(ENG SUB)[실험카메라] 촬영 도중에 외국인이 말을 건다면? 비타민 vs 피어스 반응보기!! 과연 친구들의 영어 실력은?!|클레버TV

Do you want to know the clothes that Clever TV Friends are wearing?
Search “Clever mall” on Naver! Please like and subscribe and click the bell icon to get new video updates We are giving away AirPods, so make sure to leave your email address down below!! (A foreigner appeared in front of Clevr Friends!) (Today’s experiment
What if a foreigner talks to you in English?!) (Let’s get it started right now!!) Clevr TV (Today’s experiment helper, Hafsa) The kids think they are buying stuff at a convenience store but we are going to prank them (Experiment Start) Hello~
We are Clevr Tv’s -SaRang
-NaYe -DoHa
-SangWook -GaRin
-MinSol -ChaeMin
-EunChae! and I’m Mrrrr. Yoooo~! You guys are going to split into groups, and buy
anything you want at the convenience store with Mr. Heo’s credit card (First victims)
What are you guys going to buy? -NaYe is going to buy corn cheese gratin
-It’s really good (So excited)
and.. I’ll decide when I get there This is Mr. Heo’s credit card -Are you gonna buy thousand dollars of foods?
-That’s not enough for me I’m so excited!
It’s going to be fun (Nope) (They head to the convenience store) What’s that? (What is she talking about..?) You talk to her Subway!
Isn’t she talking about subway? Can you turn on the translator on your phone? I don’t have my phone with me right now (No one has their phone!) I’ll just talk to her then (She actually doesn’t know what it means) It was a prank! You guys are so confused It was just a prank (They still don’t know what’s going on) (Hafsa doesn’t know Korean so she’s keep trying to prank them) (Englishphobia made him trip) (Do they understand now…?) (I don’t think so..)
Hafsa doesn’t know Korean, so she doesn’t realize the prank is over (Now she gets it) (Trying to make it clear)
So there was no buying what we want? Of course no,
What are you talking about? I don’t have nuff money Let’s check out how other group will react! (Second victim)
The other group bought thousands dollars of foods Are you serious? -Are you guys ready?
-Yes Let’s buy what we always wanted to eat
but what mom won’t allow (They are heading to the convenience store peacefully(?)) I’ll see how much you guys can spend (Hafsa appears) (Friends froze as Hafsa appears) Isn’t she talking about subway station? -I,, I don’t know English
-I don’t know either -Should I get the tranlator app?
-Sure (They just know only few words) (Finally realize that she wants to go to the subway station) (She knows Gangnam, but doesn’t know how to get there)
Mr. Yoo, you said you are good in English I used to be, but not now (Now they fully understood what Hafsa is asking!!) (Understands each words, and explains with each words) (Seems very tough, but they are trying their best) The only thing learned at school is ‘go to’ (And suddenly…!!) Why is there a camera over there? (a frilled lizard…?) SaRang already knew it was a prank -Since when did you realize it was a prank?
-She was holding GoPro and I saw the hidden camera -DoHa got pranked, right?
-I literally got the translator app I have his card, let’s just go -The prank is over. Give the card back to me
-Nope (SaRang is actually about to use the card) (The third victims) (They are jsut excited without knowing what’s going to happen to them) I’m going to buy corn cheese You guys can buy in boxes (pfft, you guys can’t even buy each) The other friend bought tremendous amount of foods) -Don’t you guys learn English at school?
-Yeah, but I forgot all Police station? (Nope, she not talking about police station) I think she’s talking about subway station (ChaeMin even turned the camera off!) Oh my mind is blown I should have brought my phone! I get she’s asking how to get to Gangnam, but I don’t know how Taxi! But what is taxi in English? (Taxi in English is taxi) (Her brain stopped working) -Oh, the subway station!
-But I don’t know how to get Gangnam station by subway! It was just a prank! What?
What did you just say? I was wondering why she has a microphone My mind is totally blown I hid a camera over there Oh my god guys!! (They got so pranked) (They are still frustrated) I don’t what taxi is in English! I think SangWook got pranked so hard No, I was pranked at all (Nope) SaRang is the only person who didn’t get pranked I didn’t get pranked as well (Nope) -Can you start a conversation with her?
-How should I start? Just say hi (all together) Hi… and then just say ‘bye’ later So today, we filmed with Hafsa who’s from London
It was super fun! What’s that? -Back come?
-Back home? (Feeling the generation gap) (Thank you for helping pranking Hafsa!) Please subscribe and hit the like button as well See you next time~

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  1. 아니 민쇼리 칙칙폭폭 넘 귀엽잖아요ㅠ 학교에서 배운게 goto밖에 없어….넘 귀엽잖아용🌷🌼
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  16. 아아아아아아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ아아악 엑스원 괜찮아요 7:43 라는 곡을 써주셨어요요요요요요요요용

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