DIY How to saw wired makeup bag(English sub)

Hello. My name is Julie. Today, Im gonna show you how to saw wired makeup bag. What you will need is Fabric,lining, wired hanger, zipper wire cutters , basic tools for sawing, and tools for pattern making. this is the pattern to start with You need 2 pieces for outer fabric, 2pieces for lining fabric 1piece for pocket I’m gonna start with adding a pocket on a lining fabric and also for my design I added fringe. we need to make the top of the bag first. leave 2cm(0.7inch) longer for both edges of the zipper than the fabric I’m gonna put the zip face up towards out side fabric, then outer fabric and lining fabric together face to face, I’m just gonna line up the raw edges of the fabric and the zipper tape will be together. I’m gonna Leave 1cm(0,4inch) for both side and saw a seem along next to zipper teeth, then saw the other side too its time to start making the actual shape of the bag itself, so open the zip and take the two front together and take the lining fabric together. we need to leave 2 cm(0,7inch)from the zipper, the right angled corners both outer and lining fabric, bottom of lining fabric and saw around then we will saw corner parts in a straight line from here all the way cross to the other side and we will repeat the all for 4 corners now we need to turn our bag right way out its a case where you have the hole in the bottom for lining fabric my fusible interlining is pretty stiff pull the zipper out we need to put the seem allowance in and stitch there just either side because you will need to put the wire in from the other side top stitch 2cm(0.7inch) from the zipper, just run a line of stitching along all the way for the wire to go in its time to make the wire there are ones its already made for this specific bag from dollar stores but the size was already decided and I wanted to make it with my preference size so I decided to go with customizing the wire it was hard to cut the wire maybe because of its dollar store quality. But it was actually 2 dollars from Daiso You could cut it off easier with bigger wire cutters I cut it off in 32cm(12.6inch)for wire length we will make 2 of it we need a tape to protect edges of the wires put the wires in from the other side where you left it open Lastly, We need to stitch there and bottom of the lining fabric. Thank you for watching!

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