hi, hi friends today i’m bringing you this recyclable craft idea to give use to those denim snippets we have left from our previous crafts in this case we’re gonna cover this plastic jar i have here and now it will be useful to organize pens or you can also use it to organize makeup brushes i’m gonna be using a piece of denim it measures 71 centimeters the width is gonna vary a lot depending on the size of the jar or what you’re gonna cover in this case the wider diameter of this jar is 42 centimeters approximately like i said, the width will depend a lot of the jar your’re gonna use that’s why i didn’t measure it because it’s gonna change depending on the jar you choose we’re gonna use liquid glue and we’re gonna do a little fold and apply the glue on the edge and start sticking the fabric all around (the list of materials will be in the description box) here, when we finish sticking the edge to attach it a little bit we’re gonna stick the end on this end just like you see on the image and we’re gonna start sticking the bottom part on the bottom part make folds or puckers on the fabric in a way you see that the fabric is better suited in this case i’ve been making folds all around and i see it looks nicer this way you stretch the fabric, adjust and you look for the way to make it better when we close the last part, the last pucker we’re gonna put a bit of preassure there so it sticks correctly to decorate i wanted to make puckers to form a bow and that’s what i’m gonna do right now i make the first puckers and start organizing the other part of what’s going to be my bow i’m gonna start sticking the other part with glue dots and now i’m gonna pull out a pucker to help me so this border here… …won’t look like so the union won’t show so much so with a fold we’re gonna cover that part so here this fold is gonna help us is for this union not to show that much i pull out the pucker a bit these are the puckers we were making when we were doing the bottom part so from those puckers i’m gonna pull out so it helps me cover what this finishing part would be i’m gonna put a bit of liquid glue on the center to help me form the pleat although you make this later because i forgot here i had to put the knot in the middle so it gives me the bow shape so you can make that after you’ve done the knot with a piece of fabric we’re gonna fold it in half, and make a knot that looks very pretty and that’s the one we’ll put in the center so it gives us the bow shape we want we hide the tips inside the wrinkles of the bow so it won’t look ugly and there we have our bow for some reason the camera didn’t record this part, but what i did here was pull out the pucker to put the union parts inside the pucker with the finishing part of the bow, this way it’s below the pucker so it looks better it’s done now we’ll proceed to the decoration part to create it i’ve used this ribbon it comes ready with this little flowers and it looks super pretty basically what we do is again with liquid glue stick the flowers to make it prettier we’re gonna trim the flowers we have left and stick them on the bow part well, this is the final result this how our pen/makeup brushes organizer looks like whatever you decide and it really looks beautiful i liked it a lot, i hope you too if you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe for more videos like this see you on the next video, bye, bye! English subtitle credis to:
Sofia Muñoz, contacto email: [email protected]

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