Everyday Smokey Eyes Makeup

Hi everyone, this video i’ll show you a beautiful natural everyday smokey eye which is perfect for beginners Now we can wear a smokey eye everyday if we apply it the right way! Let’s check out the steps Start off with an eyebrow pencil which matches your hair color Before apply the eyeshadow Apply this eyeshadow primer all over the lids To keep your shadow crease free and long lasting Then line your eyes with this creamy and soft texture eyeliner Which allows your to blend easily Take this long wear cream eyeshadow from Bobbi brown apply all over the lid and up to the crease then apply a deeper brown color from Mac to the outer crease of the eyes I’m gonna get a clean blending brush to blend this out Now apply sin color from urban decay as highlighter to the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. Next, I’m gonna use this pencil eyeliner by filling by filling my inner rims of the top lash line Use the same deep brown colour to fill in the lower lash line Apply sin colour eyeshadow over the tearduct Curl the lashes and put on the faux lashes for a more fuller look When you put on the faux lashes start from the middle to outer corner then finish up with the inner corner Once the glue has dried gently curl the lashes and apply mascara to give a natural finish Contour your nose with light and medium colour of the palette on the side of the nose Now move on to the blusher Apply this coral blusher to the apple of the cheeks by upward motion You may apply your favorite lipstick for your daily easy smokey eyes look Lastly, apply lip gloss on top of lipstick to add shine Done! Thank you so much for watching & Hope you all enjoy this tutorial Have a great day!

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