(ENG/SPA/IND) [#LipstickPrince] From the Best, NCT Doyoung’s Eyeliner Skills | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

(Alluring Smokey Eyeliner
Step 3by No. 1 Talent Doyoung) I came with something planned (Anticipating) (Ace Doyoung. What kind of
makeup will he show off today? – I’ll try my best
– Okay You can trust Doyoung with anything The one I’m anticipating the most
(Smiling with ease) [Tony] But really, if it
weren’t for Doyoung we might not have been able
to bring such great guests That’s true Because his makeup skills
are on another level Even his outfit looks like
a makeup artist’s – Doyoung
– Yes Do you borrow your outfits
from Taeyun every week? (Custom outfit for the ace of makeup) I think they prepare such
outfits on purpose To make my character like this
(Doyoung, the outfit suits you) (So cute) (He rolls up his sleeves and
prepares to start the makeup) – Can you close your eyes slightly?
– Yes Since I have to draw the eyeliner Even if your pupils show,
I’ll cover them so they can’t be seen Oh, so considerate
(The consideration is unreal) (Doyoung’s consideration
makes her heart race) But if you think about it Doyoung’s been drawing the eyeliner
for three weeks straight Oh, really? (The most difficult eyeliner goes to
Doyoung) He’s totally dependable It’s the most difficult part (Draws in one go) His posture is now…
(It’s here! Doyoung’s signature pose) I think it’s going to be a
hit among makeup artists – The leaning pose
– Oh, this pose How does he lean over like that? (Everyone tries the pose,
copy & paste) Oh, that, that, that
(Everyone leans) It’s here, it’s here Wait a minute (My way)
(Not caring about others) Tell me if it hurts (Doyoung is
so serious when doing makeup) Okay You’re very serious I’m not joking
(Most serious) You guys come barefaced.
You do that for us I’d feel bad if I didn’t do it right So the rest of us… Is he dissing the rest of us?
(Others are jealous) – You could say that
– I won’t be shaken That’s going to be a catchphrase,
I won’t be shaken Isn’t it a catchphrase already? (The official catchphrase
of?!) (Using Doyoung’s catchphrase)
Doyoung the youngest won’t be shaken I won’t be shaken
(I will never be shaken) (As she put her trust in him with her face,
he wants to do his best) (With skill and talent,
Doyoung puts the princess at ease) [Heechul] He’s really
good at drawing though She looks really young (Kind hands brushing her hair away) And brushing her hair like that (Doyoung knows how to steal hearts) You’re like a real makeup artist Doyoung is studying to become certified – [Bora] Really?
– [Heechul] Yes (No matter what anyone says, I go my
own way) (Not caring, focusing on makeup) Such a bad guy He doesn’t respond to a single thing I say (Concentrating) – Bora
– Yes? (MC Heechul feeling mischievous)
We can see your side profiles and I think Doyoung looks prettier Oh my – Heechul
– Yes? I didn’t finish talking about clubs The two of you are so beautiful You guys look so good (Grumbling)
I should quit going clubbing (One side is complete!
Clean eyeliner!) One side is complete (Speaking his mind)
I want Doyoung to do my makeup (Everyone wants to get their
makeup done by Doyoung, the ace) He wants him to do his makeup If you’re ever late for the shoot,
don’t go to the salon Just come to Doyoung on set I’ll draw under the eyes soon
(Doyoung tries to apply what he learned) But if you don’t want it, I won’t
(Getting the princess’ consent is a must) Just slightly, from two-thirds
of the way till the end I’d like that – You would?
– Yes (Will draw under the eyes after
finishing up the eyeliner on the left) Under eye (Careful, cautious) She’s pretty opening her eyes like that Yes, just slightly
(He really is so good) Our Doyoung said Irene is pretty – Doyoung
– Yes? [Heechul] Irene versus Nam Bora.
Who’s prettier? [Heechul] Doyoung’s choice (Without hesitation)
Nam Bora Mam Bora? Nam Bora Ram Bora I’m Rambo (Princes are all pretending to be Rambo) (Phew. So all over the place) But I have a concern
(Doyoung suddenly sharing his concern) What is it? I’m concerned about only
doing the makeup all the time Huh? I’m concerned about only
doing the makeup here (Worried about not making hearts race) But I’m not very good at doing
that with people whom I just met It’s okay So our viewers When Ro Woon comes out, they do
something else listening to his comments When Doyoung comes out,
they put it on mute because all they need to do is watch – You hold your breath
– It’s a moment of silence (Not muted)
(There aren’t any issues with the volume) But really, for guests
who come on our show I try my best For me, I really like
seeing you working hard (Her supportive words melt
Doyoung’s concerns away) Oh, the under eye now (Uses the smudging tip to naturally
blend out the under eye) (Doyoung’s gaze is sincere) The makeup artists at our shop
also talk about Doyoung Oh, what do they say? They say he’s really good at makeup (Doyoung’s skills are being recognized) (Professional gaze)
Doyoung, are you satisfied? (Totally satisfied)
Okay (Alluring eyeliner look completed
with Doyoung’s skills)

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  1. 뭐야 김도영 핑크 캔버스 뭐야ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 토끼가 화장도 다 해주고 세상 좋아졌다ㅠㅠㅠ

  2. 알겟어 도영아… 나는 니가 틱톡 화장을 해 줘도 하고 다닐 수 잇어… 아니 잠시만 하고 다니는 건 생각 좀 해 볼게…

  3. 김도영은 생각해 보면 못 하는 게 없는 듯 여기서 보면 메이크업도 되게 잘 하고 엔시티 영상 보면 헤어 메이크업도 도영이가 해 주는 게 보이고 애가 되게 꼼꼼하고 좋은 것 같아

  4. 내 얼굴에도 뭐 좀 해주라 아무거나 막 발라 아이라인으로 입술 칠해도 돼 블러셔로 쉐딩해도 돼 김도영 사랑해

  5. 3:17 엥 2분의 3부터?!?! 실수하신거 넘 귀욤,. 지나가던 이과충인데 그냥 넘어갈수가 없었어요,,

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