DOWRY Rectangular Vanity Mirror 🌺 SLEEK & ELEGANT (3X Magnification) πŸ‘ˆ

welcome back to the channel I got a
brand new vanity mirror from dowry on Amazon this rectangular mirror is made out of
stainless steel and polished chrome and it is very sleek and modern looking and
it also has a very minimalist design some of the better hotels that maybe
you’ve been to maybe haven’t been to have a mirror very very similar to this and it’s
great so just to clarify this is not a mirror that you have to hold in your
hand or mount anywhere this is a countertop mirror and it is handy for if
you need to draw your eyebrows on maybe put some mascara maybe pluck something
here there it has great magnification it’s three times magnification just to
clarify that as well and it has a 360 degree pivot so you can
position it in any way that is comfortable to you that may be
convenient to see while you’re putting on makeup doing skin your skincare
routine or even putting on contact lenses it measures 8.3 inches by 5 point
8 inches so it’s not big snap take up your entire vanity or your desk or
anything like that it does have a non-skid rubber bottom I do want to point out that I did not have
to put this together when I received this so right out of the box you are
able to put this on maybe you have a night out the night when you get this
and then you’ll be easily able to put on all your makeup it is very lightweight
as well I don’t see this as a problem carrying across the room you’re not
going to have to worry about oh I need someone else to carry this it’s nice its
sturdy and it’s very sleek looking I really love the modern look to this this
mirror would fit in just about anywhere in your bathroom maybe your bedroom it
is very easy to adjust the mirror all you use is the handle
to worry about getting the front dirty getting anything dirty especially since
this is polished chrome I do find that this makes maneuvering the mirror a lot
easier than maybe a mirror you get from Target we have to like flip it and find
the right magnification you need to put your mascara on but yeah it gives you a
very clear image and a great magnifying one as well I did notice a lot of
comments on Amazon referring that people have seen this type of mirror or maybe
even this mirror in their luxury hotels when they have stayed away on vacation
so this is an easy way to bring this from a luxury hotel or a great vacation
went on to your home and be able to easily apply makeup so here’s a better
look at it all around I like I mentioned earlier it is very
very very lightweight this has a very stable base so you not have to worry
about it breaking or you know just simple malfunction and that’s what I
really appreciate about this I have dealt with some very poor poorly
designed mirrors where something broke all right so that’s a look at the dowry
mirror from Amazon this can be found in the description section below so check
that out please make sure you like this video and subscribe to our channel for
more reviews thanks for watching

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