Easy & Cute DIY Paper Gift Bag Making at Home | Summer Crafts Ideas | DIY Mothers Day Gift

How to Make Beautiful Beaded Paper Bag This cute paper bag can be used as a Gift Bag on any occasion. Things You Need… Printed Paper, Color Paper, Scissors, Adhesive, Pencil, Cutter, Ruler Decorative Beads, Decorative Stamens, Pearls. To start the paper bag, draw the design as shown or download the stencil from our website. Now cut it along the markings as shown. Make some more markings as shown. Now make some cuttings on the design as shown Fold the paper as shown to get a bag like design To make the handle, draw two semicircles as shown and cut it out. Similarly cut out two printed paper semicircles as shown. Now paste the printed paper on the color paper as shown. Take another color sheet and cut out paper strips as shown. Now take the original paper bag design and paste the strips on it as shown. Now paste the handle of the bag as shown. Take a color paper and draw the markings as shown. Cut it. Use the cut out piece to stick on the sides of the bag. Now, let’s decorate the bag with different decorative materials. To make a flower, take a paper and fold it as shown here. Cut it. Now fold one piece and cut it as shown to get the shape of the flower. We need multiple such flower pieces. Now cut one petal of the flower and join it using glue to give some depth. Now paste the flowers on top of one another to get the design as shown Paste a bead at the center of the flower Now stick the stamens and the flower on the surface of the bag as shown. Your cute paper gift bag is now ready. Hope you have enjoyed watching this video. Happy Crafting!

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