Doing Makeup In Giant Balloon!

Hey, guys, it’s Rachel. So remember when I did the
Giant Balloon Challenge? [LAUGHTER] I decided to make another one. Except for this time, I’m
going to be in a giant balloon and trying to apply a
full face of makeup. So give this video a
thumbs up if you like me being in a giant balloon. And comment down below
which makeup product would be the most difficult
for you to try on. [INFLATING BALLOON] I can do this. OK, OK, we’re good. [MUSIC PLAYING] Got it. [INFLATING BALLOON] [INFLATING BALLOON] [CHUCKLES] So let’s get on with the video. [BOUNCING] First off, don’t do this unless
you have multiple people there to cut you out. [RHYTHMICALLY TAPS INSIDE OF
BALLOON] So right now, I have no hands. But I do have a little
bit of a grip over here. [PUNCHES INSIDE OF BALLOON] So I have to do my entire
face of makeup with no hands. So right now, rate on a scale
of 1 to 10 how you think it’s going to look. Then at the end of
the video, comment on how it actually looked. So I usually do my
makeup sitting down. So– [BALLOON DEFLATES] –I’m ready. Oh, I got this. [GRUNTS] (SINGING) No air, no air. [INFLATES BALLOON] OK, so first, we’re going
to start with eyebrows. [CAP HITS FLOOR] [BROW LINER HITS FLOOR] [CAP HITS FLOOR] [CHUCKLES] Hand me the
blender, but I can’t catch. [LAUGHS] Now I’m going to
do my eye shadow. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. [MOANS] [APPLICATOR HITS FLOOR] Take two. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, no! I can’t breathe! Help! Help! Oh, no, chaos! [STRETCHES BALLOON] The tan color. No! No. [LAUGHS] It broke. [MUSIC – ROLAND ORZABEL, “MAD
WORLD”] That’s really sad. I didn’t realize how
much makeup would be lost in the making of this video. [EYE SHADOWS HIT FLOOR] [MUSIC – ROLAND ORZABEL, “MAD
WORLD”] [CRASH] Wait, just don’t put it back. [LAUGHING] Just
don’t put it back. [MUSIC PLAYING] Can you just hold the
palette in front of me? [APPLICATOR HITS FLOOR] [CHUCKLES] [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLICATOR HITS FLOOR] I’m highlighting my
inner tear duct now. This, [CREAK] this is terrible. OK. And how are you going to
get out of that thing. [APPLICATOR HITS FLOOR] Now I’m going to line
my upper lash line. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, I’m going to wing it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Can I have a Q-tip? [CREAK] Down more, up more, up more,
up more, down more, up more. There we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] Aha. I’m just going to
clean off those areas. I haven’t got a chin anymore. Got to have a clean
workstation, guys. Now I’m going to
apply some mascara. [BLOWS] [MASCARA HITS FLOOR] OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] So Rachel, what are you doing
at 10 PM on a Wednesday? [MUSIC PLAYING] Now I’m putting on concealer. [MUSIC PLAYING] I pat it in. And then I’ll clean
off my workspace. [BLOWS] OK, now I’m going
to put bronzer on. Mhm, amazing. You put the product here. Wow, that is– huh, huh. [APPLICATOR HITS FLOOR] So we’ll dab on some
product on there. [INAUDIBLE] I’ve got some product on there. [MUSIC PLAYING] And I’m going to put
a dot on my nose. Then I clean off my workspace. Now I’m going to put on
some liquid lipstick. [LIQUID LIPSTICK HITS FLOOR] You know what? I finally understand why my
mom made me get wood floors. [MUSIC PLAYING] Got to let it dry. [BLOWS] [USING BLOWER] And that is my full
face of makeup. Now let me get an up-close
shot for you guys to see. The eyeliner is decent. On a scale of 1 to
10, how did I do? [CHUCKLES] Uh-oh. [BALLOON DEFLATING] All right, I can do this. I can do this myself. [FUNNY DEFLATING NOISE] God. [BEEP] Can I have more air? Yeah. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you didn’t see my
previous two videos, click those down
below and subscribe. Thank you for [INAUDIBLE]. OK, I love you guys so much. Bye! [BALLOON DEFLATES]

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