DRUGSTORE affordable makeup brushes | REVIEW and DEMO

those brushes… I choose for my video.. for
my video… I bought the affordable brushes… okay Hey guys welcome back to my channel!
I’m finally doing this video review and demo how I am using brushes. My brush set is
Urban Beauty United they are available at Target and I ordered them online and
they’re very affordable. I pay for them around $17 and since it
is just five pieces set I have to multitask and use them for different
purposes. This fluffy brush I was using for powder for blush and contouring. this
brush I used for eyeshadow, highlighting high cheekbones highlighting and
contouring of my nose. This brush I was using for foundation and powder contour
and one more this brush I used for eyebrows and eyeliner
oh one more! This brush I was using for applying cream contours on my face and
also I used it for applying primer on the eyelids and for highlighting. All
of this look I created using these brushes and of course beauty
sponge your Beauty Blender whatever you use because it’s my number one
tool for blending foundation I love it! okay if you love this look please keep
watching, because I’m gonna show you how I created it. Now i applying cream
contour using this brush you can apply highlighter with it too but i’m using my
pencil. This is foundation brush and I’m gonna
apply foundation with it and I’m gently gonna mix my contour lines and
highlighter as well with this brush. To make my face look flawless I’m always
using beauty sponge as a finishing step. now I am applying Tarte concealer ‘shade
tape’ and I will set up with powder using this fluffy brush. This brush I’m gonna use
to set up underneath my eyes with powder. And this brush again I’m using for
applying blush and bronzer. Guys in this video I am focusing on how I’m using
these brushes, but in the description box you can find all the products that I am
using for this video. now this little brush I am using for
contouring my nose and the same brush I am using for
highlighting my high cheekbones. This is little angle brush I’m going to use for
eyebrows. Now I’m brushing my eyebrows through and
you can use any spoolie you have. Here is again my foundation brush and now I’m
going to use it for highlighting and I’m using my translucent Laura Mercier
powder. This concealer brush I was putting concealer underneath my eyebrows
and right after I am putting primer on my eyelids and I’m blending it with the
beauty sponge. Here I’m using again this little brush first I’m gonna apply right
under my brow that lighter color and now I’m gonna use different shades of brown.
I will apply it on my crease and carefully blend. To create smooth perfect
transition in between colors I am pressing on my brush very lightly.
Now this angle blush I’m using for eyeliner I also applied some shimmery
eyeshadow on the middle of my eyelids, but my camera stopped and I wasn’t able
to record that:( but I used my finger for that. okay guys that’s all for today I really
love this set Urban Beauty United and like I said it’s available at Target and
if you already using them, please let me know how you like them and if you have
any questions I will be happy to answer and please if you enjoy this video if
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