Easy, Breezy Eye Makeup Hacks | COVERGIRL & Giselle Ugarte

[MUSIC PLAYING] Today I’m going to show you
some easy, breezy eye makeup hacks to get this look. Let’s get started. Let’s start with eye shadow. I love COVERGIRL’s trunaked Goldens
palette, but for a more dramatic look you can make your own eyeshadow by
adding eye drops to the eye shadow. What I’m going to do is create my own
little mixing dish on the palette. I’m going to drop a couple of
eye drops right here on the lid, dip my eyeshadow brush into the
eye drops, and then from there into the eyeshadow. Then I’m going to go ahead and apply
that and build it up on my eyelid. This really makes the color saturated. It makes it pop, which is awesome. Now because the product is now
wet and also a little thicker, I’m going to grab a dry brush and
blend these inner edges so that we can soften and clean up the look. Next up, I have two hacks
for mistake-proof liner. The first is using a pencil
as a guide for liquid. Hold your eyelid down so that you
can remove any sort of creases, and then draw a straight line
across your upper lash line. And that’ll be your
guide for the liquid. We are doing a wing,
so what I’m going to do is use a credit card
as a guide for my wing. The key here is to use the card
as a guide for a straight line. Now going to go over everything
with my Intensify Me! Eyeliner. And then of course for a little more
extra volume, my favorite COVERGIRL Super Sizer Mascara. I’m going to put this all over my
top boxes and of course, the bottom as well. What you want to do is push and
roll on your lashes as you blink, and that will give max volume and curl. For my last hack, I’m going to teach you
how to cheat a fuller lower lash line. What you’re going to do is grab a
liquid liner with a really narrow tip. COVERGIRL’s Intensify Me!
liner Is perfect for this. And all you’re going to
do is go along your lower lash line and dab in little dots or
little lines and fake lower lashes. If you press a little too hard,
especially if you’re new to this, don’t worry. Just dab a cotton swab and clean it up. And those are my easy,
breezy eye makeup hacks. For more COVERGIRL
tutorials, click here.

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  7. Eyeliner for the lower lashes, is great, ……. Also great to use on the upper lash behind the lashes, this works well for us older gals.3/21/18

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