Doing my Boyfriends Makeup *Idol Look*

Hey guys, what’s up? Today I am finally doing my boyfriend’s makeup I’m a little scared because I usually don’t do makeup on someone else I’m a pro at this by the way. Yeah. It won’t be that bad I’m also a little nervous cuz I don’t know if it will suit me. I don’t think I have the makeup face. Of course you have, I will try my best. Let’s just give it a try and in the end. The viewers can just read it in the comments I think I will just start with putting your hair behind Like this, ok, the first step of course is the foundation and I’m gonna use this Pony effect Seamless foundation in the shade. I don’t know. I also got a Sponge like that. Oh, by the way, we got all the products from Yes style. I’m putting all the links to the products down below in the description box So if you want to have anything of it just click the link. Back here Ok The color looks pretty good, I think Mmm, I look brighter. Yeah, but it always looks like this in the beginning. Don’t worry I’m not my my beard, huh? Your mustache, my mustache. I don’t know if I’m doing it, right You should know if you’re doing it. Right. I think it is everyday I think it’s not very professional but ok. Oh my god. I can do my own makeup pretty well, but no is not OK and now it’s spread it with the egg with the egg I already watched some Male Idol makeup tutorials lately, and I hope I learned something from it Does it hurt? I’m sorry. You are kind a breaking my nose. No Why do you have to press so hard? I don’t know I usually don’t use this kind of toy. Oh Okay, and the cheekbones he’s got really nice cheekbones Inside the nose, right? Yeah, a little That’s very important. Always put the foundation inside your nose. I think I think the foundation is Yeah Okay, the next step it will be the concealer also the Pony effect concealer okay a bit Maybe a little bit. Oh my god and also the beard Wow awesome Hey, let’s hide the beard now Okay, I guess it was a little too much. I can fix that. Don’t worry, don’t worry Yes, it was a bit too much. Okay. This has a strong coverage It’s look like Homer Simpsons Okay, I tried to fix it a little I took away some of the concealer and down here and the concealer here so you look Less like an egg. So, what’s next? Mmm, next we do the lips with the similar essential tint lip balm It’s a really nice color So I’m getting my lips back. Yeah, finally, it’s a really nice pink and I think You don’t immediately see the pink it’s just like a lip tint, you know, it needs it’s time to shine Okay, the next step is the contouring, I almost forgot it. I’m doing it with the art class, too cool art class by Rodin palate. Give me your jaw line, please a Little bit on the chin, okay show them your sharp jaw line Okay now I’m gonna contour your nose It’s really not that easy. It always looks so easy and other videos, but I think it’s so hard. Oh my god. Okay more contouring. Maybe you to make the cheekbones pop Okay, okay next one the eyebrows with the Innisfree eyebrow And we’ll draw some lines here. So they’re not that far apart, you know Okay, I got this like light gray color. It should work My god your eyebrows are so thick I Guess that’s fine Okay, look into the camera okay, actually, I think the shade is a little too light so I’m gonna try to Lighten up your neck as well Okay, I think I’m a little more satisfied now, okay, let’s move on okay the next step I should have done that earlier But it’s yeah it’s the Lummi layup primer from VDL but I’m only gonna use it as a highlighter because it has such a pretty pretty Glam, it has a little bit of a purple blueish shimmer Turn around. Oh My god your cheekbones are way too much. They’re pretty big huh? Yeah like this Oh, Such glowy cheeks. Wow, I can’t print up that part a little touch the nose That’s it’s really nice okay, um, the next step will be eye shadow with the Dirty already with the elf palette or e.l.f. I don’t know I thought these colors are pretty nice for you because they’re matte like grey earth tones smokey tones, maybe? Right smokey tones the hardest part I think oh my god. Okay. I’m just gonna try it I try to be very very careful So are you going for like a wing? Not too much of a wing? Okay, I think I’m only doing it on the Outer corners of the eyes you think idols male idols can do they make up themselves also? Yeah I think some of them already can I think they learn it along the way because they get it done day by day so I think they Memorize it all the steps trying to get it even it doesn’t look too bad yet. I took this shade, by the way this one and now I’m taking this one too Smudge it out. Kepi my god. I think it’s the wrong order. I should have taken the lighter shade before the darker shade Yeah.. that’s usually how it works. Yeah, right. That’s how I usually do it. But right now I’m a little confused So I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Okay, the lighter shade and how the darker shade again Okay, I think it looks nice so far I also want some shadow here Yeah might be Alright, I think it’s enough of the eye shadow. Now, we’re gonna use dub It is free always new auto liner to give you some I know hey, I think this eyeliner is pretty cool because you can just Push and it will come out like a mechanical pencil. Alright, okay, eyeliner I can’t even give myself proper eyeliner so. Okay a little bit here in the corners. I think it’s alright, but there’s still something missing. I think I need more lips. Yeah, you need more lips I’ve seen some guys do like a little color here You know a little shadow. Yeah, right I don’t know if I have the right shade though of a copy. I smile. It’s really hard. I think now the eyes are done pretty much Let’s give you a little bit more lip. Mmm. Yeah, that’s nice Definitely better. Yeah. Okay. Wait a second. Show me Let’s do some blush as well a little bit here. So you don’t look too dead Cute not too much because otherwise you will look like a princess I want to look like a princess. Okay, show me oh That’s pretty cute I like that now this Well now I don’t see too much of the difference anymore must be the hair Some more different You know I like it Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I try to keep a low Yeah, I know. I don’t know if i could do this everyday. Yeah, it takes pretty long right, but I think it’s my fault You’ll have to practice. Yeah, we’ll practice a little I’ll practice, practice makes perfect I think the next time I could be more daring We could try out like more more color and maybe darker like a BTS or EXO member That’s kind of be hard maybe next time I can do my hair as well, yeah, all right, yeah well started everything Looks like a mess. It’s For my first time I think it’s alright. Yeah, I’ll give you an solid b-minus for your first time Thank you. So if you went to look like him check out the links down below in the description box as I told you before That’s bad marketing everyone wants to try out your products now You can also use it if you want to try a makeup look on your boyfriend just whatever Yeah, we will definitely do more of these Makeup kind of videos right? That’s cool. I don’t have to do anything maybe we could do like Certain transformation next time. Yeah, tell me in the comments. Which one? I’m gonna try my best And I have to practice a lot. You can practice on me. Yeah, I’ll practice on you, okay, definitely so leave your wishes down below and Yeah, if you liked the video leave a thumbs up as always and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos. I see you in the next one

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  1. When I saw the video I was like "gosh I am pretty sure there will be tones of comments saying "oh my gosh he looks like jungkook"… 9:33min after I watch the comment and guess what, I was so fucking right x) And to be honest he really does not look like jungkook x) Or just a liitle bit but well jungkook everywhere for ARMYs x)

  2. OMG girl your boyfriend after makeup look like JUNGKOOK!!! 💕LOL love your videos so much

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