DIY Duct Tape Pencil/Makeup Bag

For this project you’ll need a cutting sheet,
one or two rolls of duct tape, a ruler, a stapler, an x-acto knife and a zipper. Start by making a duct tape sheet of about
20 by 30 centimeters or 25 by 30 centimeters. Cut some tape off the edges to make them straight. Now place your duct tape sheet with side that
will be the outside of the bag facing up. Place the zipper wrong side facing up at the
edge of the sheet. Use a stapler to attach the zipper to the
sheet as I show here. Now bend the sheet and let the other side
of the zipper touch the opposite edge of the duct tape sheet and staple again. Cut a strip of duct tape as long as the bottom
of your bag and cut this strip in half lengthwise. Now use these strips to stick the zipper to
the inside of the bag on both sides as I show here. Now decide where you want the zipper to be:
at the top or somewhere in the center of the pouch. Open your zipper a few centimeters. Cut the excess zipper off and fold the sheet.
My fold is exactly in the center of the sheet because I want my zipper to be at the side. Use staples to close both sides. Use two pieces of tape to cover up the staples
at the sides. Now open your zipper completely and turn your
bag inside out. You can use this as a pencil pouch for school
or work. You can also use this as a makeup bag for

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