DIY – Vanity mirror with LED light strip for Makeup | Simple & Quick guide

Ohho! I can’t see anything in this mirror. 🙁 I wish, I had vanity mirror like celebrities. Wow! It’s super amazing.
How did you make it? let’s see that. The DIY Company presents… Celebrity style VANITY MIRROR with LED light strip. Keep the mirror on the floor and let’s get started We just need two things to do this.
First is a LED light strip. Generally available in 5 meter length, which should be enough for
most of the full-length mirrors. You can choose a cool white or warm white color. I prefer, warm white as it make you look really good. You can buy it for 300 to
1200 rupees on Amazon, Flipkart or retail shop. Next we need is a 12V DC adapter
with 2A or more output. with some LED light strip it is bundled
or you can buy it separately Also, you can use any old one lying at home. I am putting more details and links to buy in description. Do keep a pair of scissor handy.
We will need it to cut the LED strip. Most of these strips come with adhesive at the back,
which makes it really easy to stick We will stick it to the inner-most part of the frame. Starting from the corner which is closest to the power socket. This will make it easy to connect with adapter while installing. Keep pressing it gently. On the corner leave a slight gap and
make sure you’re not bending any led. Just like this paste it on all the sides. Now, we will cut it at the closest trim
mark from the end. Don’t cut it anywhere else
as it will lead to few LEDs being non-functional. It’s time to connect it to power adapter. Join the red wire to
the positive(+) and black to negative/ground(-) Confused about the polarity? Don’t
worry. it doesn’t harm the LED if you connect it other way around. I’ll make a separate video on “how to cut / join LED strips and connect to power supply.” You will find the link in the description below. See how cool it looks. Hey guys, if you find the video useful
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