Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel, so as you can see today I am blessed with the presence of a very very special guest. Me Miranda Sings Yes a living legend of YouTube today Miranda has a very exciting event to go on. Yes So I’m gonna beat her face actually I’m gonna leave. Um I look great So I’m gonna go I just wanted to tell you guys that you can watch me in my channel cuz I’m better than James And I know he gets a lot of hate, so I had everyone go un-hate on him, and then he apologized to all the haters. Yeah So that’s on my channel so go check out. Got to go Jk, I’m here with Colleen Ballinger Hi guys! we’re Going to be there beating her face tonight for a very special event that she is going to she’s currently late already so we’re gonna go Real fast and try to get this done, but I’m super pumped. We’ve been trying to do this forever to start off Colleens makeup I’m first gonna go in with my benefit Porefessional primer and start by Your favorite my favorite Please touch my face. I want you to touch my face Id be so honored girl Oh my God this is Dreams come true dreams come true. I so glad We finally get to do thist we need to do another one. Yeah, because we want to sing together. We have a very fun. I idea planned but sisters run out of time today We’re going to be using the NARS light five for sheer glow. Do you ever like how can you do other people’s makeup? I feel like I mean you do for collabs and stuff, but like you know other than that, no I don’t know ever I used to do clients like when I was still living at home You just said I used to do clams clients oh clients Clients meaning like your 14 year old friends. Yeah like when you were 14 14, yeah I’m old enough to be your mother just so you know I Love the lighting in my house is destroying your video. Okay, so we have to talk about something I don’t think we do we do need to talk about I don’t review James so you tweeted a picture of you eat together as Miranda, but now my Twitter is exploding November 19 2013 no I said Would you like a vlog or Coleen’s corner and you said caline’s Carter? I love you so much. Oh my god I better meet you on January 11th at your show oMG. I want to give you a bit tongue good and then someone said a blow up and Yeah, that’s like oh My god, and you’re so cute cute is not the word I would use to describe So B and Ricky were driving over to Colleen’s today, and he was like oh my god James like have you ever actually met kollene before I was like the last time I’ll call he was literally when I bought tickets to her being great And it’s great isn’t that crazy, and I need to find marks. I know there’s more XLR more. You’re my idol I love you so much. Oh gee. I can’t wait to meet you in New York City. I want to give you a big hug If you search from : James all of all my words face your username It was just so sweet from James. Oh God you are a superfan wait September 6 2013 I wanted to make a starships video on the beach so bad But my parents wouldn’t film it for me oMFG. I’m still mad at them October 10 2013 I’m seeing you New York City, and it’s honestly going to be the best day of my life And if I don’t meet slash take a pic with you, I’ll cry Way to find the picture October 12th, I love you so much site for the semi nudity And there’s a picture of James with no shirt on these look like the spookiest ever kaleem’s parents just south of us Oh my god the picture of my mother all right linear Excel This is so weird because like I before like I wasn’t aware. I was like a huge fan of all like every yeah anyways So I’m not specially to solve Anything fine whatever made you a drawing? Oh, oh my gosh. Yeah, you did give me this Yeah, I did lots of them all I just went ahead of dude co-leads I was really quickly off camera and now we’re gonna make her face. Are you like okay? Are you feeling right now? Those sweets are even really Funny thinking about that like that me now is scared, but I didn’t see the picture of you meet like you and Miranda anywhere It’s like it has to be there somewhere About 13 hashtag Murph and of her life. I love you, Miranda. You’re so beautiful and perfect You’re my idol so haters back off What you want me to impersonate and you said Chaplin hell killing the game the best cover about this palette talk about it way too much about it’s a pretty good Miranda sings is selling tickets and my mama. Take me. Oh my god. Who wants to go text me ASAP Yeah, I can’t find a picture of the two of us together though well It has to be there somewhere now that I think about I remember me and my best friend at the time complaining that Rachel took the photo Mm, and he declared anybody people are I may be not posted For the live I’m gonna grab the Stila Liquid metal thinking’s these things are sort of everybody what they’re actually called, but this is the shade of Kenton karma Have used in support no okay, so you need to look down okay, and not look up and then Goes, mad. Yeah, okay, that’ll be great What? These go on like a liquid, but then they dry it out and click on that medicine They don’t move either in the prettiest cover. I’ve never even heard of them. They’re so good I says I will say this like I get my makeup done Every once in LA for like events and stuff makeup artists always complain about like beauty gurus online and how they’re all fake, and they don’t know what they’re doing and like they’re taking their jobs and They’re so, they’re so bad about it But let me just tell you I have never liked how any of them who don’t know like I always Prefer like when I do collabs with YouTube friends and like they do my makeup I’m like it always looks so much better because you know I think I think that like when you learn how like be a makeup Artist basically kind of care for a client as a makeup artist as a lot different than like actually doing makeup But I think that that knowledge is something that a lot of the YouTube people including myself don’t have like I would never sit there Yeah
I’m a professional makeup artist because I’m not you can’t sit there to a client properly like sanitize all my brushes to Prevent diseases and something I’ve seen all the same shit all my friends, and yeah, we’ve been good But what I don’t like is I feel like a lot of those people feel like Because they’ve been working at a lot longer because they work at like a supporter back that there for some reason better or more talented We just so far from the case because the amount of times I’ve seen an awful awful awful work Come out of those different sources ridiculous and great work to you Yes, sir absolutely absolutely, but I think amount of time or experience you’ve been doing something does not equate to tell it whatsoever yeah But it’s never easy That’s so many people will sit on my knee, but beauty gurus have no time on the girl I can be the face way better than you can beat well. Just because you’ve been working it back for time. Yeah, it’s not that That’s the tape This is what I have cut creases if you look down oh My god. It’s so hard to look up without like creasing my face How do you guys do it a lot of practice like I have my mirror here at all step? And then I do my makeup completely with my we are here like looking down the entire time because they see how right here I feel like your mother. I feel like this is the do my mom’s makeup because at this moment we I did bring a touch of her lashes I have some modulus tears publish anyone’s done, which ones do you have I have my card l-like just generic like shit ones His face More to fun. You can see what they look like my Eyelashes no move on to highlight are only wait for sister away from my bottom lashes I’m going to use of course when it really be a Duke Charles video if I was not using the auto sales yet So Hollywood illuminator and combination of my work I Never gonna quit it I feel like whenever I try to like bronze my face or like Blush sure how that or anything at all just morph together, yeah These are gonna be about Red carpet assist she wears like to be a bang Long shadows I’m tired you want to get those online These look like a winged These up like a wing I don’t know so why do we get wet basically when you like wet your brush would like fix applause early? Let’s say that’s bit of water before you apply it for like metallic and signed shades It makes it like more pigmented and more like blinding. Yes. We must care. I don’t have a lobster wash color in there Yeah, how dirty? Of spooky I’ll so get ready for old age because my lashes used to be so long and now they’re like stubby little stubs It’s a clone fake ones for a reason so for a Colleen’s look today I’m going to use the over liquid lipstick in the shade honey Lulu, and you guys know you can use code James 30% of your purchase well, she’s dying she is And I’m gonna finish off Colleen’s look with some exposed I forgot my settings right Yeah, my hair is so queasy, but I’m a couple eggs beat oh My gosh this looks so good. I’m so impressed Thanks at Sur. How did you do this? Can you come over every day? I would be honored to like Okay finally got to meet me it was a long time 13 to to the universe Funny head, so it really goes to show though for anything guys out there if you want something early Yeah, I might just work just tweet the crap And like you know perfected your talent and my girls Winning all these you were to nobody I was irrelevant to the world aside from my little hometown and family He made me really commando by the local those streets. You didn’t see I’m stopped there. We go guys if you enjoyed this video say Please don’t forget to give a big thumbs up down below and scribe to my youtube channel Cut that little bell above the butan so you can subscribe every time the I upload a new video the briefs check everything we did Over on choline channel won’t know Miranda Miranda Shambo check out the video over on the Miranda channel be there to follow me on their makeup dirty Khatami on instagram which but are They’re both. Just James Charles and my snapchat Ferb are behind. It sees itself is James Charles the lecture pass after Charles Follow me If you like to follow sister choline you can check around all for social media platforms Just look at my way Nate. You want a today’s today, so search how that goes to its sister Lauren I think you so much for always following it supporting me and you for body this all About make sure always retweet my buddy leave something alive on Twitter alright guys we will see you next time I love you so much and goodbye


  1. ilove Colleen and James but it’s kinda dumb… they should have made it Miranda left and then James had Colleen and said like “because Miranda left I have Colleen” instead of Colleen showing her taking of her Miranda lipstick and stuff.

  2. Who else thought it was weird seeing Colleen taking off her Miranda makeup and talking like Colleen?

    Just me? Ok

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