Dyeing and Coloring Wood (Woodturning How-to)

Coloring your woodturned projects is a fun and creative experience that gives your projects personality before coloring let’s start by
correctly sanding the project start by sanding with 180 grit
ensuring that the surface to be colored is flawless of any tear outs or disturbed grain, next continue sanding through 400 grit then finish the job with steel wool we are now ready to color the project coloring safety: please follow all of the
manufacturer’s safety guidelines wear protective gloves and work in a
well-ventilated area the dyes we will use are pre-mixed
alcohol-based Artisan Dyes to apply the dyes you can either use a
cloth, sponge, or a brush simply coat the entire surface with a fair amount of dye and let it dry for 30 seconds between each coat once you’ve reached your desired color
be sure to sand the project with steel wool next wipe your project down making sure it’s dust-free we are now ready to apply a spray lacquer finish start by shaking the spray can to
properly mix the contents now spray on a light coat and
avoid using too much or you’ll have lacquer run once the surface has been coated let the lacquer dry until it’s no longer tacky now that it’s dry apply as many additional coats as needed using the same technique finally we’ll use steel with a paste wax
to result in a medium to low gloss finish simply wipe off any excess wax
and you now have a beautifully colored project with a long-lasting finish

12 thoughts on “Dyeing and Coloring Wood (Woodturning How-to)

  1. Thanks for posting.
    What can I do to have a non glossy finish. Something really mate : is the dye enough ? should I protect the dye with something and what ?…
    Thank you again.

  2. To get a mate finish, you'll want to apply a satin spray lacquer to the dye. It will protect the dye and give you a non-gloss finish. We sell Masters Magic Spray Lacquer Satin that will do the job. Part number 299-0001.

  3. If I wasn's so busy with Woody Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible, I'd look into how to craft this exactly…, google his book and look at his designs, they're great!

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