Drew Barrymore Is a Blindfolded Makeup Artist

Drew Barrymore
has a beauty line. It’s called Flower Beauty. And it’s doing very, very well. We’re in our seventh
year, and we just are this spring going
into Ulta’s 600 doors. [APPLAUSE] That’s huge. I’m so happy. It’s huge. That’s huge. Congratulations. That’s a big deal for us. Yeah. That is a big deal. All right. So you have your
own beauty line. And I think you’re quite
an expert with makeup. So we have a challenge, first. We need a volunteer, and her
name is MacKenzie Quillis. MacKenzie? [CHEERS] Hi. It’s nice to meet you. Oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful. So are you! Sit. Sit on down, MacKenzie. And I love that everyone raised
their hands not even knowing what was going to
happen to them. So what’s going to happen is,
you’re really good at this. And so I am going to
blindfold you first because that’s how good you are. All right. I love how many things I’m
getting put on my head today. All right. All right. Are you completely blindfolded? Like– All right. I’m going to hand you things. Yes. All right. And we’re using all of your
beauty products and your face products, so here we go. I’m going to open your hand
because this is foundation. So we’ll want to put
foundation on, right? Make her look real
pretty, real pretty. All right. Take that off. Thank you. All right. Scalpel. OK. All right. That’s some powder because
she’ll want powder. All right. I told you, she’s good at this. OK. Good. Some blush. There’s some blush. All right, good. All right. This is eye– here, turn
your head the other way. And then we’ll put some eye,
some really pretty eye stuff. Eyelids, close your eyes,
close your your eyes. All right. Both eyes, you want
her to be balanced. OK. That’s good. Lipstick? Is that the lipstick? I think that’s lipstick. I’m not sure. That’s not lipstick. No, don’t do that. That was not lipstick. All right. OK. That’s pretty. Wait a minute. God, no wonder you
can’t find a date. You don’t even know
where her mouth is. It’s true. All right. It’s funny because it’s true. Yes, it’s funny. All right. That’s good. Oh. OK. There. And then the
finishing spray is– there you go. You know how to work that. [LAUGHTER] All right. That looks pretty. OK. You can take that off. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] Ooh. Oh. [INAUDIBLE] There we go. It’s too bad, everybody’s like,
oh, I didn’t get to do that. [LAUGHTER]

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