(Eng+) 뷔(방탄소년단) 메이크업 FAKE LOVE ‘BTS V’-inspired MAKEUP | Joseph 죠셉

Hello, I’m Joseph. Today make-up is inspired by V when BTS was in ‘Fake Love’. So let’s get started. Before we start with the makeup,
I’d like to wear a lens. Lens-me’s Shadow hologram #Grey color. I’ve been searching for this product with a V’s gray lens And then I’ll apply toner to my washed skin. Toner is a waterfall toner in Time Tree.
I heard It’s a good toner for acne skin. It’s just a pure form like water, and then it feels moisturized and cool. It’s going to increase the next level of cosmetic absorption. I’ll spray you a Mist-type pack. It’s a mask pack that you spray-like a Dalba’s mist. All you have to do is spray it on your face instead of the hassle of sticking it on your faceMore. Next, I’ll apply primer. I usually do primers when I’m out for a long time. It feels like the foundation is fixed.
It’s good to see your makeup last so long. I’m going to put on eye makeup hard today, so I put it on my eyes. I’m going to put a tint on my lips before I put on my skin makeup. When I put on makeup on my skin, it gets on my lips, so I can’t apply tint. So, I tried to color it in advance. I’ll use VT’s cushion. It’s a chica-line that soothes your skin, but when you put it on, it feels moist. It’s a little tight. I’ve tapped it as thin as I can. (I like it because it feels like it’s fixed.) You can wipe the area around your eyes with your hands. I’ll cover my skin again with Clio’s kill-cover concealdation. I’ll apply it to the center of my face. I’ll tap it with a sponge and cover it. It’s really good cover. This. You might think it’s a little heavy or thick. It could be so tight. I’ve never heard of an unnatural thing. I’m so satisfied with the product. I like matte skin expressions.
I did some powder. It’s a peachy powder. This powder gives me a little light on the tone of my face. It gives me fresh I’m just finishing up.
After all WOW… I admire the scent. I’ll use VT’s triple shading. I heard this is a best-selling item. It’s made up of a natural brown color. I’m sure shading looks too much when it has red. It’s not red or yellow. It’s natural. It’s very bitter. It doesn’t get darker, so it’s easy to express it naturally. I made a dark shading by the nose and nose. Sweep your chin with a wide brush. It’s from Aritaum’s Brow product. It’s a matte color, so it’s natural and it doesn’t get darker. I have to paint it many times.
It’s better than being destroyed by a single drawing. End naturally with a blunt feeling
I filled him up. I’m gonna cover my bangs anyway. I’ll use Tomford’s eye color quad. It’s color-quad No. 5, it’s got a base layer of pearl grey. Wow~ I put on too much, right? Everyone, don’t panic. I can spread it, right? Pearl particles aren’t big enough. I think it’s good to use it as a daily routine. I’m gonna use a black pen eyeliner to make a tail for my eyes. Draw an extension line as if the line under your eyes is extended upward. Make a triangle based on that line and fill it up. And then I’ll make sure my eyes are there with a dark black eyeliner. MakeupForever eyeliner is good for color and good for drawing. It wasn’t painted vaguely, so I liked it. I filled up the eyes I drew earlier. I filled my eye mucous membrane with eyeliner. When I expressed the foretaste, I thought I’d just rub it in the mongoose. You can connect the overlay with the eyeliner. Don’t panic, even if it’s poorly painted. I’m going to smooth out the line with a dark shadow anyway. I carefully re-engaged Tomford’s eye-colored quad. I put on the darkest brown color. If you have a black shadow, use it. I didn’t have it, so I replaced it with that color. But I was very happy to have a dark complexion. You think you’re gonna let the line go first. Go back and forth from side to side. Draw the whole eye straight. And I drew a triangle that was thickening toward the corners of my eyes. Use the shadow left in the brush to brush through a third of the under degree. Then you’ll be able to complete the deep shade. I used Etude House’s mascara. It wasn’t big, it was just right, so I was able to do it naturally I only painted eyelashes on the shaded part of the shadow. It’s black. It’s accelerated the shade. Oh, and when I’m expressing his eyes, he’s got a third of those under-the-table eyelashes I had to paint it thick. I think it’s a good idea to have a slightly drooping eye. I’ll apply the color of Schuemura’s modern red. Matt lipstick. It was a good color for me as a man. I loved it because it was a velvet type with smooth texture. The color is not applied as a whole because it’s a strong red color. I’ll cover the inside of my lips with a little bit of color. But the color was dark for me, so I wiped the color with a tissue. I also erased the lip line. This is how I’m done with this. This makeup has a strong idol concept. I think it’s a good makeup to apply as soon as you control the tonic. I hope you enjoy this video. I wish I could help you. You’re always happy. I’ll say bye here. I’ll be back in another video. Bye everyone~

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