Easy Red/Pink Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes | Creative Natural Look Beauty Hacks

We all love makeup it’s not all about looking good, it’s about feeling good Natural look makeup doesn’t have to be time-consuming and doesn’t have to look the same so next I’m going to show you one of my secrets to get a natural and glowy look in less than five minutes and also has a pop of color Base is very important when it comes to natural look you want to have a glowy skin with thin base Powder destroyed everything so first I use this etude house face blur primer Only a little bit of this product can instantly refine and smooth your skin second I use air cushion foundation instead of the normal liquid foundation Only a couple of layers can cover everything some people complain it is to light So here’s my secret. I use it as a highlighter and only apply to the places I want to highlight. It not only saves time, but gives it a more natural look Here’s my another secret weapon Recently I bought this London butter serum shadow a unique fluid contain High-performance pigment it transfer a light powder to a wash of color so you can either use it as an eye primer or a shadow itself eye shadow stick is one of my favorites when it comes to applying eye shadow This julip is highly pigmented. It’s long lasting and crease free I used golden champagne color. THE shimmery color is so pretty I put it on my lower lash line in a highlight the lower lash line also create illusion of puffy smiling Eye, then I use a brown eyeliner Softly create a line under the highlight For eyeliners try to avoid black color, I use purple instead so it looks less harsh Now curl your eyelashes to make them perky that will help open your eyes Remember, it’s not the length that matters it is how curvy it is that matters It’s almost done, but feels like something’s missing oh That’s right . COLOR So for blush I chose this Holika Holika blush dough Remember I said no powder? I love this dough It’s so easy to put on and the color. It just looks super natural Last but not least my pop of color natural makeup is nice, but I want something to reflect my mood today today I feel pink Makeup is not just about looking good It’s all about feeling good So I added this hot pink on outer corner of my eyes Remember, I mentioned no powder. I use my lipstick I love this lipstick color So I decided to use it as part of my eye shadow For my lips I chose covergirl melting pout the color is not as dark as the packaging looks Sometimes you just need to try it out to find out. I really like this color And that’s it A little pop of color really helped lift up my mood Today’s reminder: you will be loved. Thank you

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