Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes // How To Use Double Eyelids Glue

hey guys this is Ann, welcome to my
channel in my previous video I mentioned that I have been using this eye glue for
my double eyelids for like 15 years and a lot of people since then have been
asking me like which one is the best eyelid glue and they also mentioned that they have encountered a lot of problems so today I’m going to show you guys how
I did it and I’m also gonna mention some of the problems I have encountered and
how I solved them and if you’re interested continue watching first I want to
introduce THIS MIRROR: it’s called IMirror basically it has an LED light and you
can adjust the brightness .Also there are three buttons and here is the fan you
can adjust the wind intensity it’s especially useful if you’re
using this eyeglue it makes your life so much easier .and it’s so much
faster. If you use eyelid glue, I suggest you get one and I’m also going to put the link
down below so you can check it out if you are interested okay. so the I glue I
use is this one,and this comes with itand The glue is specifically made for that it’s
called a eyetalk strong type I bought it online from a Japanese store
I used to buy normal eyelash adhesive from walgreen but the color
is white and it will leave a white trace it’s so hard to get rid of. I love this
one because it’s transparent and it’s dries super fast.
first make sure your eyelid is dry. if its not, if it is oily, use a cotton pad to get rid of it and then just hold it to wait till it’s dry. make sure its really dry before you apply your eyeshadow see sometimes the line doesnt look even, i will show you how to cover that later on because the glue is so strong so
basically wherever you draw the line, it will just stay there so now it’s all dried up. To apply
the base color, I like to choose a light shimmery color. somehow it can make the line less visible. this color. I like to just use my finger because of the glue line specifically it’s getting better right? then I am gonna choose a darker color to create a V shape. you know like before there is a deeper line, i can use the v shape to fill the crack there, then
nobody can really tell. Start from the corner sometimes i find that just using this small eyeshadow brush is
so much easier than using a bigger brush to blend in and that’s about it and let me know what
you think and if you have a better way definitely let me know. I also put the
links for the fan and the eye glue down below in the description section and if
you like my video don’t forget to give a thumb up and subscribe thank you

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