Disney Villains Makeup Challenge • Artist Vs. Beauty Lover

[Music] hi I’m Megan and I love makeup hi I’m Maggie and I am an artist today we’re doing some kind of makeup challenge but we don’t know what it is but I’m gonna win I have been doing art for basically my whole life so I think I’ll do pretty okay with my face I do enjoy putting on makeup it’s usually just everyday stuff but when I do get to do something for a party I have a lot of fun with it I’ve been obsessed with makeup for a few years now your face is just a canvas to paint in many different ways I heard there was a theme there’s a theme ready yes for my Disney villain makeup look I’m going to evoke gorilla de Ville through her characteristic snarl and bone structure and also through donation spots I want my makeup to be inspired by Hades because I like all of the blue he has going on so I’m gonna do like a big sort of Wiggly lip like he has and make everything blue and as chiseled as possible this is definitely gonna be a little bit challenging because I think it shows a a weird villain but I think I can do it I tend to have a grand idea in my head and be like and then I get into it I’m like you can’t do that so I plan on it going really well will it actually I don’t know it goes against my instinct to do something wearable with my makeup like what is this nose contour but you know we’re stretching the boundaries of our talents here I’m also a little nervous but I’ve played around with makeup at home before [Music] I’ve never felt this powerful before I feel like I could skin a puppy no I don’t I’ll never skin up that being scared I’d say it has like a general concept pretty well laid down and I’m just trying to go into detail to really fix things I’ve done and make things better I haven’t looked at Maggie because I know if I look I’m gonna be really intimidated because I know she’s good let me see you but it’s like so oh my God look at your blending are you kidding I’m gonna sue I’m not done yet it’s gonna look crazy soon I’m so I [Music] would tell you what you have to look forward to but I’m not totally sure myself yet things are definitely gonna get bluer yeah no this is not going as planned I love being evil [Music] things were looking good for me so I decided you know what just good just you know to do whatever your hand desires does it look better I don’t know but am I having more fun yeah that’s the spirit I’m about to do the Dalmatian spots I’m a little nervous [Music] [Applause] [Music] I look like Ursula somehow I guess I thought that putting the lips on would legitimize the rest of what I’ve done with my face but instead it just made me burst out laughing and crying often if I don’t like something I’ll just add more or keep doing whatever it is and hopes that it gets better it never does and we’ve done that here today so I think I’m gonna stop [Music] you look so good you do – honestly I love the flames I also love just the colors you chose it really does evoke from Hades I love the way you’ve done your eyelashes they’re very purposeful I think Maggie did a great job of evoke in the Disney villain that she chose I would love to see if anyone could guess who the Frick I am so we both did makeup looks inspired by Disney Villains okay can you guess which we are Cruella yours is a little bit harder for me is it something with frozen no what’s the opposite of frozen Oh Hercules guy oh that’s cute – like the spots or whatever it’s very chic to me yours is like artistic creative and yours is like I would see this on a runway man I hate picking can I just buy mobile $10 call it even cuz I love how creative this is but the more I look at you the more like on one gardulla I might have to go with this one I was but those lashes just got me to be honest damn [Music]

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