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Kashmiere: I could be down everyday because of my situation. But that’s not the case. I want to show people that no matter what your situation, everything is possible. So mostly every morning or sometimes not all the times but I will do my eyelashes. I don’t know I can do all my makeup on my own. Because at first I didn’t know how to do any makeup. so it took practice and time. Like every morning I get up, I brush my teeth. I’ll do my makeup sometimes but not every day. I can cook, I can clean, I drive. I just literally do everything. Okay, so I’m going to make some eggs. Tomika: Till you go. Well she’s washing dishes. Putting up stuff. Yep, just like that. And she does everything she has to wash dishes, she could cook. We didn’t treat her any different we just treated her normal like the other kids. Kashmiere: I taught her how to put on eyelashes. Kyndel: Maybe no.
Kashmiere: Yes I did. Kyndel: No I started learning on my own.
Kashmiere: Okay, but I helped you. Tomika: People be so serious about these lashes. Kashmiere: Look at you, you’ve got them long too. Tomika: Yeah, yeah I taught myself. Kashmiere: I was born without both of my arms. It’s called Bilateral Phocomelia. The condition is very rare. At first, I thought I was the only person that was born without any arms. Growing up without arms, younger, it was tough. Because at the time, I was dealing with self esteem problems. And my confidence wasn’t how it is now. Tomika: I did not know that she was going to be born without arms. We did not find out until delivery and I was really just I was amazed. Like, it was a lot going around in my head. But it was something to just come to terms with in the beginning. Philip: Naturally she just pick up stuff with her feet, do stuff with her toes and that’s natural. Tomika: Very independent, little like a little smart baby. She’s very strong. So she ‘s not going to let people to say anything to her. You know, we taught her to like, yeah, you’re not going to be bullied, and stuff like that you stand up for yourself. Kashmiere: I remember a boy told me like, you know, he wouldn’t be able to date me because he wouldn’t be able to hold my hand if we were walking somewhere, you know. So that kind of affected me. But when I started to accept myself, I mean, my dating life wasn’t that bad. Javion: Me and Kashmiere has been together for like, three years. And we met through social media. On my first impression of Kashmiere, It was her smile like just the glow on her face is really what caught me. Her disability never bothered me. Not one … if it did, like I said I would, I wouldn’t be with her right now. I just look, look past it. And I don’t let that get to me. Or let that stop me from talking to her. We get looks all the time. Yeah, people look all the time and stare. But it don’t get to us. If there’s anything that she’s struggling with. I’m always there to help her out. But for the most part, she can do anything she wants. Kashmiere: I wanted to do YouTube because I want to stand up for people that have disabilities, whatever the disability or differences you know. That you can be whoever you want to be or you can do whatever you want to do. There’s no limit to anything. What’s up YouTube it’s Kashmiere.
Javion: And it’s J back with another video. Kashmiere: So today we’re going
to question the incense. Javion: Yes.
Kashmiere: We’re going to answer some of… What’s up YouTube. Kashmiere: I’m glad my interview is over because I was so nervous. We love y’all peace. It’s me and my boyfriend started
doing YouTube together. Javion: What’s up YouTube? It’s J,
Kashmiere: And it’s K. Both: Back with another video. Kashmiere: I wanted to show like, how, you know, he likes me for who I am. Tomika: Because I don’t think I’ve ever
asked you this right, have you ever been embarrassed to be with her
because she doesn’t have arms like out in public? Javion: I haven’t.
Tomika: Never? Javion: I haven’t.
Tomika: Really? Javion: I mean like when we first went out in public I was a little shy because everybody was like listen, look at her and stuff like that. But I was never embarrassed. Kashmiere: I do get judged like will people say like “oh this the girl that don’t have any arms”. But I’m just more than that. Javion: She’s a very independent woman. And she really can handle her own. There’s when there’s nothing that she can’t do. Kashmiere: I feel like nothing is impossible, like nothing no matter what the situation looks like like, as long as you stay strong.You do what you want to do. And you set your mind to it, it could happen.

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