DRUGSTORE DUPE TESTED: *NEW* L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara vs. Too Faced Better Than Sex

Whoa my highlight is on fire today Is it too much? no no of course it’s not, it’s never too much the more highlight the better Hello everyone! I’m here again with another one of my first impression Fridays and today we’re going to be testing out another Mascara I tested out a drugstore Mascara about two weeks ago, and I am back with another one But with a twist because today we’re going to be testing it out, as a dupe for a more expensive Mascara. We’re doing full-on comparisons one on each eye and we’re going to see which one looks best so today we’re going to be testing a brand new Mascara by L’oreal and this is the Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara, and we are going to be comparing it to the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara You can see already the comparisons between the two this was sent to me as a Press sample it is launching in Canada on May 30th and July 1st in the U.S. Yay Canada! we finally got something first. I already know that I like the Too Faced Mascara I think it builds beautiful volume in the lashes, and it really gives a lot of volume and umph to them I just find that my lashes fall a little bit flat by the end of the day with this one But overall the result is beautiful So I’m curious to see how it compares to this little bad boy here so we’re going to be testing them out on the eyeballs today if you guys like these kinds of Comparison videos or dupes tested type videos, please give this video a big thumbs up I really appreciate it and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Tuesday Thursday And a first impression on Friday. I hope you guys enjoy this video and without further ado Let’s get into this so. So my lashes are now curled So we’re going to be starting with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara And I’m going to put that on this eye And then the L’Oreal on this eye, and so in case you guys are new to the whole Better Than Sex Mascara This has been launched for a couple of years now And it’s known for building very voluminous thick black lashes. The bristles themselves are designed in an hourglass shape to build a lot of volume in the lashes and just Really get them nice and thick and coated and really dramatic. On the website It says it has an hourglass shaped brush stiff bristles to maximize the performance of this carbon black Collagen infused formula Collagen infused? Interesting, one coat for full defined lashes two coats for even more luscious curled and dramatic lashes and three coats for intense black multi-dimensional lashes Whoa. it has a film forming polymer for smudge proof all day where and unique peptides for the deepest most intense black possible I’m learning all the stuff about a mascara that I’ve been using for like three or four years now It’s amazing what you can learn when you actually read the information, and this is a brand new one I got this one in a press package that was sent to me a couple of weeks ago So this one is also brand brand new we’re just going to be applying this to the lashes I don’t have anything on the tight line I don’t have anything on the lids except a little bit of I put a little bit of highlight there because I got a little bit carried away I’m not sorry about it though in terms of formula I find it to be a little bit on the wetter side because I find that more Of the Mascara ends up on my lids. Which is fine like I’m totally fine with that I’m super messy with mascara and it builds beautiful lashes, so I’m totally okay with that, but that is one coat right there So I think that fills the whole like defined and refined and a little bit of volume kind of a play But we are going to go in with two coats now Just to kind of vamp it up, alright and there is two coats there I feel like the only thing that is missing from this mascara overall is length I wish that I had something in it that just really Clung to those very tips of the lashes and just made them look a lot longer or feel a lot longer That’s the only thing I feel like I’m missing with this And that’s the reason I don’t use it as often as I used to is that I have found other Mascaras that really deliver on the volume as well as the length So this is what a packaging looks like for the L’Oreal one This is the packaging for the Too Faced one you can see some similarities exist both of them have that beautiful kind of metallic Pink finish to them and then the bristles you’ll notice as well because I did pull this apart though I didn’t actually put this on my eyeballs yet you can see it does have a little bit of an hourglass shape to it as well again with the full bristles the fuller brush it’s just it seems very very similar to the Too Faced one and according to the press release email that they sent Along with this one it has the hourglass shaped brush Which we already confirmed has more than 200 bristles for maximum volume catching, every lash is dramatic, soft Bristles So different these ones have soft Bristles and the Too Faced one has stiffer bristles And it’s shaped like a deep wave to hold maximum formula for ultimate charge ultimate charge? What does that even mean? Smooth glide formula provides to silky volume with one coat soft to the touch and it is retailing for $13.99 which I believe is Canadian and the Too Faced one by comparison is 30 bucks So you do save some money there. All right, Let’s test out this bad boy This definitely feels very similar to the Too Faced one in that it has that same giant brush So it’s definitely delivering a lot of volume It’s a very very large brush. Whoa! It is definitely getting me more of like length. Can you guys see that? Like look at the difference between my lashes. This is only one coat, and I’m going to say just from here I like right off the bat I Already prefer the L’Oreal one, so this is a good sign regardless I do you want to add another coat to these lashes this because I want to see if it’s going to deliver that Volume this is really nice as a beautiful sort of an everyday, sort of Mascara look for me And I feel like that’s really pretty But I want to see if it’s going to deliver that dramatic volume I’m looking for right off the bat guys like I can already see it like clinging to the very very tips of the lashes So it’s really making them look much longer too – which is great. It has a bit of a dryer formula Which I kind of prefer because I find it’s a little bit easier to manipulate and also actually just to brush product on I’m not getting it to be really it’s not feeling very chunky and clumpy and Difficult to layer so that’s really good. Alright! So that’s two coats of Mascara for the L’Oreal two coats for the Too Faced What do you guys think? Which one do you prefer? Do you see a difference between the two of them? Because I do. With the Too Faced as I told you guys before my lashes are already starting to fall They’re not looking as long and dramatic and like false lash-ie As I normally like so that’s a little bit unfortunate I really want to curl these But I don’t want to affect the the way that these are going to look by the end And I don’t want to give an unfair advantage to the too faced side, so that’s a little bit unfortunate But yeah, just from the get-go. I would say for me personally I prefer The L’Oreal one which is awesome I think it gives some good definition to the Ends of the lashes they look nice and dramatic kind of fluffy But really really pretty. It was relatively easy to apply I don’t have any kind of issues with that and yeah, I think the lashes look really good I am kind of curious to see how it’s going to wear throughout the day though if there’s going to be any clumping or flaking or my lashes falling just things like that, so I will come back And I will let you guys know what this looks like by the end of the day So I’m going to go and I’m going to apply a little bit of Mascara to the lower lash line I’m going to go about my day And it will be back to report and let you guys know how the mascaras are holding up, but seriously though I really desperately want to curl this like little lash like right here it’s driving me bananas. I won’t do it, but I really want to alright we’re back it is the end of the day and to be honest the L’oreal one has held up incredibly well like my lashes are still curled they still look really really good There’s a little bit of smudging under the eyes on the Too Faced side and my lashes are still falling not out fortunately. They just sort of tend to droop with the Too Faced one while I love the formula, and I think it’s a fantastic Mascara for whatever reason my lashes Just don’t take to it the same way And they just kind of like droop unless I curl them after they’re completely dry Which I did not do in this case because I wanted it to be an even comparison But yeah, the L’oreal one looks incredible It hasn’t been flaking or anything and my lashes look really long and voluminous So I’m going to say that the L’oreal one is the clear winner in this case, and it’s not only a dupe But it’s actually better at least for my lashes. It has held up a lot better, and it’s less than half the price, so Well Done L’oreal you win this round you

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