Durga Puja Look | Festival Makeup Tutorial with Detailed Eye Makeup

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel.
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makeup look for Durga Puja. So yeah, without further delay, let’s get started.
Let’s start with my skin care. I’m taking vitamin shot from Physician’s Formula
and applying on my face. Motorizing your face is very important
so for that I’m taking Nivea moisturizing cream and applying that all
over my face and the neck. I want my foundation to last long, so for
that I’m using Maybelline primer. Since I’m doing heavy eye makeup, I’m not
doing my foundation first so I’m gonna start with my eyes. I’m using NYX
concealer and i’m going to set it with Laura Mercier setting powder. I have very thin and light eyebrows and
I love thick and dark eyebrows, so for that look I’m gonna use an Anastasia Beverly Hills dark brown eye brow gel. For my eyes, I’m going to use NYX
eyeshadow palette, starting with very lighter shade and blending it and
softening it. Now I’m taking light brown shade and
deepening the outer corner. And I’m taking my shiny eyeshadow
palette and taking dark brown shade and deepening the outer corner. I’m using concealer on my eyelid. And applying golden eyeshadow from my
NYX palette. I’m using gel eyeliner eye studio from
Maybelline. I’m using golden liquid eyeshadow to
define my crease. I’m using Krylon full-coverage
foundation for my face. And I’m taking laura mercier setting powder to set my
foundation. I’m taking lighter shade from the same NYX eyeshadow palette for my lower
lash line and blending it. In my waterline I’m taking Sephora eye
pencil in black. Now it’s time for my falsies. For the mascara I’m taking Nick’s
mascara. I’m using Rimmel London bronzer And using Laura Mercier setting powder for
baking And I’m using essence matte touch blush
on apple of my cheeks. And yeah it’s my favorite part, it’s time for highlighter.
I’m using Becca cosmetic highlighter. I really love this highlighter. For my lips
I’m using Smashbox liquid lipstick. Now I’m gonna put my nose ring, it if you guys enjoyed watching this video
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