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Hey guys welcome back to my channel. Thank
you so much for watching. Thank you for coming back I know it’s been way too long since I
filmed a video and I’m so sorry guys I feel terrible. it’s just that I’ve been so busy
and like not busy in like that way that people just say it, but busy that in like I literally
have not been able to do anything that I enjoy in like weeks. Like I have not had time and
add to that that my hard drive died and I lost so many I lost like all the files that
I had like filmed in advance because I foresaw that I was going to be busy, but then I just
lost all of that footage and so I like had to refilm and yeah it’s just been crazy. But I’ve missed you guys so much. thank you
so much for those those of you who have reached out to me with comments and messages just
checking in making sure everything was okay. I really appreciate that you guys, you guys
are the best thank you. And yeah I wanted to come on and just start with this fall makeup
look. I feel like its really easy. it’s all affordable. Some products are like products
that you may not be able to find at the drugstore, but you can find them online. and so yeah
definitely enjoy this video. thank you so much for coming back and sticking with me.
I love you guys and things should start to get a little bit more regular. So enjoy. Okay I don’t really have a drugstore primer. So
what I use as a gel moisturizer. It’’s the Moisture Rescue refreshing gel cream.
It feels really nice and cooling on the skin and it just gives the foundation something
to stick to. This foundation is actually if not my complete Holy Grail, one of my holy
grails. I will say that it’s a tie with this one and The Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation.
those two I just mentioned are my absolute favorites. I just like can’t get enough. and
I’m going to take this beauty Sponge by Real Techniques and just blend that in. And I just like to use the Beauty Blender
with this. I usually don’t like to use the Beauty Blender with foundation because I’m
impatient with that kind of thing and I just I feel like it takes much longer than a brush
but because we didn’t why use a primer because I didn’t have a drugstore primer and we used
that gel moisturizer as our base. this will just give you a better finish and will help
too make it wear much longer. and I think I used a little bit too much cocoa because
is looking a little orange, but that’s fine. We’ll fix everything up with concealer and
stuff. Okay guys so forgive me, I’m so sorry, but
I don’t have a drugstore transition color. So I’m just going to use mine my black up.
please don’t be mad. this one is called 02M. and we’re blending that in with my Sigma
E 40. A couple of you asked about brushes on Instagram. I’ve got a couple brush videos
coming up for you guys. Just talking about some brushes I got recently and I’ve been
like experimenting which a bunch of different brush brands. Just like popular ones and once
you probably haven’t heard of just to give you that options. And so I will be doing videos
with those coming up soon. And then I’m going to use chocolate suede, this Maybelline Color
tattoo. And this is my favorite color tattoo right now. It’s like a brownish bronze color
and it’s just so pretty. I’m using that as my base. I love it. I love the Maybelline
Color tattoo. Sometimes I just wear this in particular on my lid. Like if I’m going to
work and I just want something a little extra. And just blend your transition color over
whatever you may have gotten into the crease. No biggie. So I’m just packing that on to
my lid. I’m going to use my finger actually that may be better. Much better. Music plays In the center of the lid, I am taking this
second color from the Mad for Mauve palette. And I’m just taking that on the center of
my lid. very similar color but just like a different dimension to it. going back to that
Taupe Temptress color, I’m taking the very last shade. It’s like this deep cranberry
color. It reminds me of MAC black heart and I’m just taking that in the outer corner.
Patting that in and sort of carrying it into the crease. again I always make this surprised
face so I can very easily place the color right where I want to sort of fake my crease
because my eye is sort of hooded at the crease and so I just find that this helps to give
extra shape to the eye. Make more lid space, kind of create a bigger eye area then I actually
have. I think I’m going to go in with this really like cool gold color on the bottom.
I’m just going to use that on my tear duct area. Just a little bit to bring some light. I’m going back in with the deep color from
Taupe Temptress and I’m going to use it to define the lower lash line. For liner we’re
going to use my L’Oreal carbon black liner. One of my favorites just period. High-end
and drugstore. this is there liquid pencil eyeliner and I’m going to use that on my waterline
and also to tightline. So we’re doing our brows and I feel like this gives such a perfect
like brown that’s defined, but still natural looking and not too bold at all. Looks pretty
natural, which is what I like. For Lashes I am using Cherish Look. Got these on Amazon.
And this is what the lash glue looks like. The, um, Duo one. Before I put on my lashes, I’m going to
line my eyes. I do want to do a winged liner with this just because I feel like it a really
compliment the look and I’m using my NYC liquid liner. It is a black matte. It’s the one that
everyone raves about and I have loved this liquid liner for years and years and years.
It’s so affordable and its like the best liquid liner ever I haven’t found one better
it’s just such an intense matte black its perfect and be sure to get the 887. That’s
the matte one. I’m doing my liner like I always do it draw
the flick and then connect it. I’d only do a noticeable line for the entire lid I just
kind of came back very very soon and draw like a ring on the varied outer corner of
my eye I like a sharp wing. or just given that sharp you know I like that somebody is
my Maybelline fit me concealer favorite concealer for ages now I’m only thing is that it doesn’t
last very long time like that just keep in mind it’s not going to last long time like
I purchase like a billion times just because like it tends to run out relatively quickly
I don’t know if that’s just me but I definitely noticed that was very creamy I love it people
compare it to the North creamy concealer I don’t know not like can’t browse for that
but I do love this guy right here I have like three and my makeup door as we speak. So just
blend that out. I don’t really do a noticeable line for the
entire lid. I just kind of keep it very very thing. And draw like a wing on the very outer
corner of my eye. I like a sharp wing over just give the sharp so we’re just giving
that sharp. You know I like that. So I’m going to use my Maybelline fit me concealer. Favorite
concealer for ages now. The only thing is that it doesn’t last a very long time. Like
that’s just something to keep in mind. It’s not going to last you a long time. Like I’ve
repurchased this a billion times just because like it tends to run out relatively quickly.
I don’t know if that’s just me, but I’ve definitely noticed that. But it is very creamy. I love
it. People compare it to the NARS creamy concealer. I don’t own that so I can’t vouch for that,
but I do love this guy right here. I have like three in my makeup drawer as we speak.
So just blend that out. And highlighting below your cheeks, like where you would contour
is like a really cool trick to make your contour stand out more. Broken so I’m using this Rimmel
Scandalize pencil just to draw this dark color. I’m just using this Real Techniques brush
by Real Techniques. It’s the expert face brush. I hauled a bunch of the Real Technique
brushes recently and I’m loving them. Nice contour. Perfect contour color to give a natural
looking shadow. In case you got a little messy. This is another
product, sorry guys, that, um, I don’t have a drugstore for. But this is Ben Nye Banana
Powder. I’ve had this for literally years because it’s 11 bucks for 3 ounces of powder.
So it’s like you’re never going to go through that. Ever. I pick that up on my Beauty
Blender. Pat it in under the contour like this. So we can get that sharp line y’all.
That’s what I’m all about. And then a little bit of baking under the eye. I want
to see what all this baking is about. Okay, so we’re also going to contour my nose a
tiny bit, not a lot. I like to do it when I feel like it gives the face some added definition.
And yeah blending it out here, we’re using a Real techniques brush. This is the deluxe
crease brush. And with that Rimmel pencil you want to go step by step just because it
does set pretty quickly. It’s an eye pencil remember that so it’s going to set. And
you don’t want something that’s hard to blend out especially like on your nose. We’re taking our same brow powder on the Real
Techniques contour brush and we’re just using that to set the contour and just blend
it a little bit. Just to help it look seamless and I just love this contour. It’s so like,
you know sharp and natural. And now that we’ve baked I’m going to take this brush right
here. This is by iT Cosmetics, such a luxurious brush. I’m just going to use that to sweep
off the excess. Just like that. okay so that’s the contour that we end up with. Sharp honey
just yes. For blush we are going to use this Milani baked blush and I love this blush so
much. This is Coral Cove. I’m just going to use my real techniques blush brush and this
brush I typically don’t like using for blush because it’s so big, but we’re just going
to be careful. make sure you blend it in. And if you go a little overboard which sometimes
I do. Just go back in with that blush you used to set your concealer and blend it out.
No big deal. I am going to use my Covergirl Supersizer mascara on my bottom lashes just
to make them come out a little bit more. And I love this mascara for bottom lashes. It’s
like so good. And then for highlighter, I wanted to use my Betty LouManizer because
I heard that they are at Walgreens, but I don’t have a Walgreens around me and I don’t
really go to Walgreens that often. So I don’t know for sure, but I decided to use this Physician’s
Formula Warm Nude. Brush it on the high point of my cheekbones. This is actually one of
the first highlighters I like bought because when I was first getting into highlighters
I just got whatever I could find at the drugstore. And this is just pretty much as good as it
gets as far as drugstore highlighters go. And, um, yeah and now for lips. I like couldn’t
decide what to do with my lips for a long time and now I think I finally decided. I’m
going to line with Milani Sugar Plum liner. It’s one of the darkest lip liners I’ve seen
at the drugstore. So that’s what I’m going to use. I’m just feeling get in basically.
I don’t know if NYX Transylvania is still out there. I hope so because it’s like one
of my favorites. I’m going to use that and if it’s not then I recommend Milani black
cherry. It’s also a very deep intense color and it does look vampy on dark skin tones
which I feel like something is something that I struggle with. Finding a vampy color that
actually is the vampy on me. That would definitely is vampy on me. So check that out if you’re
looking for a vampy shade. okay so that is a lip color. This is the finished
look. okay guys so that is the finished look. I hope you all enjoyed. Thank you so much
for watching. Comment down below for any other looks you may want to see. Thank you so much
for watching again. Be sure to check out the down bar, description for everything I used
as well as like links to where you can find these products. I love you guys so much and
I can’t wait to see you in my next video. Bye.

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