Easy Cheetah Makeup Tutorial \Halloween 2016

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna show you how created face Helen look I’ll start with concealer I will apply it all over my eyelids this way my eyelids will be ready for applying eye shadows next for the damp Beauty Blender I will blend this concealer I will use this black eye shadows to create winged liner and I’m applying it right into my concealer I didn’t set up concealer with the powder so it’s pretty wet this way I shadow this will be very bright and intense for that I’m using angle skinny brush this way it’s very easy to create nice defined line I already primed my face and I put foundation and I’m ready just to start to apply the rest of it for my cheetah book I will use normal eyeshadows right now I’m using Anastasia Beverly Hills black eye shadow for my eye makeup I will use this Too Faced palette I will make my brush wet and it’ll pick up this eyeshadows and I will pack in the middle of my eyelids I’m using wet brush to make cover more intense next it’ll pick up butterscotch color and I will apply on outer corner of my eyelids then I’ll pick up chocoholic color and I will blend with this color and I will do the same thing to my other eye then I will pick up this shimmer and I will highlight my inner corners I will use this lava cake for my bottom lash line and using butterscotch color I will blend that spline very well next I will apply black liner for my inner rim this eye shadow I will use for highlighting my under brow area and then I creates a little bit of more texture on this eyebrow I will use this liquid eyeshadow from airborne as my chilly spot the formula of this eyeshadow is very smooth and it is very easy to apply this eyeshadow is double-sided so our side is just the glitter very pretty I will apply this glitter all over my cheetah spot to make them shine I will add a little bit of glitter on the middle of my lower lash line and on top next with the same black eyeshadow I will go around my cheetah spot to make them brighter this cheetah spot I will make into a heart I think it’s going to be very cute now it is time for false eyelashes the last step I will put to the spots on my neck this is my final hello and look and this is very easy to create and I think it’s super cute let me know what do you think and let me know watch your custom for the holidays hmm don’t forget to subscribe and to like the video keep in touch and see you soon

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