Hi, my name is Natalie. Today I’m going to show you this stronger everyday look And for this, I’ve been using this eyeshadow palette from CAIA Cosmetics, with these beautiful colors. And also Liquid Lipstick from CAIA Cosmetics. We’re starting off with Mykonos, just to set my concealer so that I have a good base to work with. I’m applying this nice and easy with with a fluffy brush, and this is nr 06. Apply this all the way up to your brow bone. We want to create a depth right? So if you just apply a light colour all over the lid the eye will look a bit flat and we want to create depth and also mark the shape of the eye. I’m going to use the shade “Stockholm” And I’m going to put this more or less all over my lid all the way up to my brow bone and that’s a pretty good guideline to have when applying eyeshadow. And also, you should never put color above your browbone, just blend towards it. Apply just a little bit These colors are very high pigmented shake some product off first if you’re using a fluffy brush And keep working from the outer corner towards the inner corner And as you can see, I’m still using the same brush When it comes to an everyday make up look, it should go fast and easy make sure you have time for this before going to work it’s nice not having to use a lot of different brushes. Another thing to think about is to the fluffier the brush is the softer result. I’m going in with a darker color I’m using the color Milan and this is this colour right here It’s a bronzy brown with a little shimmer in it I’m starting off by applying this in the outer corner of my lid and then work my way in. The further in we put this color, the more “maked up” result you’ll get. And as you can see here, I’m tapping the product on to my lid and working towards the middle. A soft and nice but still marked eye. The good thing with applying Stockholm as our base is that we now have the soft transition for free right below the brow bone, so we don’t have to worry about any harsh lines now that we’re applying this shimmery color. Just take a little bit of product on a angeled brush preferably a matte shadow smudge off a bit on your hand if you’re insecure. And we’re going to apply this right along the lashline I’m applying this just like a little softer eyeliner but still not an eyeliner, just eyeshadow just to connect lashline with our eyelid. You don’t have to apply shadow along the entire lash line, just the outer corner towards the middle is enough just if you’re scared it’s getting a but too much. Another good guideline is to take your make up brush, turn it around, put it like this from the tip of your nose, and out up to the outer corner of your eye, we don’t want any eyeshadow below this so if you follow this easy guideline, you will always mark your eye in the best way I’m going in with this fluffy brush again, number 03 and I’m going back to Stockholm Because what we have on our lid is what we want along the lower lashline I’m applying this very easily and connect. We also want some shimmer below our brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye, So for this next step I’m going to pick London this is a great highlighter, and I’m applying this with a smaller brush I’m using brush no. 2 a bit more rounded brush Just a little, apply again, just a little, in the inner corner just because a lot of us have tired eyes and if you apply a lighter shade in the inner corner, you’ll look more awake. You can put this shade further up lower lash line and follow the shape of the eye and towards the brow bone I’m taking this angeled brush again this one is no. 01 If you don’t want to do an eyeliner but still want to create a more full lashline a great hack is to apply a black shade wet or not, it depends on what result you want a dry brush will obviously give a more smudgy result and if you’re going with a wet brush you’ll get a more “eyeliner” look. I’m going to start off with using a dry brush Dry brush and dry shadow just to smudge and sketch where I want my eyeliner But we’re starting off by taking this black shade It’s really important to shake some product off I’m going to apply this close to my lash line, basically to get a more full lash line Just like when you apply mascara it’s easy to create gaps between your lashes and your eyelid But with this hack, we don’t have to worry about that. If you think this is difficult place a mirror under you and look down to get the perfect angle I’m going to do like this Let’s go! Patting the shade So from the roots, and work your way upwards My personal opinion is to apply this along the entire lashline, if you don’t do that it might look like your eye is cut and make it appear smaller, but if you go along the entire lashline, you’ll mark and get a more full lashline Alright, now we have marked our lash line, to avoid space for when it’s time to apply mascara The next step is what most people think is the absolute hardest part and that is eyeliner. And believe me, it IS hard This takes time and practice But there are some hacks as I said before, this angle this is what will benefit your eye and its shape it’ll lift so what we wan’t to do to get a more sharp is to wet the brush just a little after doing the lash line mark that we just did You can either take water or a face mist, I’m going to use a Facemist, smudge off some on your hand pick up product smudge on the same place on your hand just to build up a little creamy consistent I think it’s easiest to begin in the outer corner and draw a line outwards and then turn the brush around and work towards the middle Follow the lower waterline draw a line like this and again, the angle! Apply a little bit more shade turn the brush around don’t go all the way out and draw the line towards the lash line some more face mist and again, start a little and build and I’m going to draw the line to my pupils and the pupil is obviously the darkest part of your eye. Something like that this looks just like enough a small wing, nothing way too dark and smudge this out I’m going to apply mascara off cam and then I’ll be back for some lips! Liquid Lipstick very soft and nice, high pigmented but without drying out the lips for this look, I’ve chosen to go with the shade “Very Me” and this is a little dark brown pink shade pretty similar to my natural lip color but it still frames my lips. This goes on very easily I don’t even think you need to use a lip liner with this one you can just apply An important thing to think about when applying lipstick is to not go to close to the corners of the mouth when you’re using a lip product, that’s where the product will end up eventually so I usually stop right where upper and lower lip meets. So here is a little more fun everyday make up which you can also use for a night out if you want Thank you so much for watching this tutorial if you want to see more tutorials and make up looks make sure to hit subscribe!

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