– Hey, what’s up lip chicks, it’s Kaylee! So for this video, I’ve been thinking a lot about natural beauty and embracing who you really are. So for today’s video: I’m not wearing any makeup. I’m completely natural, like a blank slate. I’ve only used moisturizer,
concealer, full coverage, liquid foundation, blush, highlighter, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and also, this hair is a wig. Totally natural. Every makeup tutorial ever. If you haven’t seen my other mask review videos, check out the link in the description box, and see me try on a coffee mask, a snail mask, and horse oil mask. But today, I’ll be trying on the blood of a child mask! [giggles] And, I’ll be trying on my grandmother’s ashes mask. But first, I’ll be applying this ultra-moisturizing vengeful ghost mask. [scary background music] Subscribe to my beautiful face. So it took me just over two hours, but now, each of my nails are an exact replica of a photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Make sure to like and subscribe because I’ll be– Oh my god, I did not just [beep] smudge this nail! I DID NOT JUST [beep] SMUDGE THIS NAIL!!! OH MY GOD MY NAIL IS [beep] SMUDGED! WHAT THE…! And after boyfriend does my makeup, I’m gonna do boyfriend does my taxes. Hey, what’s up lip chicks, it’s Kaylee. So I’ve got an amazing response on my last Disney Princess makeup video, so we’re gonna do another one today! I’m gonna turn myself into Princess Tiana– Oh, uh. Yeah Kaylee, that’s probably not such a good idea… Fine. I’ll be turning myself into Princess Jasmine– Oh, yeah no… Mulan! No. Seriously Kaylee?
…I mean ”yikes”. I’m gonna be turning myself into Princess Rapunzel again. Yeah, stay in your lane. [no energy]
Yay… Now I’m gonna line my lips with actual wax from a whale. And this, is my new line of eye makeup products. Full disclosure, this eyeliner has been tested on animals, but it made all the animals look super sexy. So it’s definitely cruelty-free. Like, I probably got like, a hundred dogs laid or somethin’. I love the natural look, like Kim Kardashian. Hey guys! You’ve already seen my boyfriend and my dad do my makeup, So I’m stepping it up for this video. This time, I’m gonna have my makeup done by a guy, in a coma! [laughing] But first I’m gonna hand him my skin burning, explosion moisturizing cream, And let’s see if he knows what to do with that! [more laughing] Here you go. Just take this in your hand and show me what you got *Ian questioning his existence* Show me what you got!
[laughing] Ew, what’s wrong with him? I dunno. Aren’t you supposed to be his nurse? No. Oh? Oh my god, dude. She’s using the glitter lipstick! That’s SICK! I’m gonna let you in on a little secret when it comes to fake eyelashes. I actually buy my own eyelash glue from a regular relatable drugstore! See? I can be poor just like you! Now, let’s apply these $800 baby orphan hair eyelashes. I feel like I’d look better with Kylie’s lips. Today I’m gonna do a makeover on a regular person and make her beautiful. So, I brought in my ugly sister to do make-up on her! *Courtney being Courtney* You said you needed help with your homework? Oh, isn’t she pathetic? Wha– I’m gonna do boyfriend does my other boyfriend’s makeup after they find out I have two boyfriends. I have to say my top picks from Frontal Beauty’s lip color line, are gonna be sunset tropical breeze, mom’s suede couch, and slutty dragon. But my absolute favorite, is Alex Trebek’s wet dream. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So I’m just gonna cover my face in glitter so I look somewhat happier? So in honor of national ”No Makeup Day”, I’m gonna take off my makeup to show you all who I really am. WHAT THE [beep]?! Every makeup tutorial ever. And my grandmothers– [crashing noise] Look at my puppy! Uh… Sorry! I’m sorry. [squealing laugh] Do that face when you’re about to fart. What do you mean? That one. Hell no! This [beep] crazy! How did I turn white? [laughter] *Shayne being Shayne* [group laughter] Hey guys, thank you so much for watching! If you’re not subscribed. Please, do it. Please. Click the box on left if you want to watch ”Every Highschool Party Ever.” Or, if you want to watch ”Every YouTuber Ever.” Hit that box on the right. Right there! It’s so easy. Oh, there’s some serious tea. There’s some serious tea. Tea….

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