1. My father, whose 84, wore contact lenses in his early twenties that were as large as your lenses but they were made of glass. We still have them. He said they were excruciatingly painful to wear. You had to train your eyes wearing them only 20-30 minutes at a time.

  2. 21:42 ok ok….this is too much 😂😂😂 I get how those anime eyes look good for you but I think your routine is better in my opinion, but you can go for anime eyes.

  3. Yall if u put the lenses on correctly it doesnt hurt at all

    Ive out several time same kind of lenses, just fully black for halloween costumes and the first 2 times are hard but when u get used to putting them its easy

    oh i also out normal lenses on my eyes everyday so i guess that helps

  4. This is my first time seeing u without makeup and it seems like u try and look Asian from ur regular makeup

  5. Idk if i skipped past it. But have you ever worn lenses before? I was curious if they feel worse than normal lenses. Because they look very large. I imagine they would be uncomfortable.

  6. Yours is the first video I've seen where it actually breaks down How to put on all the crazy shapeshifter stuff I've seen in all the other internet videos. I love it!

  7. I wear contact lenses and was cringing when I saw you trying to put those XXXXXL lenses in your eye with no wetting/saline solution. It made my eyes hurt!!!!🌹

  8. Why do white people think they have to be involved with EVERYTHING!!!!!!This look is HORRIBLE on you !! You are already WHITE!! Asians in this type of thing are trying to look MORE WHITE… this looks REDICULOUS

  9. I was in Egham UK the other day. Saw a beautiful Japanese girl made up like this. She must go to the uni there, I had to follow her, she was so fascinating

  10. I used those black scleras ONCE and it was HELL to put them on. I can feel the anxiety coming back by watching you trying x,DD :hugs:

  11. Just found u! Totally loveable. Great tutorial. I sub straight away. Looking forward to seeing more. Oh n where do u get the contacts.

  12. It's so refreshing to watch someone with this many followers, that doesn't have an ego the size of Dallas!!! You go girl !!!

  13. You are a funny bunny! You didn't need the wax, your face is sweet like a fairy or elf without makeup, but it made me LOL seeing the wax and latex drama. Wouldve liked to see your man's reaction to it!!😂

  14. she made the noise way too upwards pointed like if u look at the reference it’s not that at all. it is pointing up but it stops at a point but here’s looks like the tip of her nose could the touch the bride

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