Everyday Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

Alright so we’re gonna do an everyday makeup look on an Asian shaped eye..umm.. now a lot of
people with an Asian shape I think that they should just dark and everything and you should
highlight areas now I know that umm Ashley’s eye is not quite as it is as some of the
other Asian eyes because there’s so many different variations of Asian eye but thing that I do that not a lot of people do is that I do highlights on certain area of the lid where a lot of people don’t so we’re gonna
do that first we’re gonna highlight taking a beige cream we’re gona highlight (look down for me) the inside corner now I went to grab my
twenty because that’s what I usually highlight with and I realize that because her eyes is Asian, that there is not enough much space so I’m gonna grab my number fourteen to do it with
So I can get it more exact cause you only want to do it right up to that first fold in the eye
just right along the lash tip right along that lash line up to that first fold now Ashley is really 62 she’s just taking really good care of her skin I’m just kidding (laughs) up to that first fold and we are gonna go right over that with a shimmer because I don’t want it to be super opaque I’m just gonna do a shimmer right on top of it
That was a Matte beige cream this is just a shimmer beige on top of it shimmer beige on top of it and it’s really important.
Ashley look right where my hand is, right there keep your eyes right there see where that fold
starts you don’t want to bring that lightness above that fold
because when you bring onto the area that is fuller and we are trying to push that part away
Then I am going to grab my 22 I’m just gonna take a matte beige
just highlight right at the brow bone I’m gonna go ahead and curl the lashes do a layer of
mascara so I can start see what’s going on look down for me (look down) do my first layer of mascara using waterproof to keep the lashes curled alright I’m now going to take my number
11 brush and nice oakery Matte Mid tone (look down for me) now its important for me
because of her eye shape I’m gonna almost start to draw on her crease
and I’m gonna create the definition that I want by using my mid tone to
help me create that crease or the effectiver crease taking my number 28 which is my clean brush and blending out doing the other eye again trying on her crease
really giving it the defect of having a deeper crease
blending it out taking my number 30 brush and doing a little
bit of Mid tone in the outer corner blending it out (look straight at that camera) and you can see how it starts to
create a bigger lid affect. So it makes appear its the lid of the eye is larger now using my number 41 brush and some matte black
shadow I’m gonna start to push color into her lash line to start to get a deeper affect at the lashes this also make them look thicker (look down) now we’re gonna start with our dark
shimmery brown We are gonna start with our dark shimmery garnette because it’s so different than brown panning it in the corner and blending it out okay so just creating enough definition and
you can see how that’s starting to open the eye up where as if I have done dark all the way across, it would have closed the eye in and that’s a mistake that lot of women with a hooded Asian eye make is they just do
dark thinking it’s gonna open it up not little bit of light really it does the opening up Alright so what
we’ve done is I cleaned up underneath I’ve foundation-ed and concealed underneath
and powdered so now we are going to finish her eye gonna take my Okorie Mid tone go right along the lower lash line with my number 13 brush again my number 13 brush oakary mid tone I’m gonna take number fourteen my shimmery beige with the in tight corner then we are going to do some mascara on the lower lashes look up for me clean up or I gotta tidy up to put mascara a layer of mascara on the top lashes my final one look down and a little bit of bronzer to give her that glow use my number 73 brush number 11 brush and we’re gonna take a little bit of bronzer, just go right in and along her nose a hint of a bright apricot
on apples of the cheek give her a pretty glow then because her lips are a little bit brighter than they are naturally because she had makeup on earlier I’m going to just moisturize them one more time because they are dry that’s part of the reason why its so red because its freaking 10 degrees out !!! rub them together for me
blot off the excess so we are gonna likely conceal the edges away then we are just going to do a nice pretty shimmery beige ish okay so this is an everyday not
supernatural but natural makeup look on an Asian guy this is what’s different
about my technique or might think theory on the Asian verses others is I still
like to lighten or highlighten that little bit of lid on the inside instead of darkening
all the way across because it shuts the eye down in my opinion and that will help open the eye up
otherwise paint and have fun ok we are going to take her away, do her hair and we’ll come back with her finish look I used a beige matte cream and on top of that I just did a Beige shimmer I used an ocker matte mid tone and I used a Garnet shimmery contra shade and then I
used just a soft peach blush and a shimmery beige lip gloss

50 thoughts on “Everyday Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

  1. She's already so pretty without makeup.  Wow!

    I love watching your videos.  Always beautiful, flawless looks for women.

  2. I think it's my 9th time watching this, i dunno, it's just so great 🙂 don't mind the negative comments -_- , for me this is sooo great, enhancing the eye to have a crease, different from other tutorials, found this more informative. X♥X♥ :DDDD

  3. I think it's my 9th time watching this, i dunno, it's just so great 🙂 don't mind the negative comments -_- , for me this is sooo great, enhancing the eye to have a crease, different from other tutorials, found this more informative. X♥X♥ :DDDD

  4. please do more tutorial videos about  putting on make up for Asian women, love this video!

  5. In the beginning, I was like, Hey, I have the same face and eye shape as her! And by the end, I was like, Who is this gorgeous woman!??

  6. Hey Robert! I think you should find a dark girl…I mean Dark! ….not being racist or anything….just wanna see some diversity 

  7. Great video! Thank you for this 🙂 I love the thought process, particularly during the last bit wherein you showed the different colors you used.

  8. I am Asian living in Asia. I think making fake crease and drawing cat eye are not good on Asian face. Draw dog eye and spread the eyeline. That will make Asian eyes looking bigger.

  9. There's no way she's 62, she looks 17 xD
    I wish there were more makeup tutorial vids for the darker-skinned Asians, especially Southeast Asians, because we're so different from the Westerners and oriental Asians and it's a bit hard to find our colour scheme.

  10. I really like this. My eyes almost identical to this and I always wonder how to put eye makeup. I will try this for sure. So pretty.

  11. I love this channel! Best make up channel ever! but this is a very poor selection of a model for this video. Yes, she is asian (most likely only part) , but what's the point of making this video if the model chosen doesn't have even have a strong version of what classifies as what most people think of as asian eyes. Lots of people in the comments are talking about eye size when eye shape should be what is discussed here. What asians struggle with in make up is how to work with eyelids that are not fully visible when the eyes are opened, which this model doesn't relate to.

  12. she is southeast Asia lady,how about that real small eyes or puffiness eyes of lades in chian ,japan and korean.

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