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Hey guys! Look at my gift for you! We are celebrating 50k subscribers! I’m even going to dance samba to it! How great! Thank you so much to each of you that subscribed, there are 50k hearts here who love sewing! I made this beautiful bag that the beginners can totally make! Patience and persistence, and you can get to whatever level you want in life! No bias tape! I love it when there is no bias tape! Before we start the video, leave a like, guys! Subscribe to my channel and let’s get sewing! Making this bag is very easy. Even the beginners can try this project. The download for all of the templates is available for free for you. Just follow this tutorial and print the templates at home, or try to make them by hand because the measurements are on the template and you can make it without printing and you will still achieve the same result. After printing, this is what you do.This one here is the bottom of the bag and this one is the top. Note that the bottom is much bigger than the top. This is an angular bag. This is a synthetic fabric, and this one is a cotton fabric, and I put interfacing only on this one. I will put them front to front, level them at the top, and sew with the foot of the machine, backstitch in the beginning and end. After sewing, this is what it looks like. Now, we are going to open it, remember you cannot iron synthetic fabrics. Now, we turn the piece, and we will put this part here over to the top. Now we take it to the machine and sew with this part turned to the top. to this part of the bag where the interfacing is. We are going to sew right here, very thinly, making sure that this excess part here is turned to the interfacing. You won’t even need a special foot because at this point you will not be sewing on top of the synthetic fabric, only on top of the normal fabric. After you finish sewing, your piece will look like this. I am showing you the front, let me focus, this is the front, and this is the back. I keep the synthetic material all the way to the side where the interfacing is. This makes it look good on the front. Now we will put the zipper. Here is my zipper. It is pre-made, and here is what I’m going to do. We will measure the base, and we will take 1 cm off from each side of it. And also take off the part of the zipper. The zipper has to be 2 cm less than this total. This way. It has to be in this corner, and I will do this on both sides. Let me measure from the other side. I hope you can understand so that your project is beautiful. Like mine. This way, let me show you. The zipper has to be shorter than the piece. Now, I need two scrap pieces of fabric, folded like bias tape, like I did here, the measurement I used is 5 cm in height, I fold it, and put it as a zipper tab. This is the charm of this bag. I put it right here. I make a sandwich with the zipper inside. Now I will take it to the machine and I will sew right on the edge and I will do this on both sides. Here it is, all done. I will cut this excess off. I don’t need it. And the zipper looks very good. This detail is very beautiful. Now I will find the center of the zipper. I will fold it, Some people don’t like doing this, but I have no problem in cutting a small piece of the zipper. The zipper is a synthetic material and it can open up, but if you do it carefully there should be no problem. I cut one side, then the other. I found the middle of the zipper on both sides and I will do the same with the main fabric. I also fold it, and make this tiny cut. Right here. Now, look what a mess I’ve made. Now, with the handle turned to the left, and downward, I meet both cuts. Now, I will take one of the linings of the bag, don’t get confused: the top has this smaller piece, I will put it over on top, ad I will sew with a backstitch in the beginning and end. Here it is, sewn up. You have to be very careful when meeting the fabrics here. Look how it is perfect if you’re careful. Can you see the ladder going down here? You have to make sure that this will be well-done on both sides, so your final project looks good. Now, we repeat the process on the other side. Front to front, and cut to cut. We turn it, and put the lining. My tip is that you should always sew on the side of the interfacing. Never on the side of the lining because the fabric tends to run off, and it doesn’t look good. Now, you take it to the machine again, and on this side of the interfacing, you will sew your zipper. Also, use the zipper foot so that your zipper doesn’t wrinkle up. So, sew with a backstitch in the beginning and end. I finished sewing, now I am going to put the parts to one side and the other to another side, and now I will use the iron to straighten the fabrics and force them to be away from the zipper. Now, we will make another tiny stitch here on both sides. Always think of the margin from the part of the fabric and not the zipper so that nothing goes wrong. Everything should be straight. Put the margin on the fabric, do this on both sides. I have here a piece of fabric measuring 5 cm by 10 cm, I folded it in half, just like bias tape, then I met the sides again and folded once more. Now I take it to the machine and sew both sides. On one side and on the other. After that, I will cut it in two pieces. Here are my two pieces. I told you guys that it was 5 cm by 10 cm, but it was actually 5 cm by 15 cm. The measurement is on the video. We will set it right here, on top of the zipper, but in the following way. We will put them in these two holes right here, not on top of the tab of the zipper. We will sew them here. If you want to make it wider, do it because it will help you. I fold it, let me put the scissors where it goes. Right here on top is where we are going to sew. Let me put the clip here and raise it so you can see. It is not here, let me show you. Can you see? It is on top of the fabric. Now I will sew right here. This is what it looks like. They’re right here. Set on the edges of the fabric. Now, we will open the zipper and we will close the piece. We need to be very careful right now when finding these main parts here. Stitch to stitch. If you don;t do this, when you turn it inside out, it will be wrong. You need to align it now with a lot of care and attention. I set everything in place and repeat the process on the other side. Stitch to stitch. Just like this. It’s very easy. This project is so easy to sell. If you make it in the way I’m teaching you, it will look beautiful. Use your creativity. We will sew here, on this base, on the other, and repeat it on the lining. On the lining, however, we need to leave a space of four fingers to turn the piece inside out. I closed it on one side and all four parts are closed. Now we will work with this part, which is very easy too. I turned the fabric to face me. I will meet this stitch that we made right in the middle of this piece of fabric that we put to open and close the bag. I put the clip here. On both sides. Now, I will align the lining with my fingers. I open it, and it is not hard at all, you just need patience. I have made these tutorials very comprehensible, very easy, so that everyone can do it. The important thing is that the pieces should meet middle with middle. I set everything in place with a clip. Now, I take it to the machine and sew it with a backstitch in the beginning and end, and repeat this process on the other side. All sewn up, all that is left is to turn it inside out. Use this hole we left and put your hand inside, and with a lot of care, so you don’t harm the piece, so it doesn’t wrinkle, because this piece will be harder to iron due to the synthetic fabric. Use a lot of care and turn it inside out. I will do this and bring it to you. I will bring it with the hole closed, and with the whole piece ready so you can see how it looks. To those of you asking, “Aline, do you use a domestic machine?” Yes, this project I made is for you to sew in the domestic machine. Have faith and it will work! Let me finish it. To those of you that watched until the end, I will show you how to finish up the piece. Here, you will force it with your fingers, so that it is as straight as possible, do it on one side and on the other, opening up the stitches. You will also force the base here, just a little bit, on both sides, so you can create contours in the piece. Force the stitch here as well, push it with your fingers, look how cute these details look! How can we not love it? It’s such a pleasure to teach you, especially how to make it so impeccable! I can’t make an ugly video of a product of a product you won’t sell or like. I fold it here as well, or mark it with my fingers, or an iron. And your bag will look perfect. Look! When you finish, it will look like this. Look what a fancy bag! Fancy, right? Guys, I love this! Look what a cute bag! A lot of you have asked me for it, and today I brought it to celebrate 50 k subscribers. Sell a lot and tag me on Instagram because I want to congratulate each and every one of you. Kisses, and bye bye!

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