Dose Of Vanity Premium Selfie Ring Light & Beverly Hollywood Vanity Mirror Review & Unboxing

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don’t say nothing don’t clock me because I know you guys are seeing a couple of
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back to the reason for this video I am your favorite girl
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you so today’s video is gonna be a review video and as well as a unboxing
video a company named dose of vanity reached out to me and wanted to send me
a selfie ring light and you guys know that I have like four selfie ring lights
so it wasn’t like I needed one but I always loved to try a selfie ring lights
because I use them all the time so when they reached out to me I was like you
know what let me check out their website and let me see what they’re about before
I actually commit to something the selfie ring light itself is the LED
ring light and I thought it matches my ring light that I got when I record my
videos so I was like you know what let me try it out let me review it let me
see how much I liked it and I actually fell in love with it and that’s the only
reason why I’m telling you guys when I was on their website I noticed that they
are a new company and they are not will to like known to be talked about because
I checked it on YouTube as will you guys I do do my research before I breathe
these types of products to you guys or any products to you guys so when I
looked it up on YouTube I looked at their website on google them and
everything they come up there legit company but they are a new company dose
of vanity really meant they have vanity mirrors so
I was like oh my god I’ve been wanting a vanity mirror and I’ve been one one for
so long but everybody knows how expensive vanity mirrors can be so when
I was on there I just saw happen Lee looked up on their vanity mirror that
was on sale and I literally quickly instantly shopped the website to my wife
with the length now Rick Lee to that vanity mirror and was like oh my god I
have to have it and she was like okay you know she’s messing around with me
and was like what color do you want the flowers because in the picture it had a
set of flowers and I was like lime green you jackass like you know what I’m
talking about but then she takes me back with a
screenshot saying that she purchased the mirror for me so I was super excited
literally shipment took every bit of three days I want to say it was three
days I think they hit me up on like a Tuesday in the vanity mirror the vanity
mirror showed up on Friday and the selfie ring light showed up the very
next day which was on a Saturday I was so excited to get it and I thought it
was gonna be too big for my area but it actually came out to be a great sauce
and dude it’s not hard to put together it was not hard to set it up it wasn’t
hard like it came apart you have to assembly but literally it was like one
two three boom BAM is up it’s lit it’s working so I wanted to go ahead and show
you guys the selfie ring light that I received from them and then we will get
into the mirror because I’ll look into this mirror every single day and I love
it every single day I love you more and more I want to thank
my wife for purchasing this vanity mirror for me I had thanked her already
but I want to thank you again babe for Barney for me I love it I huh it is just
everything that I needed and it is just the perfect size and I want to thank
dose of cut don’ts of colors dull some vanity for sending me the ring light
because you guys I was lit I was excited about this ring light so here’s what the
selfie ring light looks like it is called the selfie ring light and it’s my
dose of vanity you guys you can follow them and do V products on Instagram I
don’t know why I had a brain fart so it comes like this it’s very small and I
was shocked to see that the selfie ring light looked like this it looks like a
walking LED light but I was also surprised because it came with a charger
so this is not battery ran you don’t have to go out and buy double-a
batteries or triple-a batteries or any crazy batteries like I think my ELF one
is it comes with a charge result all you have to do is charge it up and go for
what you know I know you guys seen this in like my PR unbox Sam’s for the month
but I did want to come back and give it a soul dedicated video and the great
part about it is when I did get it in it was already charged up so I was over the
moon for it so here it is on level one here’s the level two and you may not be
able to see the difference right now because I do have all these lights going
on around me but here’s level 3 which gets extra extra bright and you guys
know that most of the time when I take my pictures for my Instagram I basically
use my phone and of course my phone has flash on front and back but to put it
put this selfie ring light on it and use it for the front camera as well as the
flashlight it gives all the lighting that it needs
it doesn’t give you a yellow tent it gives you all white light in and that’s
what I love about this because it’s LED for the continuous full power in this
ring light is 45 minutes it doesn’t seem that long but who uses a cell-free ring
light for 45 minutes started like if you snapping your pictures
boom boom boom click that button off and keep your pushing pull it back out when
you need it who actually takes pictures for literally 45 minutes straight and if
you do girl more power to you because I take at least 30 pictures within one
minute and I’ll go through those 30 pictures and I’ll pick out my favorites
and delete the risk and be done ever since the day I got it I have yet to
charge it as you can tell the charger is still put together so I enjoyed that
selfie ring light if you guys would like to check out their safety ring lights or
their website in general check down below in the hot box I have other
information down below thank you once again dose of vanity for giving me the
opportunity to have this because they started to make a plea free just to
review and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna review it or not until I tested it out
and used it and I loved it so now what we’re about to do is I’m gonna whip the
camera around and we’re gonna talk all about this vanity mirror that I got for
a hundred and seventy nine books you are me a hundred and seventy nine it was on
sale for one hundred and seventy nine even now they do have it in two
different colors but I chose white because everything around me is light
and bright y’all know I have the glitter stuff everywhere the white cubes the
clear cues the only thing that’s dark is my desk and
I’m in process about to paint it and change it up because I don’t want to
black this I don’t want it but it works for me right now so we’re gonna change
our positions and you guys are about to see this gaming mirror all right you
guys I know the lighting is looking real funny right now but I just want you guys
to see this vanity mirror for what it is I know I got my yellow lights and the
vanity mirror is pure white light bulbs which I think it’s LED bulbs if I’m not
mistaken and I am holding a camera y’all see I’m holding it on the tripod that I
use but this is the mirror don’t mind my missing disc in my dirty this makeup is
just you know makeup it is what it is when it come down to makeup as things so
I have my phone that sits right here on this ring light thing that I found on
Facebook Facebook was advertising this one day and I decided to get it and it
also has a ring light on it as well and you put it up in front of your phone and
you record or take pictures or whatever you need to do well I haven’t figured it
out yet so all I use it for is a monitor for this camera that I’m recording on
when I record so moving on to the mirror as you can tell it is just the perfect
size it comes with all the bulbs literally all you have to do is screw
the bulbs and and put the bottom piece on it and literally sit it up
it comes with the light in where you could damnit
that’s off and you could dim your lights hot-air ever you like and it goes max of
lighting to it it does have the power surge the outlets right here I know you
guys ain’t gonna be able to see it because I have all these lights on but I
do have two power plugs right here just in case these books are plastic which is
another good thing and very smart for when it comes down to shipping
but I do have those two small outlets on there that I could use if I need to plug
up my phone while I’m recording and my phone is going dead because the app that
I use as a monitor the Canon app on my phone it does drain my phone
but I could easily plug it up over there and still be frickin good I could do my
hair sitting here and everything and I still keep my ring light right here in
front so that I still have a max amount of light in you guys know I do not use
my softboxes no more because I’m out of room but this vanity mirror with the
ring light and the room light and the window open you guys I’m done and I’m
sit for a lot of lighting until we move everything around but that is what the
vanity mirror looks like it is by the brand dose of vanity and it is perfect
for your girl as you can say on my desk is like really cluttered and not that
big so to have this print right there and fit right before my shelf and
everything you guys it is amazing it fits and it works and it is awesome so
there you have you guys I hope you guys enjoyed and take a little information
from me and want to go check out dose of vanity I absolutely love my mirror I
absolutely love my selfie ring light this is like a new setup in a new way
that I will be taking pictures and recording I love my area but we are
gonna be doing like not renovations but we’re gonna be moving a little bit and
I’m gonna take you guys on a journey I’m not gonna speak of it yet until it’s
time to happen like until it’s time for it to happen I just won’t tell you guys
about it so you have to stay tuned you have to eat the subscribe button and the
notification bills so you’ll be notified when I
loans something that’s coming and it’s gonna be very freakin different so I
hope you guys enjoyed this video and until next time I would love for you
guys to like comment and subscribe go check out dose of vanity on Instagram on
their website I would have all of it linked down below and I will see you
guys in the next one

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  1. Hey hey miss lady..💙 notification squad 💙 hey best friend thats my best friend. .!!! Yes!! #d&gsquad ..i have been seeing selfie lights but i havent seen one in person.. So glad u got a vanity mirror 💙 . Thanks for this review and ur honesty..💙 great review..thanks for sharing 💙 keep growing and for sure keep shining💜💜 im here for ur journey:)

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