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Hello everybody, welcome back to Real
Techniques. I’m Nic, and today I am super excited because I’m going to introduce you to the Three Pocket Expert Organizer and the One Pocket Expert Organizer. These
are so awesome and I can’t wait to show you how they work. Okay so here I have
the three pocket expert organizer out of the packet and on the back you will see
a plastic film over the top. All you’re going to do is take that off. This has a
miracle cling technology, it’s not sticky. Then you just place it onto a mirror. For
best results leave it for 24 hours before you put anything in it. I don’t
have time so I’m gonna load it with some brushes. This one great to have at home
and if you were going traveling you might want a slightly smaller one to pack
in your suitcase. Another great thing about these is they are dishwasher safe, so
don’t be afraid to pop them in the dishwasher if you thought they need a little
bit of cleaning. If you decide that you want to move this from your bathroom to your
bedroom, it’s absolutely fine. It can be used on as many different glossy
surfaces as you like. It’s also amazing when you have washed a brush and it’s still a bit damp, you can place it in upside down and it holds it for you so the water can drain out. Thanks so much for watching. We hope you love this product. We are so
excited about it. Take care, bye!

76 thoughts on “Expert Organizer for Easy Storage | Real Techniques

  1. Wow brilliant idea. I wish this were little cheaper but anyways. I just ordered my. Now.. just waiting for them to be shipped it to me 😝🙃

  2. Not much use to people who don't get ready in front of a large mirror. I hope RT will make other types of brush holders. And I'm hoping they won't be pink.

  3. Adore this idea girls! I'm thinking they'd both be great to store my many Real Techniques brushes on the side of my Alex drawers (hoping that it would stick) and free up some space on the top!

  4. AWESOME I LOVE U GUYS SI MUCH. WELL U AND UR BRUSHES. I agree with the lady below me. Take all my money now. I can't get enough. Lol. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Great idea! So sorry that in Portugal we do not have so many places to buy your products!
    I bought a few brushes in maquillalia and Beauty bay but only basic brushes, not the blue ou gold ones.

  6. I wouldn't use it, because my bathroom gets quite humid from me taking a shower or bath; brushes would be ruined instantly

  7. So it is easily removable and can be moved from surface to surface? I would love this for travel and home!

  8. I need this in my life… since my replacement brushes haven't been sent yet!!! I wonder if I can get these as a complimentary gift for waiting this long!!

  9. This shit is actually really cool. Not sure if I would use the big one (if I had a proper vanity, I would) but I love that you can hang the brush to dry on it!! I might get the smaller one. For travel, might even stick my tooth brush in it at home.

  10. A really great idea – but I'm surprised with the colour! Can we pls get away from 'pink for girls and blue for boys'? Maybe white or even clear would be better for most bathrooms/bedrooms? Such a good idea tho.

  11. I've seen this product at Alta but I didn't know how it worked I'm not sure how old the video is or the product but Real Techniques is a wonderful brands that is best for artist that are professional or beginners everyone can use the brushes and they are the easiest to keep clean as far as how long they last and their performance. I would take the Real Techniques sponge over the beauty blender everyday!!!! I don't care if it's cheaper or not, I really would! I love my little Tangerine looking sponge, and it is the essential Beauty tool for me I just love you chicks, as a brand, and artists around the world! Please don't ever stop what you beautiful women are doing!!!!

  12. does it work to put on furniture? (i have a shelf, or don't know the exact word in english, but storage for my make up and it it works to put on its side?) and will you get them in white or black maybe? xx

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