DIY Peel Off Makeup Tattoos!

Rachel, will you please clean
up all your cups in the kitchen? It wasn’t me. It was you. What makes you think it’s me? It could have so
easily been Daniela. OK. [RECORD SCRATCH] Maybe they are mine. And maybe you should
stop wearing lipstick. Maybe I will look into
making a lip stain. Good idea. Hey, guys, it’s Rachel. Just so you guys
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the peel-off lip product. So I saw a lot of videos on
YouTube of people testing out the peel-off lip stain, and
the peel-off eyebrow tattoo. And it just looked
really fun, so I kind of wanted to try it myself. But then I looked up the
shipping for everything, and it was going to
take like a month. So I decided to try to
make it at home by myself, and let me tell
you, it’s annoying, because the easiest
thing ended up being the thing that worked out. But I tested out so many
things to try to make this. Like, I literally
tested out gelatin. Surprise gelatin does not work
to make this product at all. The only thing that worked
to make this was school glue. The safe and the non-toxic
kind that everyone used to use in preschool. Otherwise, you’re
poisoning your body if you don’t use
the non-toxic kind. And just fill each
container with the glue. So fun. So fun to watch. And now you need food coloring. But this is the fun
part, because you to play around and mix all
the colors that you want, but I’m just doing
the basic colors as they came in the bottle. And mix them all
together with a q-tip. And make sure to test
the product on your wrist beforehand, because you never
know if you’re allergic to it, because you could easily be
allergic to one of the dyes. But if you’re not
allergic to it, then just apply the product
onto your lips for five minutes until it dries, and peel it off. I can’t move my lips. Oh no, I can’t say the letter
M. I keep messing it up! Wow, it’s so bright. It’s already coming off
a little bit over here. OK, it’s very dry. So I guess that means
it’s time to take it off. Oh, that’s bright. It’s not coming off! This is great! Does this mean it’s not
going to get on my teeth? I’m trying the blue. Did anyone else used to eat this
stuff when they were younger because– Someone just knocked at
the door and I don’t know how I’m going to explain this. They didn’t ask. You can use this to
peel-off tattoo this onto any part of your
face or your body. I know that all the videos
that I saw, they also put on a peel-off
eyebrow thing, but I don’t think it could
be that safe to put Elmer’s glue on your eyebrows. For some reason the two
just don’t mix very well. If you desperately want to
get the product off your lips, you can just take some
sugar and olive oil and just rub it on your lips and
pretty much exfoliate it off. Here we go. I’m going to make a rainbow! Cute. I’m just dragging
this video out. I have a rainbow now. I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you didn’t see my
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