DIY Dollar Tree Room Decor 5 Piece Mirror Vanity Tray Set – So Glam with BLING

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel for this video I created a gorgeous super duper glam 5 piece vanity tray. I really really love this This is actually a request from one of my subscribers. One thing that also brought some inspiration to this project is A company by the name of Gearbest reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in working with them I took a look at their website. I didn’t see a whole lot of crafts on their website What I ended up picking out was these glass doorknobs y’all and these are so So pretty & just so nice. They actually even have a little mirror in these. You see that, that’s like a little octagon shape Y’all love them. These are cabinet size, so they’re not too big And yeah, they’re really a good size for something like this For this project. I want to go ahead and start making the handles for my tray So kind of like last week or just like last week I used the handles on the punchbowl spoons and I melted the bowl part off of each of the spoons I used two of them. I melted it with my hot knife and I also shortened the handles just a little bit more by cutting another piece off of the handles and I used the dowel But you can use anything with a straight edge to kind of line up Curve to curve so you can have more of an even handle So next I’ll start working on my tray and I’ll be using one of these 11 by 15 mirrors from Dollar Tree. I take the frame off by bending the edges all the way around kind of back and forth back and forth These are normally pretty easy to take off, but I have had some Before that would seem like they were kind of glued on there So always they use caution when you’re working with glass or sharp edges Now once the framing was removed Then I placed my mirror face down and started gluing a knob on each of the corners of my mirror with the gems Facing down. So I applied the glue on the metal part I went around the edges of the frame with two rows of Diamond wrap and I glued that down with hot glue Now next I wanted to make a little rail with my floral gems So I just lined these along the edges and glued each gem down with hot glue laying them side-by-side Now keep in mind we need to leave a little bit of space for our handles so I Skip a gem where I want to glue my handles and then I just keep working my way all the way around the mirror My handles are going to be on the 11 inch sides of the 11 by 15 mirror So what I’ve done was I counted three gems from each edge on both sides and then I skipped one gem on the 4th gem if that makes sense. I Wanted to give this a little more height. So I started gluing another row of gems on top of the bottom room When I got to where the handles were going to be I skipped that spot just to leave one row There so that I would give myself plenty of space for my hand to grab underneath the handle After all my gems are glued on I go ahead and decorate my handle I glue five rows of Diamond wrap on the handles with Gorilla Glue and then to secure them to the tray. I glue the handles to the mirror with E 6000 and gorilla hot glue and I wanted to use the E 6000 for this part because I wanted to make sure that it was durable enough. So if you go to grab the handles, it’ll stay Before my tray is completed I need to fill in the top row of gems were the handles and that the highest row of the gems they meet So I add a couple of gems next to the handle so there isn’t any gaps or anything there Now my vanity tray is finished. So I start working on the glass pieces that I had bought from Dollar Tree the first one that I start working on is this square vase and this is a fairly new item at my Dollar Tree. I was searching for something that I can make a lid out of and one thing that you could use if you wanted to is One of these coasters from Dollar Tree you can decorate it to match your decor. I just went with this plastic spatula because it has kind of a mirror finish and I wanted it all to go together So I grabbed this from the wedding section and Dollar Tree and all I did was Sit it on top of my face and draw a line with a pencil where I thought it would be a really good fit and then I just cut that line with my hot knife and You could totally use a hack saw from Dollar Tree or just a hack saw in general On this or the punch bowl spoon if you don’t have a hot knife, or if you just want to get smoother edges. I went around the edges of my lid with adhesive Diamond wrap and then I glued One of my glass knobs in the center of my lid with gorilla hot glue I also went around the knobs with some diamond wrap as well. For the vase or the glass part of this I cut cut a square patch of Diamond wrap and I just glued that in the position of a diamond on all four sides And then I went around the near bottom with some bling wrap to kind of tie everything in together I didn’t want to overdo it with too much bling wrap on this vase Sometimes less is more and I already love this vase just like it is and I didn’t want to hide it, you know with too much bling. Next I start to decorate one of these glass Candle holders and these have like crystal cuts kind of like squares all the way around it These are pretty common at Dollar Tree and I went around the near bottom with this with two rows of Diamond wrap and that’s all that I’ve done for the body of this and then for the lid I used the bottom piece of one of those plastic wine glasses from Dollar Tree and I decorated this with JOT gems that I found on the office isle Dollar Tree and I glued those gems around the center and then I of course glued a glass knob on top of this lid as Well, and now for my favorite part This clip is from Hobby Lobby I’ve seen at these perfume bottles and I fell in love with him So I wanted to make one with this little glass that I had gotten at Dollar Tree. I planned on using a dowel at first and then I shifted it to a plastic q-tip, I Threaded one end of the cotton swab on the inside of the knob and let it sit in water for a couple of days Just to see how it done before I shared this video. Well when I checked it a couple of days later, it was bone dry I was actually a little surprised. I didn’t use any glue at all I just threaded it and I wanted to say how much force would be needed to make this q-tip come out So I just swung it around and around and it was perfectly fine So then I just started pulling on it And if you pull hard enough, you can pull the q-tip out without having to twist it, but it has to be intentional It’s not just going to fall out so I filled my little perfume bottle with some body spray that I have and then I Placed my knob on top with my q-tip in it, of course And then I noticed that needed a little bend so it would fit a little bit better So I just kind of bent my q-tip just a little bit For decoration I poked a pink flower through the inside just For looks to add a little bit of color in my perfume bottle the final piece to my vanity set is this clear storage container from Dollar Tree. Now, of course I could have went around this with the regular diamond wrap like I’ve already used on the other ones But I just want to give you guys a different look. So I got some ribbon at Hobby Lobby they’ve been having a sell quite a bit lately on their wedding decor for like 50% off and you can find some amazing buys and amazing crafts in the wedding section. I just wanna let you know that. The ribbon has been on sell a lot recently. This this is normally $14 and I paid $7. I just laid my ribbon flat on the container and I cut it to fit and then I glue it down with hot glue and I go all the way around the container. Of course, I done the same thing for the lid I just cut to fit and glue it. I used the gems from Dollar Tree to go around the side of the lid and I’ve only been able to find these gems one time At Dollar Tree which surprised me because I can never ever find the clear ones anyway, these are very common in craft stores Walmart even has them this backing from Hobby Lobby for $4.99 1,500 gems come in a pack and they are various sizes But I got them 1/2 off because these were in the wedding decor that Hobby Lobby’s so they were just $2.50 The only thing I really don’t like about these is they don’t have adhesive on the back of them now all that’s left to do is to glue a knob on the lid of this container and this 5 piece vanity set is now completed Had so much fun create this, I hope you enjoyed it I love you so so much Thank you for watching and I’ll see you very soon and another DIY project Here is a quote from Carlie’s mom and her says “you don’t love her because she’s beautiful She’s beautiful because you love her.” Oh, that is so sweet. Thank you Carlie’s mom for sharing that and if you know of an inspirational quote and you want to share it with us Just leave it in the comments with the word quote somewhere in the comments, so It’s a little bit easier for me to find. I love you guys so much. Y’all have a blessed week and I’ll see you soon

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  1. Hello. I've seen alottttt of vanity sets I love love love this one the best. So much I watched the whole video. I'm in process of getting a house I was thinking of my vanity table tonight. I'm going to try to make mine as close to this fingers cross it would ever be so beautifull!!! I do enjoy all your videos sweetie!!! Keep them coming please!!! Thank you for taking the time to share them with us!!! You are beautiful as well as so talented!!!

  2. I am absolutely in love with this craft. I really like a lot of your videos, but this one…โ€ฆ I can't wait to do this one. I know they have large gems in the wedding sections of Hobby Lobby and was wondering if these would work in place of the door knobs? But will also look into the door knobs as well. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. They are awesome

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  13. THIS SET Is amazing!!! great job! i havent watched the video yet bc im looking for the knobs and i KNOW IM LATE TO THE VIDEO BUT THEY ARE SOLD OUT OF THAT KNOB! Could you tell me the exact size and item number? They are almost $20 on the website for a set of 12 on their site so im gonna go to HD and see if they have them in the store. PLEASE AND THANKS!

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  17. a tip…you could run a small bead of hot gun on the inside of spatula topper to make a seal of would help keep the lid sitting on square container without slipping around, hopefully that makes since. kinda like a rubber gasket. beautiful job. i love it.

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