Do Korean Men Wear Makeup?

hi guys welcome back to my channel this
is Ryan and today I’m going to tell you guys
whether Korean guys wear makeup or not a month ago
I filmed the video that was about Korean stereotypes and in the video I mentioned
that you guys can ask me about Korean stereotypes and there was only one
comment that was about Korean stereotype. and today the comment became
on today’s videos theme so thank you Jess it’s gonna be a little bit complicated
so I guess you guys have to watch this video until the end so basically I
didn’t think that Korean guys wear makeup because I don’t know it’s just
not so common you know it’s like more like rare and even though I spot some
dudes wearing makeup on street it’s just they don’t put on makeup as much as like
a lot of people can notice that they put something on their face so it’s like
even in Korea putting on makeup is not something that men can be like super
proud of but since after I went to LA I changed my mind a little bit because I
don’t know it’s just when I was in LA I literally couldn’t see a single guy
wearing a makeup. it’s like if I go to downtown in Seoul like Gangnam
myeongdong sinchon hongdae like those places then I can see a few guys
wearing like BB cream CC cream or like concealer but in LA I really couldn’t
see like no it’s just no nope guys there was wearing makeup there so I was like oh I
guess I have to say that Korean guys can wear
like from the perspective of social mood Korean guys can wear make
like can wear makeup you know like I can imagine myself wearing makeup and
walking on street in Seoul you know because people would give a glance at me
and I mean people would give a glance at me but still it wouldn’t be as many as I
should be care about you know but I just cannot picture myself in a way like
wearing makeup but still it doesn’t mean that I can say that Korean guys wear
makeup because I don’t know it’s just still is super rare and especially it’s
almost impossible spotting a guy wearing a liptint or a lipstick because
like I said before they don’t like to show that they put something on their
face instead korean guys don’t consider
the sunscreen as makeup so it’s like for 20’s man it’s more common putting
on sunscreen than not putting on sunscreen and I think even like for
40’s and 50’s man, I don’t think it’s gonna be that hard to find a man wearing
sunscreen and to be honest um a lot of men don’t wear sunscreen because they
think putting on sunscreen is gonna make their girlfriend or wife think that they
are not manly or masculine enough but in Korea if a man doesn’t put on sunscreen
then um his wife or a girlfriend or at least his mom is gonna nag him about not
putting on makeup about make up sunscreen so today’s videos done here
and I hope you guys get the point of this video and if you guys want to ask
me about some Korean stereotypes, leave comments I might film a video about
that comment later so um yeah that’s all and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and
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4 thoughts on “Do Korean Men Wear Makeup?

  1. Very interesting information. Thank you… I have seen in social media many Korean guys wearing bb cream. Which is not bad for a guy to hide his blemishes. I thought the makeup for men is very important as apart of skin care routine.

  2. Ooh thanks for sharing this topic~ I was pretty curious too. When I visited Seoul I felt like it’s pretty hard to tell if a guy is wearing light makeup or just takes really good care of his skin lol

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