M: Stop shopping where I shop. J: I don’t- Do I shop where you shop? M: Yeah. J: Where do you shop on three, one, two, three: J/M: Express. J: Ah, okay. J: Hey, what’s up! Uh, speaking of clothing and styles, a- not a challenge, but an idea was to our attention that we throught was pretty cool. J: All of us have very individual and unique styles. J: We’re gonna get emo makeovers. Boze, actually I’m a little confused because there is- there’s emo, there’s alt J: there’s EDM, there’s scene- what is the difference- M: Goth? J: – between these things? B: It doesn’t matter what the difference is Joven, we’re all sad. J: That’s what I thought! B: Yay, so we about to have makeovers, we gonna look the part, but we gonna be happy, and we gonna have a good time, ain’t that right, Joven? J: I don’t know, probably not. J: There’s gonna be six of us involved. We’ve got Damien, who’s meeting us at a studio because we are going to J: do before photos and after photos. We’re also throwing Matt Raub into the mix because you know, sometimes he makes us do stuff and we J: think it’s ridiculous, so we want to make him do it, too. J: So each person got a random person to style. W: And I got Joven! M: I got Boze! B: Really? J: Crap. J: There he is! J: Hey, we’re making you do this too. You’re gonna get emo-ed. B: You wanna dress up? Matt, you have to dress up. Matt! D:Okay, Wes, you are the luckiest man I know, because I was in charge of picking out your emo outfit. D: And I took care of you, buddy. W: You did? Okay. D: They’re very Wes pants, right? W: I would wear these. D: Right? If you were sad and emo. D: You can’t be a Wes style emo without some anime action in there, so I want a black teddy bear mask. M: It’s “animoo.” M: That’s so animoo. W: Mask? Okay, that’s great. M: I thought that was underwear. D: It can be. And I like your hair as it is, but it’s a little more goth than emo. D: I’m thinking we need a pop of color. D: We got some pink and black for you. Some may say it reminds them of Nicole Minaj, but they are wrong. W: Nicole Minaj? D: Watch him get sadder and sadder as the makeup is applied, getting deeper and deeper into the character. D: Or, maybe just letting out what was already there? M: Hit a like if you think that Wes should go this pink. W: Comment below. M: And if we hit 5,000 likes, he’s gonna do it. W: No, no, that’s a low number of likes. Let’s say 20,000. D: And, he will buy each of you a college education. MR: If this gets 100 likes, pink hair for life. M: Yep. J: I like how they made you look a lot more pale than you normally are. M: That’s his normal skin. J: What? When you cover the bottom face- the bottom part of your face, you are a J: Hot woman. It use to be Wes is a pretty girl, now, you are a hot woman. M: You look like “Stronger” Britney Spears. D: Proud of you. W: All right, Joven. J: So I assume, much like I’m dressed now, I will be full of color and happiness. W: Nope. You know how you make fun of me for my zipper pants? J: Yeah, they’re so stupid. W: Yeah, you get to wear some of those. J: Will I look good? W: Sure. W: Hehehehehe. J: I hate me. W: We got you some nice fingerless gloves, and then we got some nice fake piercings for you. J: I’m gonna put this on now. W: Go put that stuff on. MR: I don’t know what emo is. M: What? MR: So let’s go look at what I got you. So I know how much- I know how much you love dresses. MR: So I got you this beautiful- M: Oh, noooooo. MR: It’s inside out because we’re steaming it, because it came used?
Whatever. MR: And then I got this cool jacket. M: I like the jacket. MR: The jacket’s very cool, until this happens! M: Okay, this is not emo at all. MR: This is emo, I googled what emo was and that came up. When looked up emo, I looked up; It was lots of colors- M: Woah, wait, did you spell emo “EDC”? MR: Yeah, emo: EDC. MR: Because emo was a lot of colors and bright things, I got you these really cool Gallagher-looking leg bands. M: Leg bands- they’re socks? MR: You know, like leg bands. MR: I wanted this be interactive, so you get to pick which color thingies you wear! M: This is not emo, at all, I was hoping to go back to my- my old days. MR: This hair- not gonna work for this look because you need like- what emo, EDC-mo, is basically just bright colors. MR: You’ve has red hair, you’ve had purple hair, you’ve has this- this is strawberry blonde. MR: And now, you’re gonna go green! M: Oh, I’ve never been green before! MR: Well, you’re gonna go green. J: Hey, do I have special shoes? MR: It’s the world’s oldest emo guy. M: Are those your socks? J: Those are my socks. M: Your socks match? J: Ow, ow, I have neck hairs, dude. MR: God, this is so bad. J: No one asked you. It tickles, it tickles! J: You didn’t say anything about makeup. W: Of course you’re getting makeup. M: Hi, my name is Claire Chang, I’m 20. My friends call me “Starbursts.” Peace and love~ D: You were in charge of emo-fying me? B: That’s right, and there’s nothing more that I loved than the entire community fetisizing Damien. B: So, we’re gonna make him hot. D: And if anyone’s gonna make you emo on Smosh games, like it should be Boze. D: Boze is not emo, but she knows the difference between goth and emo. B: I am emo, I’m sad. B: We’re going real simple on this. Let me get you some tattoos, you gonna throw this hat on, I got you some pants. D: Nice, nice. B: It’s a surprise for y’all because you can’t really tell what it’s gonna look like, but I got you. D: Yeah, I’ll go to a bathroom and change , you can’t follow. D: C’mon! MR: Hey, Damien, when are you goning to get into your costume? D: Aw man, honestly never. I feel at home in this. B: Comment below if you think Damien should dress like this everyday- you’re welcome. B: Damien, how do you feel though? D: Uh, I feel like my outside reflects the inside of my heart, which is sad. D: ‘Sup, my name is Kevin, I’m 26 years young and I’m real sad. I like- W: And look, none of us were sneaky enough. D: Metal Gear, that’s probably my favorite game. Metal Gear Solid involves guns, and sneaking around. not being noticed- like myself. D: Vans, off the wall. M: Okay Boze, we went with not emo, but scene. M: And, I had to google it and- B: Did you find a picture of me? M: I had to get help from Google and our friend Alex M: I hope you like color. Apparently tutus were a thing, say with stripes? M: Is this true, you’re a real scene girl? B: The stripes? Yes. M: I think we’ve got some fish nets for you. B: I was really hoping you were not gonna pick those up. M: Yeah, yep. Some glasses. M: Scene people like big bows in their heads, is this true? B: Yeah, I used to make them and sell them on myspace. M: Cringe. I mean really cute and creative! B: I was thirteen! M: Oh yes! B: No! M: Bring in the bows. M: Scene? M: Transform! M: On a scale of one to ten, how close is this to your scene dream? B: Can we use negative integers? J: As the expert in the field, is this in fact, scene? B: This was like when you were trying to transition in the scene, but you still had a bunch of emo stuff B: And you just wanted to use some of it, so yeah, this is scemo. M: Aw, so cute. B: Oh, I’m supposed to be scene. B: Alright, let me be scene, let me think about it. Roll over a little bit- there you go, buddy. W: Be sad right through the camera, like you’re one of those puppies in a PSA. J: This is the new me, I’m gonna embrace it. J: I think a lot of us look adorable, and who do we have to thank: Matt Raub! Thank you, Matt Raub. J: You know we all look really cool.-
MR: You look like an idiot. J: Oh, I look like an idiot? MR: Yeah, you all do, every one of you look really bad. J: When we were drawing names from a hat for who was gonna get who, J: I put a name in the hat, and then I pulled that name out and I got Matt Raub! MR: No, no, no, no. J: I’ve got the perfect inspiration for you. MR: We’re not doing this. J: You’re getting emo-ed! MR: You’re gonna do the thing where I’m saying no, I’m not, and then you’re gonna cut to me M: Oh, no. Oh, these are so sad! J: I do feel like I was able to bring my inner beast out, and that was great. How do you feel? B: Scene. J: How do you feel about your style? M: I feel like this is me, in another dimension. MR: Wait, turn your jacket on. J: How do you feel about your look? D: Um, I feel blessed, I feel like any challenge put in my path D: Is something I can handle, and was put there specifically for me to grow. W: I feel hungry. J: And Mr. Matt Raub, how do you- you look good! MR: I hate this. J: What other styles should we try? You put them down below, if you guys want to see it J: We will try all the styles until we find something that really fits our needs. MR: Invisible! MR: Yeah, I like it. J: Can’t see us. D: Sup you guys. This is Kevin. I hope you enjoyed watching us get all sad and stuff. If you want to see what we did last week It was quite the adventure It was Predictive Texts 2018 Part 2, click on this video on the left. Otherwise, this video on the right was picked out just for you just trust in it and believe in yourself.

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