Doing Big Marvel’s makeup – Edward Avila

hi guys welcome back to my channel Chucky Sylvia oh my name is speak mobber I am youtuber and I am famous k-pop group and so today cool no I use my goes up anyway she just about Kyle could bhindi so captain on new top 20 hair that oh poor so I’ll tell my mom I think we should zoom in need to cut the length don’t worry what I okay of course oh really [Music] actually big marble skin is really good so I just need it covered a little bit of darkness under his eyes my vocal cord is very deeply um not really I want to start Buddhist surgery sorry great sir gray yeah Papa Saku Saku Saku Saku sorry surgery Su Su yeah surgery darker circles or grey oh good very good now I’m going to put a little bit of calm face and skin is a little bit dry so I’m not gonna put too much powder I’m going to use this powder because there’s this pesum with moisturizing chebula ingredients in there you always make up like this daily hmm for me I have a lot of makeup to sweat it so I usually wear kind of a lot of makeup Hunter no Lomonosov buzzing boom we’ve got to cream contour your face for a powder but well I can do it now a big Marvel space I’m just gonna kind of shave down the sides a little bit because he actually has really nice proportions porcelain proportion I’m teeth front to side side to side Oh lefty I need death no it looks the line here is actually neither oh what a nice tidy bad day I gets to me the the right jaw is a little bit more sharp than the left yeah mm-hmm or smaller space using this yeah kuna what do you wanna tell us all no yes like overall tava we’re ready oh thank you see this would take shorter if I did it with powder but my mistake a little light in here is different because there’s two like white lights and then this one yellow light here difficult because yeah because I’m right-handed oh I understand just this is my good side well cushy little peel minute cool that so one so we’ll put highlight are his nose ah nudes oh okay so if his hair is the type that’s uh kind of would you kind of naked here so I think the best type to use for that kind of eyebrow is brown cake and then if I need to sharp it I can use a pencil so I’ll use the darker color today we’re gonna make you a foon um mm-hmm yeah so I give you the up and straight right through right go start uh yeah okay Pardo start yes keep our Bible style still in there a little bit and then I’ll use the lighter color [Music] I want to also fluent – well I can’t – yes cuckoo – in some queer that oh because a lot of people I’ve seen on Instagram like in Korea good 10200 surround today it looks really like weird weird you know really reduce like its Tina looks really weird weird me you can step forward in our teaching me since out English from where where is he promised Thursday pudding oh ok so his hair is blonde and so I need a color the guy brought hair we’re so high up ah but no four-eyes even a gun idle going to his pin signing could on the king I’m going to hand sign here yeah you your hands I mean this one base basis the first color you don’t make a part of yourself no just the woman makeup yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] this color again middle I want a little bit more Sparkle so I’m going to use this Pony effect sparkling grinding whatever challenge okay so I’m gonna dip into this soft glam Taliban estancia use it to light his eyes cuz I like this for eyeliner because the pigment is so good [Music] well I do sire but like some punch some Punjab Punjab on punch up on top drink up drink oh yes [Applause] not really forever it’s a big but you’d better quarter look a little bit more key one hand I’m going to use that same one [Music] [Applause] for your lips Hadji to the cornet can you do it to me every day Rudy jibanyan if you come to my house Kenny para 101 to makeup artists they use this make up bit not to do here okay I’m gonna do his hair out BB BB prime primer spray go save it sister what could I get so yeah but answer I can use it ah you don’t know how yeah very difficult I’ll teach you the pom pom pom bow meows Oh dolly down where did you run this you should or really or cream or you’re not and you should be Chong up and sit there you want to try yourself [Music] dislike of Sudan to believe with your arm what is it poverty yo-yo more number yeah good job I’d be more younger like Oh 18 student – yeah all right so all right so when I’m passing the flat iron through his hair I’m titled curving it this way so it gives volume [Music] looks more volume iced either I idle uh I don’t know about an idle he kind of looks like Yvonne right even me booth and on his hair is really straight so if you want to give like texture whatever take a piece of hair and not like this but like this and twist it sideways Oh Corby interests if your hair is really thick don’t go too fast because it doesn’t actually curl the hair because some people I’ve seen they kind of just do that but it doesn’t do anything so you have to do and it’s a little shaky honey slow again [Music] for anything looks nice because his hair is really long so honestly for a lot of these idle looks you have to grow your hair out hmm because a lot of people trying to do it when their hair is too short I hope we read you what oh yeah and then just curl any part that look too straight if there’s a piece that looks too straight than just curve it a little bit and then when you’re done done I just not in laughs I’m gonna I only use hairspray because your hair is really thin wax it a little moolah mmm so your hair will kind of fall to keep sipping Iike it will fall easily I kind of like [Music] and even told you kind of look like Holland for Linda a little bit Tommy my cool um do what is for undo see you ah ah could be for me I like it when it’s just a little bit cheeky lorry not like one John light open secret it’s a great little Pina I already read your open you thank you very much alright done my garnish [Music] [Music] papa oh sorry cap Oh give – yes whoa what’s happening Oh bet equalizer she’s an idol now Wow unbelievable man you’re nearly master of to make up and it’s okay oh you better then before my baked all parties are really really really better bang no clue Thank You Joanna oh all right well take out big Mama’s channel if you like to see the crazy world of big Marvel he’s got some big things going on so just like your name my name check out his channel link it down below and yeah I’ll see you guys later bye where’s this thing yo J and money honey lettuce bye-bye thank you Oh everyone thank you nice sort of like a sausage shop again [Music]

100 thoughts on “Doing Big Marvel’s makeup – Edward Avila

  1. I just noticed that Edward is wearing the same shirt Yugyeom wore in their 'THE New Era' music video. 😮

  2. The Only Kpop Idol Play With Chicken And Always Say "ARE U KIRRING ME" 😂 He didnt Use "D" but "R" so He say Kirring 😂 not kidding 😂

  3. 5:40 dude I literally forgot that Big marvel has lOADS of tattoos and it really brings out the manliness from him

  4. 9:50
    BM: Ooh! I look younger, like an 18yo student!
    BM: Wah:
    Eddy: Ok so I'mma just-hold on. burns BM
    Eddy: I'm sorry!
    Eddy: grabs his hand Mianhae!

  5. 6:59 does big marvel do that everyday 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm handsome boy from South Korea and I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  6. 9:56 9:57 9:58 9:59 10:00 10:01 10:02 10:03 10:04 10:05 10:06 10:07 10:08 10:09 with every speed 0.75x 1.25x 0.25x 1.5x 1.75x 0.5x

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