Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Make-up BARBIE Digital Makeover Mirror FROZEN FEVER Princess Anna Birthday

Hey guy! Ella here with ES Toys we’re a
Disney toy collector and we have with us today Queen Elsa Queen Elsa would like to have some
beautiful make-up put on her using our Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror set and she said she liked to have a
wonderful new look for the Frozen Fever episode and also
for Anna’s birthday party she’s trying to
get Princess Anna’s birthday day perfect in every way for
Frozen Fever she asked me to put on some new make
up for her today isn’t that right Elsa Oh yes! Yes! I would love to have a new
look! I need to have everything just perfect for Princess Anna’s party! It’s her
birthday So please give me some new looks
how about this look? who well I didn’t like it but it makes
it look a little bit sad text elf okay let’s see how about this one this is a
more basic Lux not quite right try something else,
please okay Elsa, let’s wash all that off.
Peekaboo! how about something like that and hmm helping me okay well how about no its really not me okay how about this look I just I don’t know to you’ll okay how about this one it’s getting
a little bit cluster I do feel it would be good for Princess
Anna’s special day me something else. Let’s see. okay
how about this one long me I can elect that one that it’s really
not me I don’t know what do you think?
Well, I do think it looks very nice and it’s
beautiful I have a lot to different colors it does make your skin tissue
up just gorgeous I think you should try something else I’m gonna try let’s see you this one I’ll him well no maybe eighty this plan well you know that is a little bit more
my speed, but I just want everything to be absolutely
perfect for Princess Anna’s birthday Ah-choo! I think I’m coming down with something Oh, this dang cold! Let’s try something
different okay class do you like this one we have no no no no okay well this one okay you can try this one issue I’ll well Oh! Oh! Oh! I love it! It looks like
I have butterflies for my eyes Oh, Princess Anna is going to be amazed! Oh! She’s
just gunna love it! Oh thank you s much is exactly what I wanted Lexie just look
at my over to the come off Hmm do you know and 39 I like that better I do love the butterflies. Princess Anna
loves sunflowers but I love butterflies hmm you know that’s a pretty
good choice the meet a couple more okay have this one Oh! looks a little like sunflowers which reminds
me so much of Princess Anna and it’s her
special day! fairness again do you think work rate
right maybe have to redo it now I’m sorry Queen – Queen Elsa now excuse me. maybe this one well what do you think? Is it me? well I do think it would look pretty
nice please show me something different okay let me find what else I have
thought you might like how about this one here at least own previous inspired leave oh you know to kid him it’s pretty good I think I might want to stick with this
one so hard to say it’s you have so many gorgeous choices.
Maybe if you try something a little be I don’t know – just
a little bit different cue share I don’t mind trying something
new I would love to find you the exact perfect look
for the perfect day you’re trying to throw for Princess Anna Hmm, that one’s really pretty, too can’t very nice I’ll he didn’t know or a
quite working right now it again Kagan fence that him well it looks good coming out scheck mind trying something else all
how about this one happen again I don’t like that when I
saw that the other day okay how about this one? Oh! It’s so pretty and so sparkly at my
eyes! I do like it on me Oh, it’s so hard to choose What do you think boys and girls? is this a good look for me? Should I
keep this one? Well I like it. It’s very pretty I especially like I filtering me and fell hard to choose get see something else to make sure not
missing out on something that would look even 10 me okay well then let’s try slight heard well I’ve heard people say that
diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I don’t know It doesn’t look quite
right to me now maybe some other some other
look would be better let’s try this again let’s reset it here well no yes please okay hapu let this one me no I’m throwing a birthday
party for Anna. I’m not throwing a masquerade
party I want Princess Anna’s day to be so
perfect and perfect in every way and special and wonderful Ooo! that’s
a very pretty look mean to like it pre-nineteen you know my look a little funny though
maybe something out okay %uh let let us via this one yell that is pretty good for Christmas tell
course looks like candy cane lips it okay how about this one oo that’s fun me try this again no hi There it is! I do you like it you know what I think
this will be great this will be Jeff beautiful and a wonderful surprise for Princess
Anna on her perfect perfect day Thank you so much! okay well take care alright well Thank you Queen Elsa
thank you for visiting Let’s fix your make-up one more time I’m there you are okay thank you so much please remember to subscribe everyone!
Take care!

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