one of the guys welcome back to another
funky French video from your tree so this morning when I woke up a little
stressed outside no ready to do and I do have a hundred video ideas just don’t
want to do any of those so I’ll eat my chocolate shit pop-tarts and then a
brilliant original never done before idea popped up in my head why don’t I do
my makeup see I’m not a dude if I just do all of it and I need eyeshadow I mean
highlighter I’m gonna do it whole shebang without looking in the mirror
primate before myself better not give me good content I was honestly stressing so
much for making a video which is stupid because I don’t really have a work like
all week so I have plenty of time make a video but I just like was not feeling it
I’m having too much fire week I’m just feeling lazy which sucks cuz I hate you
lazy sorry if I looking at oh great now I did just wake up I kind of like just
ran my fingers through my hair so pretty much I’m gonna stop reminder mortein so
we’ll start with my concealer I know that just kind of similar to the other
video I did but it you know it’s a little more funny
edgy I honestly never done a makeup so this is bound to be horrifying
because I’m just really really bad with makeup but then I was scared I’d be good
at it because I’m good at most things I do so
that’s why I decided to add in eyes shadow and highlight because I’m really
bad with eye shadow so this is bound to be interesting today I was gonna do a
vlog with my friend downpouring gotta love Florida weather literally it’s
completely completely sunny right now but like the time we wanted it to go
running it was down pouring and I was like well let’s go later and then the
later time it’s still raining you know another rising problem in my
life right now is my eyebrows so a little while ago I got them waxed a
little bit because I’ve never gotten them waxed before and I just did like a
little bit except where an arch because they looked like inchworms just like a
line and I want them done so I got the arch to a little bit but everywhere
where they waxed the hair group back which isn’t a problem but it grew back
like tenfold so now I can it’s not a good look as you can see and
they’re all uneven so I don’t know if I don’t wanna get them waxed again though
because the agency bling for is like don’t mess with your eyebrows so I don’t
know what to do but I was taking selfies yesterday because I was on the boat I
opened my screen and I was like speaking of birds I have not done anything this
summer and which is really disappointing because you know I’m graduated as you
know you probably didn’t know that because I’ve never said that any of my
videos ever but I graduated if you didn’t know but not summertime and I
haven’t done anything I mean I’ve gone to a few places and I’ve been with my
friends like three times but that’s about it
you know I’ve spent quality time with family and family time is the most
important time so southern most spent so before any of you get triggered I would
like to remind you all that I am NOT good with eyeshadow I don’t know how to
mix colors I don’t know how to I’m just all around bad at it what color
should I do I think I should do gold because this is
a good you know right I’m gonna be gold okay
I’m using the it’s from Naked 2 it’s called the chopped the one next to T’s
but it’s a very spunky gold color if you want to look at it it’s this one is that
even gold now that I look at it in the light you know what who cares were going
with it so you just kind of like stick it on your eye I guess oh wow
this does not feel right everything about this feels wrong you know what
confidence myself that’s one thing I’ve been lacking recently is confidence I’m
sure everyone’s been through this I’m sure Kylie Jenner didn’t know how to put
on makeup and now look at her she’s her own brand so I’m gonna have my own brand
and that’s pretty much what okay honestly I don’t even think I’m
doing that by the job anymore James Charles Antonia Carla they’re shaking
right now I’ve shadow was done how does it look
ladies okay so next we are doing the three of these so I am going to try and
contour my face not the full one those are not a beautiful one what do you
start with you know I’m just gonna go and order the line cuz I mean why would
they put these in order if that wasn’t the order right so first off we’re gonna
start with our blush I know how to put blush on think they may say just smile
next cheek and we’re done I don’t know more blush than that I
don’t next is the highlighter let’s see I know you already primitive is there
like a top your cheek or something you put like on your nose right there and
then like here you know what if it’s not here don’t at me I’m doing this for me okay so I finished
with all through these up good I hope so now we’re getting my brows these unruly
not a big fan god these are gonna look so backs I can’t look in the mirror so
let’s hope those look good time for mascara you know accent my
eyeshadow yes I might sue you too okay I would put
some spray on by right now so I can’t do that but I think I did everything this
is it this is the final look oh my god oh the contouring oh you know
what I don’t even look that bad it’s just I missed like I didn’t blend enough
you know what on a scale from one to ten I give this like a six I give this a
seven minus 0.5 so that’s not that bad I think I did really good with the
exception of this in my normal contouring this isn’t that bad of a look
so I thought but that is all I have for you guys today I hope you enjoyed this
video if you did make sure to hit that subscribe button for more funky fresh
content every Friday so I post every Friday and make sure to like and share
this video with everybody you know because hey maybe they’ll get excited
that I this but yes that is all I have for you guys to it I hope you enjoyed
this video and I will see you next Friday with a funky fresh video from
your friends peace baby

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