DIY: Personalized makeup brushes

Hi everybody and welcome back. Today I have
a fun DIY for you to customize you makeup brushes. To take them from drab to fab. So
the makeup brushes I am using are beautebasic they are red. but they don’t match the colors
in my room. I feel like they may need a face lift. You are going to need some spray paint.
I am going to be using the valspar color radiance spray paint. it is a paint and primer that
is why I choose it. It is good for wood, metal, and plastic it is a satin finish. in this
really pretty blue. rust-oleum american accents 2x ultra cover it is a clear gloss it is going
to help seal the color so that way when I wash my makeup brushes they wont get messed
up. and then I am going to use some sand paper. I am using the 3m sand paper 220 ultra fine.
You don’t have to use this particular brand, but this is what i liked. I feel that it really
worked, it is not too abrasive for the brushes themselves and also you are going to need
some coffee filters or plastic bags. Something to cover the brush heads some tape I ran out
of painters tape and am using washi tape and a glue gun. you are also going to need, not
pictured here, fabric washi tape or regular washi tape. To start with you are going to
need some makeup brushes, some fabric washi tape or regular washi tape. I got mine from
the dollar tree. This is the fabric one. Some sharp scissors. and what we are going to do
is take our washi tape and we are going to measure from the metal all the way down to
the wood. to see how long it is. We are going to cut that and we are also going to cut two
pieces. we need two exact same sizes for this. Wrap it around the brush handle make sure
it is even and nice. Make sure to cut evenly so that you have an even cut not a slanted
one. We are going to go up right to the base of the black. I don’t want to go over the
metal I want to gently but firmly press this on down the center as you see I did not do
the sides till I did the center I am doing one side at a time it works better then trying
to do both because you will get creases. As you can see one section is done. Now we are
going to take that second piece of tape we cut we are going to cut in half, because we
only need to cover a little bit and we really don’t want to overlap the tape. if you do
that, I noticed it doesn’t like to stay down but if you just overlap it a little bit you
will be fine. So I just did that so that there is no red showing and then as you can see
I left a little bit at the top I am going to cut a little bit off I cut it into three’s
the reason I am doing that so that when I fold it over it will give a nice flush edge.
Now wait we aren’t done yet. what we are going to do is take that other strip we cut and
we are going to take probably less then an inch. You are going to want to measure the
top and what you are going to do is go around the top and put that tape there so there is
no red peeping through, because you want a seamless look. So there you go. So now we
are going to go on to the fun part of painting our brushes. Now if you want too you can take
off the brush heads which is what I did. I just pulled them off and removed the glue.
If you don’t want to do that as you can see here, I am just wrapping the base, the metal
part with the washi tape. or if you have painters tape, probably will work better to use painters
tape, around it. So that when I go to sand as well as paint I do not paint or sand the
metal part. then I am going to take that coffee filter and wrap around the head because I
do not want to ruin my brush heads. I did test this and I used about 3 to 4 coffee filters
to really make sure none of the paint went through. You are going to have to test for
yourself whatever you are using so the paint doesn’t seep through. and then we are just
going to sand, sand, sand. be warned though if you are sanding older painting items there
could be lead and that is very dangerous. and you might want to skip this all together
so you need to check for yourself what is going on with that, and i am going to sand,
sand till there is no more paint. So that is what it looks like. Now we are ready to
paint. what I did was light, light coats as you can see here I did 3 or 4 light coats
really making sure to evenly coat it , because if you do heavy coats you are going to get
drips and it won’t be even and it is going to be a nuisance to work with. So I would
suggest you do a very light hand. and the paint I used it dried in about 15 minutes.
But I gave it 15 to 20 minutes before I did another coat. as you can see here I am taking
that clear top coat the rust-oleum and i am using it seal the brushes and give a nice
glossy edge. So if you took off the brush heads obviously you are going to need reapply
the brush heads. So what I am doing is I am using some hot glue, please be warned hot
glue is very hot. So if you are underage definitely get adult supervision to help you. and don’t
touch hot glue it’s hot. If you have any residue get a napkin or something to wipe it off,
don’t use your hand. and I am going to peal the tape off the other as you can see it comes
off really nice and it gives you a very even and clean cut and that is what it looks like.
It is pretty simple so thank you guys again so much for watching. I hope you really really
enjoyed this video. Make sure to give it a big thumbs up, I was looking for something
really quick to do with my makeup brushes without having to spend a whole lot of money
and this was under $10 bucks. So if you do it don’t forget to let me know, I will talk
to you guys later. God bless and have an awesome day. Bye!

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  1. Do I have to do the sand paper part and detach the wood from the brush part or can I just paint over it with the color already on it?

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