount down the center of
the face and again I’m using this concealer because it kind of has a
powdery finish at the end I’m just gonna go ahead and blend that out but it’s
still gives great coverage I’m just gonna add
a tiny bit more right where I kind of have more of a hollow and really dark
circles under the eyes just to kind of further lift and brighten that when I
think fresh I think awake so we want to definitely make sure that our under eye
area looks nice and awake but still dewy and fresh taking what’s left on the
sponge and going across my eyelid to further conceal that area so I’m working
with mostly cream products today I’m gonna go in with one of my favorite
cream contour products this is from Charlotte Tilbury it’s the contour wand
the Hollywood contour want is amazing I love this so I’m gonna start by kind of
applying this to the outer portions of the face I like to kind of just dot it
and I do one half of my face at a time just because this does kind of dry down
a little bit and it dries down kind of quickly so I’m gonna start with this
half and I’m just going to slowly blend this in with a brush along the jaw line
under the cheeks and then down the neck as well and then I’m also going to take
the other end of this brush this is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion
brush I’m gonna take that and use this to contour my nose as well as contour
this area of the eye and then right under the lip and then we take our
sponge again and start to blend everything out next I really want to amp
up the glow I’m gonna use the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty light wand these two
products were mentioned in my yearly favorites videos they’re amazing and for
a look like this they’re absolutely perfect so I’m just gonna take this wand
and I’m going to put it on all the high points of the face and I’m gonna take
the sponge and blend that out as well I’m going to attempt to cover up this
blemish here a little more it’s being a little stubborn so this next product is
we’re going to kind of pull in those melon colors this is the Estee Lauder
pure color Envy lipstick this is one of their sheer matte sculpting lipsticks
and it’s in the shade baby bloom and normally I do my lips last but I’m gonna
start with the lips and it really is like a sheer matte formula so we have
our lips on then I’m just going to kind of draw some color on the cheeks and
just use my fingers to blend this in and the reason why I love doing this with
this formula in particular is because it’s kind of more of a matte finish so I
find that it really does stick to my makeup longer and it doesn’t look too
glossy over the already super hydrated complexion love it and then I’m all
going to apply on the eyes so Nexen be going into my current favorite powder
live a couple current favorites but I’ve been obsessed with this one this is the
Charlotte Tilbury air blush her blush airbrush flawless finish skin perfecting
micro powder and it really is that it just perfects the skin so beautifully I
wash my brushes you guys yesterday and I’m obsessed with how clean they got let
me know if you guys would like to see an in-depth video on how I clean my brushes
I would love to make one for you I’m just gonna take some of that and just
press it on the areas that I want to be more matte so under the eyes down the
sides of the nose and the tip of the nose but I’m leaving the bridge I just
really like that look when it comes to a fresh dewy makeup kind of look I just
like leaving the bridge a little bit more dewy I find that that looks really
nice and I don’t typically get oily on the bridge of my nose it’s more of this
area around the end of the nose and the chin so that’s the areas that I want
more matte I’m gonna go around the mouth the chin and the very center of the
forehead so next I’m gonna take a powder highlighter just to further make this
skin look super glowy this is one of my favorite natural highlighters I don’t
want it to be too sparkly I want to really look like we’ve got fresh skin
and everything so I’m gonna go with the essence pure nude highlighter this is
like five dollars and it really is so beautiful for those more natural kind of
makeup looks I love it I’m actually going to use this for eyeshadow as well
so I’m just gonna take that with an eyeshadow brush I’m gonna make sure to
Pat out any extra product that’s on the eyelid then I’m just gonna put this all
over the lid also making sure to put it in the inner corner and I’m going to
further highlight the center of the face Cupid’s bow down the center of the nose
and then of course even more on the cheeks now I’m gonna take my morphe
continuous setting mist and really just kind of drench the outer portions of the
face for even more of a glow for mascara I’m gonna go in with the they’re real
tinted primer I love this primer and I really want the lashes to be nice and
bold so I’m gonna go ahead and go with this first and I’m just gonna top that
off with the benefit they’re real mascara this goes with that primer so
well obviously they’re made for each other and I just love how my lashes look
with this I’m gonna go ahead and pop this on I mean I love how that made my
lashes look they just get so long and luscious with that combination I love it
make my lips look even more fresh and juicy and plump I’m gonna go ahead and
top this with a gloss this one’s from girl lactic it’s double-ended there’s
like a glittery gloss side and like a clear gloss I’m trying to think if I
want the sparkly gloss or the clear gloss let’s go for mega glow and we’ll
use the glitter gloss and that completes this look you guys my skin it feels so
hydrated so fresh so dewy so glowy all the above I mean it feels so just
rejuvenated and I so needed a hydrating makeup look especially today because
it’s freezing again outside and I’m still overcoming a cold so my skin is
super dry I love how it turned out if you guys love this looking and go ahead
and check the description box I have all the products listed for you in link so
it makes it super easy and if you guys want to try out the glam well-water
burst moisturizer I will link that down below as well seriously I would
recommend this I’ve loved it I mean my skin looks so healthy and hydrated so if
you are somebody who has normal combination to dry skin and you’re
looking for a great gel moisturizer for you check this out go grab a sample see
how it works for you I definitely love it it works really well for me thanks
again for watching you guys I love you all so much I hope you all stay hydrated
in this winter if you are in a cold climate like me and I will see you in my
next video love you bye!

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