Easy Fall SMOKY Eye Makeup Tutorial 2017 with NYX UNDERNEATH IT ALL PALETTE

*Dramatic creeping music*
“Is it fall yet? Easy Fall Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial 2017” What up guys! Guess what time it is?! Well it’s not fall yet, but I really wish it was! Truth be told it’s 90 degrees outside right now! *AHHHH!* But, in my head, I have visions of pumpkins dancing around. And what better
way to channel my inner seasonal slumbers then to create a nice fall look
for you guys! Because I just can’t wait! Who else is with me on this whole
pumpkin ride because I freaking love fall! Comment down below what your
favorite thing about fall is and let’s get started! By the way I’m Ashley Elizabeth with AEHM artistry & I totally forgot to mention that at the
beginning *comedy whistle* So I already filled in my brows, just to save us some time. So let’s
get cracking. I’m gonna start priming my lids with the Smashbox 24 hour shadow
primer. If you’ve watched me for a while you already know that I love this stuff. We’re just gonna put it all over and Ieven like to put a little tiny bit
underneath my eye because it helps with fine lines. I’m gonna take my Frankie
Rose Cosmetics, this is the eye primer and I am in shade light. This basically is a cruelty-free dupe for the Mac Paint Pots. So, if you’re looking for
something like that, this is your go-to. They make a wide shade range with lights,
darks, fairs, everything. I’m going to carve out a little bit of my brows. Not too much because they’re looking pretty good, but I’m going to kind of lay down a
base for the eyes. *Creepy fall background music* By the way that stuff is super sticky, so
work fast with it but it kind of cancels out all that base color that is my
natural color and let’s the colors that I’m gonna use really be brought out and
beautiful. Today I’m going with the NYX underneath it all butt naked palette. And you know what, you’ve probably seen me use these highlighters about a million times
cuz I freaking love this one! But what’s really sad is I just recently started
using all these shadows. They are so pretty and so FREAKING pigmented So, I’ll show you what it’s all about/ You can still find this palette at Macy’s (as of Fall 2017). I think it was like $20 or $25 dollars. You know I’ll put it right down here so you can
you read how much it. Just it get for the highlighters at the very least and these
blushes. They are so pretty. And then it pops open right like that. So, like, why
didn’t I use these eyeshadows? I don’t know, but we’re gonna do it now! And these don’t have actual color [names] anywhere on them, that I could find. So I’ll just show
you as we go, okay? Let’s start with my fluffy brush, of course, and just dip it
into some light colors. Just to transition start with this one and then
I’m gonna go in with that one, just FYI! Then I want to go in with that little bit of a little
tiny bit darker transition color. Now we’re gonna start getting into
more detailing Grab a little detailer brush like this. That’s really really
stiff. I’m gonna go in with this shade right here and just pick it up
right on the end and bring it right into that crease. Take this little pointed fluffy brush
and really blend that out. While I’m all on that, I am actually going to
create a really smoky [fall] eye and I think I’m going to do a little bit of a
spotlight in the middle. So let’s start laying down the base for that. Connect this in the corners, both inner corners. We’re gonna start going into our deeper
shades here. So I’m gonna pick up this one, right there, and I’m going to do that
in the exact same area. Just not bringing it up as high when I’m blending. I want to richen it up, just a little bit,
with some warmth. So, I’m going to use this a really pretty, amazing, brick
color right here and just lightly tap it right into that. I’m just going to go right in the crease just to warm it up a little bit. Now mix this one and this one, just
deepen those corners just a little bit. Make it really rich. Then you can just go through and
fine-tune anything that you want before the next step. I’m going to take this
little guy and I’m going to dip it in the lightest shade, or one that matches
your skin tone. And just tap off that excess. Then right underneath the brow bone. Now for that little spotlight addition,
I’m actually going to be mixing two of my favorites in these pallets from Too
Faced. I think that they’re discontinued, if they are sorry, but you can find a
color that is similar. Basically I’m going for is like a pinky bronzy kind of
spotlight. So I’m gonna mix “tiger’s eye: from the cat eye palette, which is this one here.
And then, surprisingly, I’m gonna mix “bubble gum”, from the sugar pop palette. And that comes out to a really really really pretty color. So I’m gonna layer. I’m gonna start with the “tiger’s eye” and I’m actually going to
use it just on my finger. Clean up that line just a little bit
because you know some of the shimmer naturally gravitates away. So just
blending it together and then bridging it up. It’s just a little hint. A little somethin’ somethin’. I’m gonna put some liner on, lashes, and then I wrap it up! Alright, that is the eyes.
I’m gonna go do the rest of my face and then I’m gonna shadow up the
bottom lash. I’ll be right back for that. So now that everything else is
all done, let’s go ahead and do a little little tiny bit on the lower lash
line and finish this look. I’m gonna take that little detailer brush. You’re just creating a mini version of
what’s on top, and putting that on the bottom. And then go in with the darkest purple-based shade. Inner corner highlight, that you know I
love. I’m gonna take this one right here. Alright, thank you guys so much for
watching today! And you know what to do now before you click on another video and fall down that rabbit hole of YouTube go down and SUBSCRIBE please! Thank you guys, so much, for all your love, your likes, your shares! It means so much to me. So go get ready for fall or if you’re already in fall watching this
then congratulations you made! Pumpkin everything!

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  1. It was 114 degrees here today! WTH I think I'll be going to Huntington beach tomorrow cause it's going to be 78 tomorrow and here 110 yeahhhhh I'm ready for the weather to change lol

  2. Loving this look for the fall season so much!! It turned out so beautifully and I just love that lip colour on you! I've subbed, would love it if you'd check out my channel too x

  3. I need more videos like this๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ show me how to do good looks pleased. I just got the morphie dare to create pallette…let's playโค๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’š

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