Easy Smokey Eye Makeup [English Subs] / 秋冬トレンドのスモーキーアイ

Hello, everyone. I’m Asahi. Today I’ll make smoky eye with products which were nominated for VOGUE JAPAN Beauty award 2014. I’m gonna tell you how I felt. Please watch this video to the end. I started up by applied  primer.  At first, applied RMK creamy foundation N to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and the tip of your chin and spread it with a gentle massaging motion. You can spread it with small amount of it in spite of creamy foundation. Make your skin firm and elastic. Keep moist skin because of Argan oil and Shea butter. It’s good for autumn and winter. Use MAC ProLong Wear Concealer to cover dark circles under your eyes and dullness of eyelid. And get rid of excess oil, fit the foundation in your skin. I’m gonna use Cover Mark Silky Loose Powder  Light powder makes your skin silky and small pearl gives you elastic and elegant skin. To shape the eyebrow, use my favorite Shu uemura’s pencil and single eyeshadow Mascara of bobbibrown. Apply GIVENCHY OMBRE COUTURE to entire eyelid area and at the corner of lower eyelid. This is a cream eyeshadow,but after spread it,It’ll transform to powder.  It was  good for fitting in my skin and durability. I used it for the base of smoky eye because the color get mat finish. There are three texture like mat, satin and pearly, it’s depend on the color. It’s  not only for eyeshadow, but good for blush, eyeliner and eye shadow base. I wanna try in many ways. To create eye shadows, take up CHANEL Les 4 Ombres No.202 I think this is improvement on the texture softly and it has bright colored It became my best because of satin finish.  Apply the pink color to entire eyelid, and winter color to at the corner of your eyes. To make chiseled face, apply the brown color around the eye hole. To fit in your skin, blend the shadow by winter color with a brush It’s easy to make smoky eye because of cream eyeshadow. Before draw lower eye shdow, Use Bobbibrown Perfectly Defined Gel eyeliner Pitch Black and draw a longer line along the water line. This is a pencil type of popular Gel eyeliner. There is no burden on your eyelid and easy to draw because of soft texture. Shade off the color of lower lash liner with brown color.  Create a gradient with winter color. Highlight  the Inner corner  and eyebrow to make a three-dimension. I’m gonna use GIVENCHY NOIR COUTURE VOLUME MASCARA Before apply it, create the base with KATE LASH MAXIMIZER. The reason why I used it is it’s not enough for me to keep the beautiful curves and give the volume.  Gave me a dense popping eyelashes. Use BENEFIT SugarBomb for cheeks and shading. Take up NARS Audacious Lipsthick Silvia I was able to draw the shape and it was semi-mat and creamy finish . It fit in my lips and the color durability was also very good. How was my video? Smoky eyes will be trend in this season, so give it a try!! Thank you for watching to the end. See you on next video, Bye~!

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