Dior Makeup Backstage – Dior Cruise 2019 show

THE LOOK OF THE SHOW? The look of the show
is a very strong, natural look with a focus
on the eye brows, a beautiful glowy skin and really putting forward
the strength of each model, their identity, with a strong
eyebrow. And, just fierce. TELL US ABOUT THE NEW DIOR
BACKSTAGE LINE I’m using the new Dior
backstage line which is a line
of essentials. Beautiful skin,
easy to apply foundation, eyebrow products, lip palettes,
eyeshadow palettes, glow palettes. Really, your essentials,
your basics. WHAT ABOUT
THE COMPLEXION? We have the Face
& Body Foundation which is a range
of 40 shades. Light-weight, easy to apply. It’s actually heat-proof
and spotlight proof. So, it’s really a solid foundation
with a great range of shades. ANY TIPS TO HIGH LIGHT? The Glow Face Palette is an amazing
palette. It’s one of my favourites. It’s 4 shades of very light
texture glowing powders which you can add like
a litte bit of stardust to enhance the luminosity
of your foundation, of your skin. THE SECRET OF
THE EYE MAKEUP? For the eye makeup,
I did a very natural eye. Curled lashes. I used the warm
eye shadow palette with a primer, a little bit of the pearlescent
on the eye lid and a touch of the darker
matte shade on the root of the lashes. Softly blended, to give
a very natural but strong look. Eyebrows, I use
both Brow Palettes. I applied as a base on most girls the lighter shade
to really create the shade of the eyebrow. Then, I add it
to darken little hairs separately to enhance the shape
but also to keep transparency. Then I set them
with a little bit of the wax. WHAT ABOUT THE LIPS? For the show, we did
a very natural tone lip and I used, from my Dior
backstage palette, the top middle shade, which is like a very sheer,
beautiful peach beige which blended nicely
with natural lip colors. For the all palette, you can go
from really dark to really light. There are matte shades, more satin shades
and more transparent shades. It’s just an easy-to-wear
must have. TELL US ABOUT
THE ESCARAMUZAS LOOK For the Escaramuzas,
we did like a very special look. Those are very
powerful, strong women so we went for a very classical
but very strong look. Beautiful skin,
strong black eyeliner, strong eyebrows and number 999
Rouge Dior matte on the lips.

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  1. I love the idea of this new Backstage Brow Palette! Loved in a review I saw by Tamar Majarian in the UAE at https://youtu.be/5d-RDMetsFA Can't wait to try it! <3

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