Do The Hairspray!

People are commenting naming this move. Yeah, cuz you haven’t been able to name it
yet. I can’t. You’re too close to it! You’re too close to your art! I’m too close to it. That’s right. But there are some really good ones and some
that are very offensive. Elizabeth said call it the “Rocking Betty
Robot.” Ok. I like that. It does look a little robot-y. Bekah brought
that up yesterday that it has a little bit of a robot texture to it. Right, and Lauren said, “The Betty Rock-n-Roll.” Which is good, cuz you’re rolling your head
your head and you’re rocking. Plus, it has your name in it which that’s
good if it goes viral. Ryan said the, “Don’t Do It.” Oh Ryan. Travis had my favorite. It’s called, “The Hairspray.” Yes. Nice. That is the name! That is it. Cuz Betty loves her some big hair. I always wondered… I think that’s where I subconsciously get
it. Cuz like, you have a can in each hand. And you’re spraying your hair down! Yeah. Yes! I actually do like that. That’s what I’m gonna call it! There you go! The hairspray!

6 thoughts on “Do The Hairspray!

  1. I thought Wally was supposed to shave his beard??! Wasn’t that the deal during support drive or something?

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