Easy Salon French Toes using Gel Polish

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do another toe video on my feet and it’s gonna be French and I love, absolutely Love French toes. It’s one of my favourite. So, let’s get started. What I’m gonna do, I have buffed over my nails with a block, I’m just gonna make sure I have a nice straight edge. That is definitely key to having a great French, just to make everything really uniform. So, I want it straight with a soft curve towards the corners. So, straight on top and slightly curved at the corners. I’m gonna keep dusting off so I can really see the shape of that nail. I mean, look, what is that? Why is it…what’s that shape? What? Kirsty: You wanna see my brother’s feet.
Adam: Really? Do I? Kirsty: Oh, my God! They are horrific. They are like so wide. Adam: Right!
Kirsty: Super wide, flat…mine are flat, I don’t have a curve. Kirsty: So, you know, you have less arch when you put your foot down. My foot is flat, I can’t get my fingers underneath. This instep here. You’ve got an instep, see. So, it arches up. I don’t have any arch. Izzy’s even worse than mine. And his ankles…I’ll get him send some pictures. His ankles are wider than his heel. Adam: Right! That’s…
Kirsty: They’re like super wide. Kirsty: I get pictures, will pull them on. It’s horrific. So funny. I caused him nightmare to be honest bless. Bless him. Kirsty: Yeah! So, I suppose my point is, that my toes might be bad, but you should see my brother’s.
Adam: Hmm! Kirsty: I would definitely say that this nail on my big toenail… can you see how it goes off to one side? Now, I can try to counteract that a little bit, but on toe , it does look very strange when you do it. So, what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna counteract it a tiny bit, not loads because it does tend to throw everything off a little bit too much. It’s not quite the same as doing it with, you know, your fingernails. Just gonna sneak down the side. So, we’ve counteract it a little bit. Took a little bit off here than I’ve taken a little bit off here. If you can see that that looks a little bit straighter than I did before. I’m gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Make sure you clean right down those sidewalls. So, I will apply the base. Don’t ever skip the base because everything won’t be as smooth, and we need a nice smooth application, especially for French and also it will last a lot longer as well. In my Dampen Dish, I’m gonna put a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. I never touch the skin. Gonna use my Orange Wood-stick just to clean around and the Orange Wood-stick will absorb the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and actually make a really cool tool to just clean up anything that touches the skin. Now, I can actually get away with not separating it, but I’m gonna show you how to separate the toes. So, I’m gonna get some kitchen towel and I’m gonna twist like this and I’m gonna stick it up the nose. Adam: You could just get some of that.
Kirsty: Oh, yes! So,Adam has come up with this great idea. Kirsty: What are they called? Something
Adam: It’s like packing stuff Kirsty: Yeah! So, the packing things that you get.
Adam: Are they disposable? Kirsty: Well, they are, yeah, I suppose. Kirsty: Let just put them like that. Adam: Yeah! I think that works brilliantly. We saw your way in another video. This is my way and plus, that gets delivered with your gel polish. Kirsty: It does, yes. You’re right.
Adam: So, you can do your toes for free. Well. Kirsty: Okay, I’ll go with it.
Adam: You can just use everything that gets delivered to you. Kirsty: Yes, even the packaging.
Adam: Even the packaging. Kirsty: Okay, Adam. It does feel a bit weird. Alright! So now, we’re gonna use Beauty Beneath. Beauty Beneath is a nude with a lot of pigment. Now, I, as you can see, have stained nails due to using a lot of fake tan. Some of it has come off when I buffed over with the block, but I wanna completely cover that. So, I like using a nude that has a lot of pigment. So, this is weird that these are on my toes. And I wanna put the nude on first. So, I wanna get a nice coverage. If you need to creep closer to the cuticle, you can use a Pointy Tool just to touch the gel and sneak it a little bit closer. Again, if you get any on the skin, use your Orange Wood-stick to clean any of that off. I’m gonna cure that toe first. Will my toes fit in with those in my… Just about. What are you even having me do? Maybe I should just squish them bits down, Kirsty: …so, I can get in the lamp a little bit better.
Adam: So, what you could do is, cut them in half… Kirsty: Yes!
Adam: …and then you’ve got double the amount. Kirsty: Exactly, yeah.
Adam: You know, both feet with just four. Kirsty: Yeah! Or you could do the other way that I did in the previous video. Adam: You could do the other way that you did the previous video.
Kirsty: But I’m rolling with it. I like it. Kirsty: So, I’ve cured the big toe because I don’t wanna knock it, I wanna concentrate. I always try to do this when I do my first layer of colour. I’d get that toe, the big toe cured. And then, I’m gonna move on. And what’s on the brush now should be able to do all of my other toenails. Adam: Hailey’s little toenails doesn’t exist. Kirsty: Lots of people have that problem, you know.
Adam: It’s like… Kirsty: Non-existent.
Adam: …I’ve never seen anything that’s so small. Adam: There’s one there…
Kirsty: But is it just… Adam: …but it’s like a pinprick of nail. I just don’t get it. I don’t know. There’s just no point. It’s like a little triangle.
Kirsty: Does she…oh, I know what you mean. Is it thick as well? Adam: No! It’s…
Kirsty: No! Adam: When I say it’s like a pinprick, it’s so small. You can just barely make out that it’s a triangle. Kirsty: Alright! Let’s clean. I’m gonna pop them in the lamp. Kirsty: Now, I’m gonna do the second coat of colour.
Adam: Is it easier to do your second? Kirsty: Coat. It’s a lot easier to do the second coat, especially when you’ve got gel polish that is so highly pigmented. And when I’m doing the other toenails. I don’t need loads of gel polish on my brush, so, I just tap tap the brush onto the side of the bottle to get rid of the excess. In the lamp. So, now…Now now now! Brown Cow! Kirsty: Where’s that’s come from?
Adam: How Now Brown Cow. Kirsty: Right! This is how I do my French. I love French nails because I think they look clean and tidy. I love them on toes. I may have crazy nails on my fingers, but I love them on toes and this is how I like to do them. Some people get the brush and they go straight for it and paint, but oh, my God, that is like, so difficult. I like to get the white. Sometimes, I drag it straight off the brush but I’m gonna put it on a pallet, just so I can show you. Scoop it up. You can use a Dotting Tool for this or any kind of Pointy Tool and we’re gonna take it from this edge. Some people use a brush. This is the easiest way I have found to do a French. Now, if we were doing this on nails, we create a deep smile line. That would look really crazy on toes. You don’t need to do that. All you need to do is, create a little bit of a curve at the edge, so these corners have a little bit of a curve. Look how easy that was to do. You don’t wanna come right down because you want the nail to look skinny. If you start to bring the white down really far down the sides, it will start to look wider and you want a nice skinny free edge. You don’t want a thick free edge. It doesn’t look as nice in my opinion. I’m gonna cure that because I don’t wanna knock it down, and I think it looks beautiful. Now, I’m gonna do the other nails. You don’t need a lot. It’s easy to add more than to take it off. So, we’re starting at that corner. I’m gonna reload. and come from this corner in. And it’s kind of like drawing with a pen, so it’s a lot easier to move around the gel. I’m liking the toe separators, Adam but they’re a little bit squeaky. Adam: Yeah, I don’t like that sound.
Kirsty: It’s a bit…yeah. Adam: Polstyrene, ugh.
Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: Those aren’t too bad. Kirsty: If it comes a bit low, you can take your little brush and sweep that out, and put a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on your brush, not a lot. You will need to make sure you blot out the brush before you do this. It’s what it was. There was a bit of, little bit of fluffage. Pop those in the lamp. And because the white is so pigmented, you do not need to add a second layer. So, it’s super quick. And then we go and do the top coat. This is super easy. Some people get scared of doing French on toes because obviously, the surface area is a lot smaller than on your fingers. But using this technique, it makes it a lot easier. Pop them in the lamp. Oh, my toe separator had to wiggle on there. Alright! Let’s take out my gorgeous separators. Cuticle oil. And I’m gonna rub the toes and pull the cuticles back down. So, we sneak a little bit closer. Easy-peasy French toes on my ugly feet. They’re now pretty though. There you are, guys. Hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check out our next video and have some fun watching. Everything I’ve used today will be listed below and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye-bye! Super. Super darling.

9 thoughts on “Easy Salon French Toes using Gel Polish

  1. Your pinky toe is about five times the size of mine. I wish I could do French on mine but I have toes that tuck in behind each other

  2. I have never done French on my toes before but I have after watching this. Such a simple and easy way to do it! Thank you for sharing xx

  3. i have a question would the white cause a hump or raise from nude polish ? cause i saw a video where his nude he wipe a lineoff where he was to place the white then he cure the nude then inserted the white polish into the space? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUZ9cxrPskw thoughts?

  4. Could you show a good technique for French Tips using regular nail polish/lacquer? I'm struggling a bit with it and I would love to see your method

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